Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Lord Greg goes off the deep end again

The ever troubled Greg goes one step closer to the realm of insanity when he proclaims "I killed Jesus and am proud of it". What does one make of a chameleon who is a reformed Kahanist one minute and is a born again Kahanist the next. Now he is using a blog called "Jewish Vengence" as his home page.

For the record this imbecile has no concept of Jesus or his message. If you are a Christian, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. His earliest supporters were Jews and modern Christian anti-semitism is largely confined to Churches that mix Communism with Jesus. These same Churches turn a blind eye to persecution of Christians in places like Cuba and other Marxist messes.

How does one purport to be a Jewish patriot while claiming that comments like "Donkey of Zion and Jewish Cunt" are not anti semitic. Do not look for logic from Kahanist who are an improvement over Commies in that they are not prone to class genocide. However, do not mistake the rather verbose bigoted Kahanist theocracy for authentic Judaism. Rav Roov is an actual Orthodox Rabbi and would never dream of imposing his way of life on anyone.

The most annoying part of the Kahanist idiocy is that it paints a false and misleading impression of our religion. Judaism recognizes free will and the notion of a totalitarian theocracy has more in common with Jiihadis and commies then with the religion of my family.

True practicing Jews are not bothered by a Christmas Tree in a public place. I surprised many of my coworkers by enjoying a live performance of The Gift of the Magi at Christmas. I have even sung along with coworkers when dragged to a holiday party. Perhaps I will do another version of The Gift of the Duckii at Christmas. The people that rail against religion in public are mostly Commies who have zero connection with our faith and are class genocide cultists.


The Merry Widow said...

Commies faith is in the here and now. Those who practice 'liberation' theology are so far to the left they don't remember who Yeshua is and what HE said.
But back to totalitarianists(of any stripe)they try to creat Heaven or Paradise on Earth because THIS life is the only one they think they have.
Ask me to go to a Chaunnakah party, I'll go, with gifts! And enjoy myself tremendously.
I do believe greg is bipolar, and the medicines only work on the depressed side, they do absolutely nothing for the manic! And manic they are!

Glad you enjoyed my chain yanking, I really like Tom Lehrer! The man's a genius!

Jungle Mom said...

I like your attitude! I am not offended by A "Happy Hanukkah" and would accept it with the warm intent of the speaker. Usually, people offended by a greeting of kindness of any kind won't even say ,"Have a nice day!"

Anonymous said...

I still don't see why the Jews couldn't have excommunicated Jesus like they did Spinoza. Maybe on his next wild swing away from Kahanism Greg can join the Torquemada Catholics and roast marshmellows at the next Jew-burning.

nanc said...

i scolded him for this at madze's. one cannot know or even understand how i wanted to smack him down for being proud of this. i'm not proud that it was my sins that killed HIM, without first having a relationship with HIM.

pride goeth before a fall.

is the poopstain trying to post here, beak?

beakerkin said...


I saw the interaction at MZ's site.
John Brown/LWB/ Amun Muhktar the Nazi
has posted over 50 comments. As I am in moderation this is readily removed.

However if he does not stop I will copy it and place it on his friend's site.

nanc said...

lwb is out of texas.

did you see that rightminded has dropped a load of crappe at madze's?