Monday, January 13, 2014

Reduce Funding for the IRS

The United States Citizens should demand that the IRS budget be frozen and no bonus or travel expenses be paid until an actual investigation produces the culprits who targeted political foes of Obama. The administration has not made any effort to ascertain the facts and indict the guilty. Let all the members of the agency suffer until the agency cleans house.

The ethical lapses at the IRS are inexcusable and criminal. There are no excuses or rationalizations of this type of severe ethical lapse. Those in management responsible deserve termination and forfeiture of  pensions and time in the Federal Penitentiary. Employees who conducted this should be offered immunity provided they testify against their superiors.

Turning up the financial pressure on the entire agency will force people to co-operate or find other jobs. An immediate hiring freeze should also be imposed on the IRS.

There is no place in the government for abuse of authority for strictly partisan purposes. Those who do not understand the basic concepts of ethics have no place in government. The government exists to serve the people. It is unfortunate that pro Obama clowns forgot about the Constitution and wanted to create Diet Hugo Chavez in the USA

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