Saturday, January 14, 2006

Levy on Angola

The left was silent when Cuban and Soviet mercenaries interjected themselves into a Civil War in Angola and Eithiopa . There were no mass protests or vilificatition of hegemonic Marxism. Even today the Duck fails to note that the evil South African system did not create refugees. Nor did people starve in Rhodesia until Marxist thugs took over. The far left pretends that aparthied was less odious then its own practices.

Levy recounts the devestation almost fourty years of non stop warfare has left on the landscape. Commies are concerned with the oil revenue as the true nature of Marx has always been a mask for corruption. Savimbi holds the diamond mines and laborers are exploited.

The true aim of both groups seems monetary. UNITA and the Commies have an apparent truce in the Capital where both go openly to make money. The apparent truth is that if one wants the people to suffer the best way to do that is to let Marxist run the country. The mindless minions of the left seem to forget that refugees and starvation are just as evil as aparthied.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Maybe Ducky will explain to us how filling a tire with gasoline ang burning it around someone's neck keeps the party pure and free of anti-socialists.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

ang = and... damn typo

Mr. Ducky said...

Research Tiger Team and our exploits in Nam, Beamish.

Shit stinks, American or Soviet. You stinking fundies are so bound up in your exceptionalism.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I think we need to conduct an intervention for Ducky.

Say it with me: Nelson Mandela was a terrorist.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:

"You stinking fundies are so bound up in your exceptionalism."

What are you bound up with, Duck? Must be cheese, because you're full of s***!

To commie bastards, a flaming gasoline filled tire around someones neck, is a torch of "Liberation".

Go "Liberate" yourself, bird brain!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

We have to keep in mind that Ducky is a leftist, and recognize that naturally to him black people setting other black people on fire is a form of art.

Just as leftist Democrats wiretapped Martin Luther King for believing in racial harmony, they now oppose wiretapping Osama Bin Laden because he only wants to kill Jews and Americans.

Storm said...

rubber Ducky

here is a quiz--

What country is held in contempt because of its widespread wealth?
The US right good job

What country formerly practiced democracy with limited government and protection of private property until Sutter, Ginburg amd Breyer--that's right the US

Now what country had widespraed poverty and lines for toilet paper--


Ok that's enough for today, I do not want you to over do it.

Storm said...

speaking of Demos spying rubber ducky please explain Echelon and Clinton and the found FBI files in the Clinton Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems for a canadian in reading an american blog is trying to wrap our heads around the depth of understanding y'all have for your politics....I think i need two months of intensive study to begin to understand this monster, because here in canada, politics is what you read after the hockey news, and then its just a "speed read".
But the joker I am, I had to laugh at the following...
Beamish..I think we need to conduct an intervention for Ducky.
Warren:Nostradumbass said..
To commie bastards, a flaming gasoline filled tire around someones neck, is a torch of "Liberation"...LOL
Storm..Now what country had widespread poverty and lines for toilet paper..LOL, but true,
well I have to take a shit{seriously}...but it's double ply, democracy rules!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Understanding American politics is easy.

In the late 18th Century, the United States of America had won its independence from the British crown and set out to found a government. The ideologues of the time divided into two camps - Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Anti-Federalists were opposed to the ratification of the US Constitution, primarily because of its separation of governmental authority into 3 co-equal branches and its insistence upon codifying that humans have inalienable rights endowed by a Creator.

Not long after the ratification of this noble Constitution, a Federalist administration banned the importation of African slaves to American soil and the sale of slaves across state borders over the Democratic-Republican party's (Anti-Federalist) objections. Further laws clarified the black man's rights to access courts for the redress of grievances. Slavery was to be phased out without a shot being fired.

This blatant infringement upon the knuckle-dragging racist's self-appointed right to enslave and abuse dark-skinned people caused quite a stir in political circles, culminating in the creation of the "Democratic Party" under the racist American Indian killer General Andrew Jackson which split off from the D-R party and the Whigs, who were Federalists and the remaining Democratic-Republicans who didn't have a hard on to go slaughter more American Indians to make room for more slave plantations, even though some American Indian tribes in fact owned black slaves as well.

Andrew Jackson became the first President under the Democratic Party brand, and quickly set his sights upon ethnic cleansing the American South of American Indian villages even though doing so was a violation of treaties ratified by the Senate and recognized as sovereign law by the US Supreme Court. So began the "Trail of Tears," where the Cherokee and other American Indian tribes had pursued their case against encroachment upon their lands by the Democrat-led state of Georgia all the way to Supreme Court, and won, only to be forced at gunpoint into Oklahoma by Jackson's blatant disregard for the US Constitution.

So began the Democratic Party's debut in American politics - a party dedicated to disregarding the Constitution.

I can continue this further, on up to the 21st Century if you'd like. The main point is that Democrats lunge at every opportunity to be on the wrong side of history, especially if it involves killing innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarify my point Beam, the irony of your opening statment "Understanding American politics is easy" does not escape me considering the dissertation that
give me a few hours to absorb

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarify my point Beam, the irony of your opening statment "Understanding American politics is easy" does not escape me considering the dissertation that
give me a few hours to absorb

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

No problem, Elijah. I stopped at the 1830s because I had to go smoke a cigarette and pick up pizza. But just getting to 1870 from where I left off would involve a couple more lengthy posts about the Democratic Party's agenda to destroy our federalist Constitution and replace it with a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by a spoils system and how the goal of revenge for losing the American Civil War shaped their America-destroying agenda further through terrorism and fascist police state tactics at the dawn of the 20th Century. The atrocities of Democrats in the 20th Century would take even more posts to cover.

Better to serialize it over a few posts.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Okay, where was I?

Oh yeah, "Jacksonian democracy," the 1830s and the Indian Removal Act that led to the Trail of Tears when his psychotic and sycophantic Dutchman Democrat Vice President Martin Van Buren became President. These two bloodthirsty vermin's Presidencies can be considered one, as it was Jackson that introduced the "spoils system" of giving executive positions in government to fellow Democratic Party genocidalist conspirators in direct opposition to the Constitution's Senate advice and consent model for appointments, and Van Buren, himself an unelected Democratic appointee in politics and part of Jackson's circle of tyrants, solidified Democratic hold upon the federal bureaucracy. By the end of two Democratic Presidencies, the FIRST TWO, the US Constitution had already been significantly trashed and discarded. The legislative branch of government had become a rubber stamp and the judicial branch ignored.

We have to turn our attention now to Europe for a moment. Europe in the mid 1800s was beset by swirling political and philosphical debates over the best methods to employ in trampling human rights and killing lots of people. By the mid-1800s, many Europeans had come to the United States to get away from that nonsense, as our nation was founded by people seeking to get away from that nonsense. To their horror, they discovered that the Democratic Party in the USA had already adopted much of the genocidal racist philosophies en vogue in Europe.

A sort of proto-Marxism existed in the Democratic Party's utopian dreams of perfecting human slavery. Like the Prussian aristocracy's persecution of religious activists and absolute hatred for Judeo-Christian values, so to did the Democrats rail against Abolitionists and other "right wing religious nuts" who dared to suggest that black people were humans and not farm implements. Marx's theories of destroying the family unit and abolishing religious cultures to create a "labor class" was first anticipated in practice in the American South by slaveholding Democrats.

Next... 1860 and the American Civil War!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

By the mid-19th Century, the Democratic Party was split into two distinct camps - those who wanted to continue to breed and sell African slaves like livestock in the newly opened Midwestern territories, and those who wanted to consolidate the gains made in the Southeastern states where slavery was legal and American Indians were driven out, in anticipation of building an alliance of independent states united in destroying the rest of the Republic in revenge for ratifying the US Constitution because Jackson and Van Buren's efforts at creating a fascist dictatorship weren't moving fast enough.

The Democratic Party's efforts at destroying America did not go unnoticed, and the Whig Party candidate Benjamin Harrison managed to get elected President, largely upon the campaign promises of undoing much of the damage done to the Constitution by Jacksonian / Van Burenian Democrat policies. Unfortunately, we don't know if this would have been true, as Harrison died a month after taking office, and his Whig-In-Name-Only Vice President John Tyler took over. Tyler's Presidency turned into a wash, as he quickly moved to disappoint everyone who expected the Whigs, a party specifically set up to oppose Jacksonian tyranny, to clean up government. By the time Tyler had named John C. Calhoun (Jackson's first Vice President and a virulent white supremacist anti-Federalist) as his Secretary of State, the Whig Party had already seen the writing on the wall and expelled Tyler from the party. But it was too little too late, as the Jacksonian spoils system had already made it difficult for reformers to even get into politics.

And so, it wasn't long until James K. Polk, rubber stamp leader of the Jacksonian genocidalists in Congress, became the 11th President and the third Democrat in US history to take a spin at destroying the Constitution and killing Americans for fun from the safety of the Oval Office.

A compromise had to be reached between Democrats who wanted to expand slavery into new territory and Democrats who just wanted to see Americans die for fun. Polk saw a way to bridge this seemingly unbridgeable gap within his beloved racist Democratic Party - by launching an unjustifiable racist war of land acquisition against the nation of Mexico.

By 1848, Mexico was suing for peace terms, ceding to the United States the territories that became Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Over the objections of Democrats in Washington DC who wanted the entirety of Mexico surrendered and death camps set up to execute anyone with darker skin than Andrew Jackson, Polk moderated the discontent and signed a peace treaty with what remained of Mexico.

Or so he thought. The Whigs rebounded in the next Presidential election with General Zachary Taylor, a war hero that had served in the War of 1812, the Blackhawk and Seminole purges, and the Mexican War.

But Whigs were ambivalent on the issue of slavery, and Zachary Taylor, a slaveowner, was no exception. He did, to his credit, urge the people of the recently acquired New Mexican and Californian territories to prohibit slavery as they organized into states, thus temproarily thwarting the agenda of Democrats who wanted tyranny from sea to shining sea.

But primarily Christian religious
organizations grew louder and bolder in opposition to slavery, not just to prevent its spread to newly acquired territories, but to abolish it from America entirely, as intended by the Federalists who created the American government.

This new tide in American politics, a religious conservative call to return to the principles of government staked out in the US Constitution, grew in resonance over the next decade or so until the Whig Party disintegrated as anti-slavery Whigs formed a new political party, the Republicans led by Abraham Lincoln, and the Democrats dedicated themselves fully to enslaving black people and killing anyone who dared to say they shouldn't.

After nearly 50 years of consistently trashing the Constitution with the spoils system and usurping the legislative battles fought over spreading slavery to new territories, the Presidency came to be seen as above the law, and by extension Democrats saw it as the only means to enact their agenda to continue slaughtering indigenous people and creating more land to set up slave plantations. The threat of Abraham Lincoln, a man dedicated to removing the spoils system, returning to Constitutional law, and ending slavery, becoming President was too great for the racist Democrats to bear.

When Lincoln won the election of 1860, eleven Southern states removed their Congressional delegations from Washington and began organizing militias to attack United States armed forces.

The American Civil War had begun.

Next: the Copperhead Democrats, the post-war "Ku Klux Klan" Democrat terrorists, and the advent of 20th Century communist anarchists.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

President Lincoln understood the imminent threat that 11 contiguous Southern states separating from the Union and forming marauding armies guided by the Democrat principles of destroying the US Constitution and killing Americans would be. Vitually over night, the states in rebellion had become enemy occupied territory, gathering their strength to launch an assault on those in the North who clung to the rule of law. They had already begun attacking US military bases. So Lincoln turned loose the US Army to put down the racists in rebellion and restore the Union. But the North was not without its own racists.

Democrats in the Northern, primarily Whig-oriented states (where slavery was illegal for nearly 100 years) still had a dog in the fight against the Republican Lincoln - their zeal to see the United States destroyed for adopting the US Constitution. Before the Civil War, these Democrats had been instrumental in helping Southern slaveholders recover slaves that had escaped to the North. These Democrats opposed war with the states that had broken away in rebellion, and became known as Copperheads. Their anti-war messages then were much the same as they are now - "The President is a tyrant" - "The War is Unwinnable" - "Dark-skinned people will never embrace democracy" - and other odious statements.

A bloody war ensued, and after 4 years, the United States had put down the insurrection in the South and illegalized slavery.

But the Democrats were not finished fighting. The most militant of the anti-Constitution, pro-slavery Democrats formed a terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, to attack black people and any whites that sought to help them. With former black slaves now becoming landowners, and more importantly, voting citizens that supported Republicans, the Democrat KKK aimed to continue a guerrilla war against the Republican way of life - to get blacks back on slave plantations, or at least into white-owned housing, and to intimidate them into not voting or only voting for Democrats.

Democrats needed a governing principle, though. As much as they enjoyed killing Americans, enslaving and exterminating dark-skinned people, and trashing the US Constitution, no one besides the Democrat racist John C. Calhoun had really articulated these goals into a political and economic framework.

As the Ku Klux Klan Democrat terrorist group grew in strength and power, the Democrat politicians
that backed them through their spoils system control over local law enforcement (indeed, often you couldn't call the police on a Klan rally because they were already there, under the white sheets) sought a new ideology that would erase the stigma of slavery - by making slaves of everybody.

Democrats gobbled up Karl Marx's newly printed Communist Manifesto with glee...

Next: Early 20th Century anarchy and Wilsonian fascism

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The man who first articulated the Democratic Party's perennial racist goals of destroying America's Constitution and enslaving everyone, John C. Calhoun, stated in his "Slavery is a Positive Good" speech of 1837 that the black man in slavery in the South had all of his needs taken care of and was better off than those white Europeans in the poor houses of the North. Although Calhoun died ten years before he got to see the bloodbath of the southern secession and Civil War over slavery that he prayed and agitated for, to this day Democrats heed his ideas that people are better off totally reliant upon slavemasters for food, clothing, and shelter. The Marxist ideas of destroying the family unit and abolishing religion to create a "labor class" found resonance with post-Civil War Democrats who blamed religious Abolitionists for stirring up anti-slavery sentiments.

Warfare between the federal government and the Democrat-led and supported Ku Klux Klan terrorist groups continued from the end of the Civil War until the mid-1870s, as the Union war hero and now Republican President Ulysses S. Grant signed and began to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1871, the first of several civil rights acts protecting minorities passed over the next 100 years that Democrats stridently opposed.

Reconstruction in the war-torn South went on despite the violence, as the questions of race and civil rights continued to be divided over party lines - Republicans seeking to integrate people together as equals under the law, and Democrats seeking to kill or intimidate anyone who believed black people should be free. This lead to several Democrat-KKK bombings and arsons of churches and other pro-freedom institutions all over the country.

Republican-led civil rights measures continued to be bold and unyielding. Republican Theodore Roosevelt seconded the nomination of a black man as the Republican Party's national chairman. Later as President, Theodore Roosevelt created controversy by having Booker T. Washington and other black leaders to the White House for dinner and to discuss social and domestic policy.

Democrats stoked the racist resentments of embittered Southern Civil War veterans and their families, many of whom lost everything when the faux currency of the insurrection states was rendered worthless, and promises of soldier pensions made empty. The Democrat terrorist Ku Klux Klan's reputation had been sullied by the federal government's campaign against it, as well as the efforts of a new organization, the National Rifle Association, formed in 1871 to arm families black and white to combat against KKK terrorism. This slight against Democrat ideology would be eternally unforgiven, as an organization devoted to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution could never be compatible with a political party devoted to destroying that Constitution. The Republican idea that blacks could arm themselves for self-defense implied that blacks had property as well as civil rights, and this was abhorrent to Democrats. Something had to be done.

That something was the largest racist propaganda effort ever undertaken by the Democratic Party. Taking their cue from Thomas Dixon's novels The Clansmen and The Leopard's Spots, Democrats set out to rail against the horrors of "a black man with a gun" and to sanitize the history of the Ku Klux Klan into a vision of white-clad knights protecting the realm of America from dark-skinned monsters. The silent movie Birth of a Nation, released in 1915 became the highest-grossing film of the day and peppered as it was with quotes from several prominent Democrats ("The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country" - Woodrow Wilson, for example), a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan emerged, stronger and more nationwide than its previous incarnations, totally dedicated to black voter intimidation and spoils system control over the civic institutions of every major city in America. Democrats turned their eyes towards their next enemy - capitalist business owners.

Next: World War One

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Is anybody enjoying my Democratology series? I've written so much here that I should clean up for a singular post over on my own blog.