Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Taboo Topic Public Safety and Immigration

The fellow traveler Beatroot has a post about an unfortunate example of asylum fraud and the dangers posed to public safety by admitting people with communicable diseases. Sadly the topic degenerated in mindless racism, but Beatroot likes that. He likes a primitive opponent who will say absurd racist remarks as it makes him look like a hero.

Beatroot does not like any examination of his mindless anti Americanism and fellow travelerism.
Nor does he like his relationship with a self described Trotskyite highlighted in Poland to an audience that is likely familiar with the crimes of Trotsky. Remember my grandfather fought in the Polish-Soviet war. He practiced his own form of "social justice" on invading Bolsheviks. No doubt had he remained he would have been killed like those massacred at Katyn and elsewhere.

The case is quite simple an African so called poet was granted asylum and went on to infect a few Polish women with AIDS. The basis for asylum turned out to be fraudulent, no surprise.

In the USA this is a genuine problem faced each and every day. Part of the problem is the politicization of AIDS. AIDS is not treated like any other potentially costly and dangerous disease like drug resistant TB. None of the sane would question keeping people with TB out of a country.The problem is that some AIDS patients knowingly will transmit the disease. Dismissing those who are against the admission of people with AIDS as bigots is condescending. The question is essentially about calculated risks. In the United States we do admit AIDS patients with a medical waiver. We do not hear of many types of similar incidents in the USA. One can make an acceptable argument for the admission as a calculated risk.

Then we move onto criminality and immigration. Does a society have the right to remove criminals who violate our laws. I am not talking about misdemeanors like jay walking or routine traffic arrests. The problem is that some municipalities do not do their jobs and report these crimes.


roman said...


Beatroot is doing his usual intellectual "rope-a-dope" refusing to give a straight answer to a direct OT question. I've got to hand it to him, though, he knows how to obfuscate with the best of them. I thought Hillary was bad with the driver's licenses for illegal aliens. You will plobably get an answer in a couple of weeks.

beakerkin said...


Beatroot complained I was off topic but I asked his views directly several times. There isn't a real right or wrong answer to this one.

The question of balance between public safety and the humanitarian concerns is vexing. I would respect
Beatroot if he said this is a calculated risk. However, in my opinion it is entirely unwise and we need to focus more on protecting the public.

Beatroot likes a primitive racist as his opponents. He does not like
an articulate agressive opponent that will focus on his anti-American biases. Do note he never did get around to explaining to his Polish audience why he knowingly consorts with a Trotskyite. Poles including my grandfather are very familiar with the war crimes of Trotsky.

Justin said...

Merry Christmas Beak!!!!

beakerkin said...

Merry Christmas Justin

I may be in Houston for nine weeks. It is a long story but for now I am enjoying being home.

Always On Watch said...

How many of those admitted with AIDS end up getting assistance from the government?

Used to be that immigrants were too proud to accept assistance from the government. They wanted to be independent and productive, on their own.

Now Europe is faced with hordes of immigrants coming in, with the strong motivation of jumping onto the welfare rolls. And if not making that jump, they expect all kinds of special treatment--including materials published in their native language, thus killing the incentive to learn a new language and further balkanizing the nation to which they've come.

TB is one disease which some immigrants bring with them. So is leprosy, which was virtually eradicated in countries not Third World. Various weird viruses come in as well; I fell victim to one of those back in the 70s, with the wave of Vietnamese and Camodians with whom I had contract while working in the public school system.

Immigrants get government assistance for certain medical problems; native citizens usually don't. At least, so I was told by my county government back in 1993.

The Merry Widow said...

Doctors in Mexico are telling their poor patients with leprosy to go to America, because they will get free medicine and care!
And shows how much contempt we are held in! All we are to Mexico is a 'sugar daddy'!
At least Canadians pay for their medical care...though why they have to come here is an indictment of universal health care!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

BTW-Are you going to have to do that cross training anyway? :sheesh:

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, beakerkin!

beakerkin said...


It depends on if management in NYC wants to put their foot down. We have so many officers out on training I would suspect the answer would be no.

For whatever reason I am viewed as a special case. Our unit has around 80 officers and at any time around six or seven are on training.

The other problem is I can be moved around if a special need is demonstrated. To the best of my knowledge this is almost never done, and none of my skills fall into that category.

Mery Christmas to all.

Devon said...

Merry Christmas Beak