Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who let the freaks into the GOP?

I am amazed that the GOP has not encouraged the Ron Paul freak show to leave. There should be no place in a noble party for 9-11 conspiracy nuts, Stormfront racists or political freaks. These sorts belong in the Democratic party with the Soros crowd.

I am proud that Rudy ridiculed Paul in the first debate. I am even prouder that Mark Levin derides Paul for his general stupidity.

There are those of you who will point out that Paul is a liberterian. My good friend Jason Pappas is a Liberterian and in no way endorses this type of lunacy. There are freaks that call themselves Anarcho Liberterians who are basically unhindged types to read the inane writings of Murray Rothbard in the same manner the moron from MN reads Trotsky. These freaks should not be confused with Jason Pappas or Pam of Atlas.

I am not a religious conservative but I respect their membership and values in the big GOP tent. I loathe the idea of litmus tests, but the Paul crowd does not belong in the GOP. The two qualifications for the GOP should be commitment to Capitalism and being reality based. Paul is not reality based and the bigots belong in the Democratic party.

Beamish in 08


mah29001 said...

I am not too hot for the likes of Ron Paul or of his many supporters. Ron Paul suggests how Operation AJAX, the removal of the regime prior to the re-installing the Shah during the Cold War "started" 9/11.

Gee, why doesn't Ron Paul look up the likes of the Tudeh Party, a known front group started by members of the Soviet Red Army since the days of the short-lived Soviet Republic of Gilan? The Tudeh Party supported the previous government prior to the Shah's, and the party in question even went underground to help ouster the Shah from power and many members of the Tudeh Party then became "Islamists" after they "renounced" Communism.

Now for someone to also have the likes of Michael Scheuer helping out his campaign, how can someone who spent 20 sum years in the CIA could miss something like that?

Warren said...

Ron Paul gives me the creeps and anyone the Stormfront wanabes support is either a racist or an idiot!

Farmer John said...

Ron Paul is a loon.

kevin said...

Spotted this over at LGF

Self-generated Ron Paul dirt

Free Republic member "LSU Fan" has been posting excerpts from the old Ron Paul newsletter, over the ferocious opposition of the site's large Paulistinian contingent.
The excerpts are from the mid 80s to the late 90s and they are pretty damning.

Ron Paul supported the PLO terrorists (1985)
Ron Paul: Israel bought Jesse Helms(1985)
Ron Paul: Traitor had direct line to President Reagan (1992, refers to commie business collaborator Armand Hammer)
RON PAUL ON DEFENSE SPENDING (1992, sounds like Ramsey Clark)
Ron Paul: Clinton didn't cut defense enough (1993)
Ron Paul: US "military is mowing civilians down in the streets" (1993, refers to Somalia)
RON PAUL ACCUSED U.S. TROOPS OF WAR CRIMES IN DESERT STORM (1991, this one repeats Ramsey Clark's allegations almost verbatim)

beakerkin said...


Thanks for the link. This is worse than I thought.

We need to take back the GOP.

mah29001 said...

Take a look on my blog and look at how the very dedicated Ron Paulers are commenting on Rudy Giuliani.

It's also quite disgraceful that these Ron Paulers seem to have also hijacked every right-wing Internet forum there is, even the ones not from Stormfront or any other white racist groups.

Warren said...

Is Ron Paul the new Lyndon LaRouche?

MAH, where is your blog?

Jason_Pappas said...

Paul is an embarrassment. Every family has some. I’ve written about the anti-defense libertarians before. They just don’t understand the world is a dangerous place. Utopia now just isn't a viable strategy.

Warren said...

Jason said:
"Every family has some."

Yea, but none of mine have ran for the presidency.

They usually keep busy collecting bits of string or aluminum foil. I did have one that wanted to be a real estate tycoon but he couldn't figure out how to get a loan for $4 mil. It could have had something to do with being a convicted felon with no visible means of support, assets or mail address.

mah29001 said...

"MAH, where is your blog?"

It's titled "Commie Crusher" on the links but it's really titled Zionist Anti-Communist. But before you venture any further, I might want to recommend that you read New Lies for Old and Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn if you want to know why I am saying such things on my blog as part of the booklist.