Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Aiding a friend

I have watched with great sadness the forum of a great friend devolve into an anarchic anti American site. Author David Yeagley is a good friend to the American people and to the Jewish people.The Beaker and Yeagley are alike in many ways as we love America , our ethnic cultures and a wide array of other cultures. My deep fondness and love for Cubans, Italians, Guyanese, Philipinnos, Dominicans and the local Vermonters do not detract from my identity. Yet daily Yeagley deals with a hostile element that derides him as Uncle Tomahawk.

Long term readers know what we do here to leftists foolish enough to venture here. Even the Duck has more sense then to stay here for long as we use such trolls as comic relief. I am pretty good at working in a free for all format and contrary to popular belief Warren, Mr Beamish and Jason are much better in pitched combat then I am. However I go off into Coulter mode and then it becomes a comedy classic.

I got sick and tired of dealing with a syrupy morons posts . The final straw was when this clown put up a stupid post impling that Republicans are perverts because a minor local figure got convicted of pedophelia. Well that was the last straw and cleared house with ease. One line that this annoying woman keeps complaining about is I informed her that her IQ is below that of a houseplant. She has been repeating
this line for well over a month and proving it accurate daily. Along the way an anti American moderator stepped in and I warned him. However when he started the "America created and Armed Saddam bit" I creamed him Coulter style. I also creamed him when he veered into the Michael Moron theory of Afghanistan called blow back.

It isn't too dificult to smack around Marxists or off the map liberals. The key to the comedic mayhem is that it is impossible to be comedic when one is so self absorbed and saving the planet from itself. No we can not be funny because everyone is a victim except the people who are victimizing the most people. The other part is that some of these wacked out far left types think they are supermen. They brag about mythical IQs and have delusions about how cultured they are. I prefer the wisdom found in a truck stop or a Walmart parking lot then to the salons of Europe or Academia. The people that these leftist claim to speak for despise them. Thus the left has moved from the worker to victimization.

I will help my friend Dr Yeagley in any manner he needs . This blog is still mission number one but there will be some cross posts. Some posts we put up here will be linked to Bad Eagle. No doubt this will mean some strange types may wander in here
but I can handle them.

I want to explain the difference between a patriotic Liberal like Justin Morris or Rob Bayn. Rob and Justin have a different view of where the country should be going and that is okay. I do have problems when the far left ( Rob does not do this) goes into America is the source of all the evil in the world. The truth is that the real animus of much of the anti American and anti Israel sentiment is anti Capitalism.
It is not unpatriotic for someone to say I am against the war. It is highly unpariotic and illucid when one starts blaming America for the problems of the planet.

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Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It is not unpatriotic for someone to say I am against the war.

It most certainly is. Anybody who is not on their knees nightly praying for the safety and success of the foreign policy of the United States of America is a god-damned traitor and should be shot on the fucking spot.