Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time to get rid of the Chicken Collectivists

People who continue to advocate communism should be required to live under it. It is highly hypocritical for the usual suspects to praise a system they have never lived under. Scores of Venezuelans and Cubans are prevented from fleeing the madness endorsed by Commies. It is hypocritical to endorse a philosophy for others unless one is willing to endure it yourself.

Commies have no loyalty to America and or the Constitution. They frequently claim to be "citizens of the world". They need to make this claim in a US consulate after turning in their Passports.

Remember Comwads Kim Jong Mentally Ill needs you. Should you become a victim of yet another example of class genocide it would be the planets gain. Communists produce nothing except death and needless human misery. Be a good commie and follow Jim Jone's superior example and practice class genocide on yourself.

Beamish in 08


nanc said...

o.t. - get yourself over here - after all, it was your idea!

The_Editrix said...

People who continue to advocate communism should be required to live under it.

Beak, I am living in former East Germany for more than a year now and I may have arrived as a cultural conservative with liberal (in the European meaning of the word) political overtones, but those 14 months have turned me into a raving anti-Communist.

Do you know what? I have come to think that IN EVERYDAY LIFE the former GDR was more oppressive than Nazi Germany during its first years. When the Nazis came to power, they rounded up their known adversaries, gave them a good warning (to put it cynically), killed a few, but if you weren't in any way conspicious (or a Jew) life went on for you. I have heard older people tell that they hardly knew what was going on in the rest of Germany at first in the remote villages in East Prussia and I think they were not apologetic, but told the truth. Or take my mother: She just didn't go to the BDM (the female variant of the Hitler Youth) meetings, got after a while an unkind letter that she was excluded and that was that. All that applies to the pre-war years, mind you. Now here... talking about villages, have you ever heard of the LPGs? That was the term for the collective farms and they were an abomination against nature and mankind. They abolished all villages and put the farmers into huge ugly blocks of flats that are still disgracing the countryside here and whereas the grand urban villas were just left to decay, traditional farmhouses and villages were obliterated. They built grotesquely huge stables and siloes that sat (and sit) on the landscape like pockmarks. They built gigantic tractors, even imported ROCKET tractors from Russia for agricultural purposes, whose sheer weight destroyed the soil, they obliterated the traditional fields and replaced them with acreage vaster than the eye can take in, and don't get me started what THAT did to flora and fauna. They hated the countryside and all it implied with a perverted, sick passion.

Not that this sort of "agriculture" was able to feed the population decently, mind you. But then, that wasn't its purpose in the first place.

The system crept in every nook and cranny of peoples' life and although they did not start a world war and undertook a holocaust, they overshadowed everyday life much worse than the Nazis did at first. A guy who used to watch the border when with the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee -- national peoples' army) told me (even without much rancour) how they were mentally "broken" again after they'd be away on leave for a while.

The system sniffed peoples' underwear and bedclothes, they totally and utterly broke the people.

Of course, that lasted more than forty and not twelve years like the "Third Reich", but, from my limited point of view (I can with only little authority tell how people behaved 18 years after the end of the "Third Reich"), I would say that everyday life for the average people between WWII and 1989 was worse than that for the German people in the time between 1933 and 1940.

Such an opinion would bring me in trouble in todays Germany, mind you. At a time, when Nobel Laureate (and since then outed SS-man) G√ľnther Grass may call the former GDR a "kommode Diktatur" (something like "comfortable dictatorship") and gets huge acclaim for his suggestion to turn a Christian church into a mosque, an opinion like mine is highly unpopular.

I hope you, as a Jew, won't find my opinion objectionable. I am not trying to whitewash the Nazis and relativize what they did to the Jews and I hope that comes across.

Ducky's here said...

End Slavery
Damn, they're worse than Thailand.

beakerkin said...


It is far better to cloud the issue
than face the repeated disasters caused by mentally defective leftists. A long time ago one may have waxed about romatic inocence. However, the historical record speaks loudly.


We have had several people who have lived under this convey the same experiences.

Commies know better about Cuba and Venezuela than the locals who attempt to flee to the USA. Ultimately all of this talk about the people is a shallow disguise for elitism by a parasitic, untallented amoral lazy deluded band of know nothings.

sonia said...

Editrix's comment should be required reading for all leftists, including Chavez's-ass-licking Sean Penn and Naomi Campbell.

Btw, Ren is still angry at you for calling him anti-semitic. I wrote a post about it on my blog.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

If you really want to bring down capitalism in America, why aren't you out sinking Chinese cargo ships?

Ducky's here said...

So Beak, only Venezuelans and Cubans flee to the U.S?

Our immigration problems must be imaginary, huh?

Continue ranting and let us know when you get over this compulsion and quit getting scared of the boogie man.

The_Editrix said...

"Editrix's comment should be required reading for all leftists, including Chavez's-ass-licking Sean Penn and Naomi Campbell."

Thanks Sonia!

Naomi Campbell... Isn't that the nutcase who beats up her employees with bejewelled communication devices and then gets (largely) away with it because they are white and she is black?