Thursday, December 20, 2007

Graduation Day Alcoholics Vs Vegans

Today is the last day of this ten week program. I would like to say I learned something, but this is not the case. I did learn a few minor points but that was it.

Once again the powers that be still insist I work in Vermont. The ceremony still lists me as working in St Albans Vermont. It is amazing that this error has not been corrected ten weeks later. After observing the California facility and the Vermont facility, I would choose the Vermont office. My impression was that the center in Vermont is more officer friendly than the California facility. The California facility tends to make the job than it needs to be at times.

Yesterday, I received a high handed lecture from the instructor. However, the instructor entered a conversation without understanding what it was about. All countries have issues and a good officer knows what to expect when opening a file. There are just some countries that tend to have bad documentation. The issue is how to process the work and a good officer uses his experience and adjusts to the challenges faced. I do not know why people feel a need to jump into conversations, but they do so without understanding the topic.

I will miss many of the friends I made in this training. I will especially miss the crews from CA, VT and Midwest man. I will probably see Midwest man on my trip to the football hall of fame.
Sadly, I will not miss the vegan as she works in my section. I have to get to the airport on time tomorrow and it will not happen. In addition to the annoying dietary quirks she is always late. I will probably expire of a heart attack by the time she gets around to gracing us with her presence. Of course I will miss my plane but she will make hers as it leaves an hour later.

Maybe the folks who hand out the supplies should have handed me a helmet and an athletic supporter. At least when she is late, yet again, I can bang my head against the wall safely. The vegan seems to think my annoyance is because she is a female. My irritation has nothing to do with gender as I do not like tardiness, fussiness and people who attempt to control my behavior.
If you want to eat tofu go ahead, just leave me somewhere else.

Many of my regular readers were quite correct about Northwind being a pain. However, I would sooner spend time with Northwind than the vegan. Northwind has a wonderful personality on the rare moments she is sober. She is capable of many acts of kindness. Northwind was never bossyor controlling. Northwind never ever was fussy and accepted whatever came her way. Northwind when sober was punctual.

Given a choice between the vegan and the alcoholic, take the alcoholic.


jams o donnell said...

THe wife of an old friend of mine was an alcoholic. The drink killed her before she was 40. The not-wife is a vegan. I know which of us has/had a happier domestic life and it wasn't my friend

Farmer John said...

I remember my first ACTDUTRA after graduation. I was given temporary orders to report to a destroyer in Seattle and a week after reporting my "official" orders arrived in the home-mail sending me to a different ship in Los Angeles. The government paid me when I left Seattle at the completion of my training, but I had to wait six months for my civilian employer to reimburse me for the difference between my Navy & civilian pay... as THEY could only pay after the government took six months correcting the mistake to my "official" orders. Oy!

Ducky's here said...

Vegans are easy to deal with. Just carry around a little pouch with
falafel and toss her one every time she behaves. Sort of like a trained seal.

nanc said...

what about a vegan alcoholic?

Farmer John said...

Mr. ducky,

I think you're on to something!

Beakerkin... take notes.

Always On Watch said...

Take up brandy and a cigar, with some meaty toppings for crackers. That'll get rid of her.

Or eat a fried-spam sandwich in front of her.

The Merry Widow said...

Eat a fried spam sandwich while driving...
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Belching and f***ing, scratching yourself, a cigar and a brandy(I know you don't drink, but for survival)pick your nose...ANYTHING to turn her off!
She obviously is of the silly school of, "I can change him once we are married..."

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Vegans make me hungry. You know what vegans are like?

They're like livestock animals fed only grain.

Very tasty.