Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Crock of Crap from the Feds

The Feds are continuing to be a joke in their blatant partisanship. The latest load of rubbish is accusing a genuine leader, Chris Christie, of misappropriating, Hurricane Sandy relief funds to promote himself in commercials.

Lets see the face of NJ is Chris Christie. The ads were to promote tourism and not Chris Christie. This is a highly partisan abuse of authority by the administration. Funny, where is the actual investigation of government money spent on line dancing or Star trek parodies at the IRS.

The growing list of Obama scandals that have not been investigated is staggering. Terming the misuse of the IRS to punish and harass Obama opponents "phony scandals" and then appointing an Obama donor to investigate the matter does not pass the ethics smell test.

Actually, on the topic of ethics the US government really does need serious reforms. The notion that close relatives should be allowed to work in the same agency is something that needs to really be looked at in many agencies. Sons and daughters have plenty of Federal agencies to work in without setting up shop in the same agency.

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