Friday, November 09, 2007

More Commie Hypocrisy

Commies like to cry about Abu Gharib, but scream at the top of their lungs about Posada Cariles. The logic of knowingly seeking to send a person to certain torture while screaming incoherently about panties on the head of Muslim prisoners eludes me. Moreover, the same people who cry about Posada rationalize the actions of Bill Ayers and Cuba providing santctuary to Joanne Chesimard who was tried and convicted.

What we all should learn is that Commies are hypocrites who never seem to hold anyone up to any standards except the USA and Israel. Civilized people do not advocate sending people to be tortured. Communists by definition are clearly not civilized and are likely certified.

Onto the facts about the case. Posada was subjected to an abnormally long interview that was 16 times longer than average. He was not provided with an interpreter. Moreover, the evidence used by the government is routinely tossed out in similar cases. The section he applied under merely requires him to have served for one year in the US military at a time of war. Posada clearly met these conditions.

The question of his culpability in the bombing of the airliner was tried in a pre-Chavez Venezuelan court that ruled he had no responsability. The Cuban government also prevented the government of Barbados from raising the plane for an investigation. One may draw whatever conclusion one likes from that fact.

More to the point Posada is a Cuban who has a tyranical government. All actions taken by civilians againt the Cuban military are 100% warranted. People have a right to fight back against communist tyranny. Moreover, the usual suspects forget that the Argeninian imbecile Che ordered an American sexual offender and confirmed Communist Herman Marks to execute many a Cuban chanting Christ is the King, Cuba Libre and Down with Communism without trials.

Commies also forget Dr Biscet served more time in Cuban jails than Nelson Mandela.

Beamish in 08

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