Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Obey the Law

Those on the left seem to forget that immigration is not a divine right. The right to immigrate to the US or most other countries is predicated on being an asset and obeying the laws. The idea is simple that if you are going to come here get a job, respect others and obey the laws.

The government tends to frown on any financial transaction without receipts. All commercial financial transactions should be documented. The practice of Hawalla is not illegal but all the transactions should be documented and taxed. Illegal currency trading is a serious problem and needs to be ended. This problem exists in other communities as well. Realistically, one is not concerned with Uncle Claude bringing back a few dollars when he returns to Haiti. Uncle Claude
is not running a business and is not in any way similar to unregulated businesses.

In the NYT a lady from Liberia claims it is her right to eat monkey meat as part of her religion.
She can do this in Liberia and should be encouraged to do so. The consumption of monkey meat poses huge potential problems with disease and unregulated meat products are properly excluded for public safety. She was well aware of these rules when she emigrated. If she can not respect our laws she needs to depart.

Our criminal justice system needs to do a better job identifing and removing criminal aliens. Remaining in the USA is predicated on good behavior and existing policies need to be enforced.


Anonymous said...

Render unto Caesar...

The Merry Widow said...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...seems like good advice to me!