Monday, January 20, 2014

Not a Victim

The experiences I endured are a clear case of work place bullying. While these experiences are regrettable they were an accepted and condoned behavior by management. There was always the feigned, but I did not know from those in the chain of command. Those in the chain knew and the veiled face saving apologies were just plausible deniability.

For whatever it is worth it took the Miami Dolphins story to really bring this problem home. The notion of condoning this sophomoric behavior became abhorrent. No longer was it acceptable to mistreat subordinates.

In the end, I survived and my experiences made me a better mentor to those that came after me. I spent my time helping newer officer adjust to the hectic pace. I spent my days doing what I like best serving the public. I did my time and emerged from it albeit with a few bumps and scrapes, but more determined then ever to be an assert to my peers and the community. 

My abuser is quite miserable in the rubber room. It has been years and she still has not learned anything from her experience. She remains just as hateful and twisted as the day she entered. Her henchmen sought power and glory and they are in the same place I am. The dreams of power and glory are lost for now. Promotions are good if they are earned. However, being a toady for an unfit manager does not qualify one for bigger and better things. 

I remind those that came after me the best among us need never speak it. You see it in word and or deed each and every day. If a person brags how good they are and makes themselves an expert you are likely dealing with a clown. Even when times were bad I let others sing my praises and I praised those around me.
The saddest part lost in all of this is the most important person is the one across the desk. When public servants forget that we are here to serve the public they are missing the key point of the job.

I am neither a victim nor a survivor, just a public servant. My job is one of the few where I get to share special moments and get a thank you that comes from the heart. Anyone who has walked in my shoes for a moment or two would understand this.


Duckys here said...

Beak, something I've been curious about.

Is your name on your "daughter's" birth certificate?

beakerkin said...

No this is a step daughter. Her father is deceased and I raised her from four till the present.