Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Beaker was my co-pilot or home at last

This was my first trip in several weeks without Junior. I have grown quite used to Junior's wise counsel. Junior is especially handy on long trips and is forgiving when you make an error. With a polite but firm tone it says "recalculating" and please drive the highlighted route. I didn't have Junior to keep me company but the soothing timeless voice of Carol Miller and a Beaker figure on the dashboard in Juniors spot made the car feel right.

In California we hear the hype about traffic. However, any transplant will tell you the highways in NYC and Jersey are worse. The 27 mile trip from Drummaster's took an hour and a half. The route always gets bad at the point where the Staten Island exit to the Outerbride Crossing starts. Traffic slows to 5 mph and is fairly bad until the bridge. Then after the toll plaza the road opens up and you think you are doing 150 mph but in reality it is 60.

Bad traffic, Carol Miller on the radio and Beaker on the dashboard I am finally home. I do not know what the winds of change will bring. I expect to be sent to TX for 11 weeks, but those matters are beyond my control. I can only hope the Big Boss Man will take care of this.

I am thinking about my friends in VT. I miss them greatly, and of course I miss Earl the ever hungry cat. Earl is with a friend and is allready indoors and will be there until mid March. Northwind called 3/4 drunk wanting to know when I am coming home. I politely remind her I am home. I miss the groups from CA, VT and Midwest man from training. I had no idea that Johny Rockets and Fatburger were in NJ. Maybe when I get the new GPS I will plot a course to Fatburger. Cheeburger seems to be like Johny Rockets and a review will follow. For better or worse, the Vegan Princess, my nervous roomie from part one and Miss Know it all will all be on another floor. There are gifts to pass out and I have no idea where my office is. I will miss a special young woman who has left our group to bigger and better things.

I haven't thought about the job offer in Vermont. I have many friends there, but I made many new ones in NYC. The NYC office is so young and dynamic compared to the VT office.

My nieces have grown and not for the better. Their grades and manners are appalling. One of my nieces friends made an ungodly stench in the restroom that reminded me of those foul smells in VT. Corporate mergers take a human toll, but in the next few days my brother in law should be working. What a cruel gift, to give a man a pinkslip on his 50th birthday.

I will be going on a minivacation soon. I will try and take a week to see Canton, Cincinnati and perhaps visit with Warren for a meal. The great cross country trip is scheduled for May.

Beamish in 08.

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