Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Strange

I had to drive into a facility in a cave. Driving a car into a cave is an unusual experience and I expected to see Alfred the butler somewhere. The cave is 65 degrees year round with low humidity. However, such an attmosphere without water does preserve documents.

I expected to feel cramped but the cave was quite comfortable and spacious. However, I will still take the NYC office and street vendors any day of the week.

I learned a valuable lesson. Most of my fellow trainees are very religious. I went to the local Hooters for dinner. It is obvious that one does not go there for the food. There was a rather strange item on the menu fried pickles. Most NYC types enjoy a barrel pickle and I was curious.
The item did have an interesting taste but I have been sick for the rest of the night.

One of my coworkers was upset that I decided to eat there. However, I am a generic heterosexual man with ordinary proclivities. The old adage is what would a dog ever do with a car if he caught it rings true. As a NYer we are always cool with all type of unusual places. I reminded everyone that a cool type would never be caught dead in bowling shoes or plaid pants.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

You should have ordered the wings, beakerkin.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom.

...okay, I'd give you a hard time, too.

Always On Watch said...

I like caves.

Guess that I'm a cocooner.

sonia said...

Most of my fellow trainees are very religious (...) One of my coworkers was upset that I decided to eat there.

Interesting that religious piety always seems synonymous with sexual self-repression. Just like leftist piety is always synonymous with political repression...

nanc said...






you do know that fried pickles were invented in arkansas, no?

beakerkin said...

I am glad you said that because the entire place thinks I am crazy for ordering it. In NYC we take pickles very seriously. One can visit the actual pickle stand in Crossing Delancy and enjoy the best pickles and sauerkraut on the planet.

nanc said...

were they cut in spears or slices? there is a difference. and if kosher or dill were used - a huge difference.