Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does Bob Morgenthau come with a laugh track

Bob Morgenthau wants to know if ICE Attorneys jail people to meet quotas. If District Attorneys did their jobs instead of turnstile justice no discussion about these numbers would be necessary. It is common for anyone involved with immigration to see people with multiple arrests that should have lead to deportation reduced to disorderly conduct.

I know plenty of dedicated ICE professionals who want to do their jobs and protect the public. They could do their jobs quite fine if political cartoons like Morgenthau would stop the turnstile justice and prosecute alien criminals and allow ICE and the Immigration judges to do their jobs.

This point is not aimed at Morgenthau specifically as many people in the criminal justice system have failed to protect the public. While the individual stories of hardship make great reading for the folks at the Times no press ever seems to get around to the victims of the crimes committed by Aliens. There is no attention to the aliens who played by the rules who obeyed the law while others knowingly broke the law.

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