Thursday, January 05, 2006

And He Wonders Why People Call Him an Anti Semite

I have had some serious disagreements amongst friends I respect but sometimes agree with > Justin Morris and Rob Bayn are friends who at times feel we are too tough on Muslims and the far left. Friends do disagree at times and if we all agreed it would be a boring world. Justin always was his own man and figuring out where he is on any issue is an educated guess. Rob is a liberal but he calls it as he sees it. We do the same here and can not ask any less of others.

That being said 167 always was and will be a anti semite. His anti Americanism and Communist views are open to anyone with eyes. He cries and bawls and complains but the truth has been obvious from day one. I will do a line by line running Beaker style commentary. 167 words will be noted and Beak: will be my response.

Beakerkin: If you do not know what is next then you do not know our favorite Brain impaired Commie Bigot who claims to have an IQ of 167. 167 divided by what has yet to be determined.

Ariel Sharon- Israel's disgustingly corpulent, corrupt, Nationalist and war criminal excuse for a Prime Minister - suffers a massive and potentially fatal stroke and undergoes a desperate eight- hour opperation.

This is interesting as someone who looks like a shaved spidermonkey should talk about anyone else's looks.

Hmmm the use of Nationalist as a negative term. I am a Natioinalist always have and will be. Most of my readers also have no trouble saying that they love our country even if their opinion differs from mine. 167 is an Internationalist this is a code word for Commie.

Justin Morris called him on his Communism . He shrieked I am not a Communist but I will defend it from those who see nothing but evil. On the Disturbed Chemist true Communism was never tried standard Commie line said to Jason Papas and John Brown.
Rational people can think of 100,000,000 million reasons Communism is a bad idea. Yet the same dunce who will defend Communism calls Sharon corrupt and a war criminal.
The blatant hypocrisy is almost comedic but none of us are brain impaired like 167 and we can't understand his utopian fantasies.

167 : If there is any justice in this world he will die; but even if he doesn't we can console ourselves with the knowledge that this almost certainly ends his political career .. and that there will be precious few tears shed in this world.

The only shame is that he gets to cheat the hangman's noose or an assasins bullet.

There you have 167 endorsing terrorism and assasination. Yet he screams about law when Israel assasinates terrorists. Let there be no doubt who is a phony.

The part about wanting to hang Sharon is odd given his diatribe about how barbaric Capital punishment is when carried out on Tookie Williams. The reason it was barbaric was because it was a racist trial. The same clown descibes Iran's elections as fairer then the US . Oddly he defends Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia and Iran in the use of Capital punishment on gays. They were given a fair trial in a Sharia court but CA courts are racist. He also forgets that both Iran and Saudi Arabia routinely use real torture in their judicial system. Torture is only bad when panties are put on heads or Korans are near toilets.

We will all die 167 including you it is a part of life. Thus Sharon's death is a fate that all of us will share. I guess wishing death is only wrong when said by Pat Robertson about Hugo Chavez.

( I wonder how many bars of soapyou can make from the 434 lbs of pork dripping that would constitute the major part of Ariel's grotesque rendered bulk )

Beakerkin : The symbolism is obvious but as he plays Concentration Camp on long weekends his Nazi pals should be able to give a good guess. His latest game is that since no Jews were turned into soap the Holocaust was exagerated. Intelligent antisemites avoid the Holocaust but it is obvious 167 is brain impaired and delusional.

No doubt his army of toadies will be along. How many of them are him using aliases is anyones guess. Warren and I already caught him once as the low loader. He will come on and use the following words Pathetic, Racist ,Fascist, Homophobe, Genocidal, Kahanist, liar, hypocrite and Zionazi. If he had a clue he would have figured out why a life long virulent anticommunist is not a neocon. However, he is cluelessand expect Doctor Sith ( Lost in Space) type complaints any second. He also complains that this blog censors people and uses profanity. This is further proof that he is illiterate as his posts are all over the place.

If the shoe fits wear it Comrade and learn to live with it.


Robert Bayn said...

I did read the blog in question today, it disgusts me anyone would celebrate anyones death like that. When Arafat (or whatever his name was) died, i felt as i do for Sharon, sad. I don't believe in celebrating someones death, no matter if they did things i may disagree with, i value life to much too do that. Besides i think Sharon has done things with the protection of his people in mind, sure some things i wish he would have not done, but to celebrate his death, shows a lack of intergity and Character, this goes for anyone celbrating anyones death. Of course there are exceptions to the rules, like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and Barney, they deserve to die.

Robert Bayn said...

Should note too, as long as we are talking about people that are Anti-Semetic, Pat Robertson earned his stripes today.

beakerkin said...


Lets deal with Robertson first as the man has a history of stupid remarks. He is not anti semitic but has a lengthy history of idiotic remarks all over the map. Lets just be nice and say to expect a sane statement or even coherent statement may be wishful thinking.

Even when Saddams time comes death is a serious thing. Let justice against Saddam be carried out without gloating . Saddams death will be swift and as humane as possible.

The post was reprehensible but then just like Robertson the author has a history of stupid comments. To expect coherence from a person who was never hinged is crazy on my part.

Russet Shadows said...

Could it be possible that God is in fact judging Ariel Sharon for selling out Israel? It is possible. Would I expect the truth to come through Pat Robertson? Not really, but stranger things have happened. All of this is to say that I don't wish pain for the sake of pain on anyone, that it is possible that only something this severe could get Sharon's attention, or could be a consequence of him willfully doing immoral things (like selling out the safety of millions of people to terrorists). 167 is a disgusting person, though.

Russet Shadows said...

Oh, BTW, added you to the blogroll. Thanks for the comments, too! :)

Always On Watch said...

Beak: Lets deal with Robertson first as the man has a history of stupid remarks.

He often apologizes for those remarks, at least the ones broadcast in the msm.

I'm always wary of any who presume to know the judgments of God.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few." - Ecclesiastes 5:2

[Somebody slip this in Pat Robertson's teleprompter, so he'll read it]

Robert Bayn said...


This is something i never understand about you. Pat Robertson can say these things, and you just say "oh he's a idiot, but not anti-semetic".

But if it's someone else, less not a "christian religious figure" you would have no problem labeling them anti-semeitc, seems like a double standard.

beakerkin said...


Pat Robertson is a supporter of Israel and his critique is from another direction. He does not joke about the Holocaust nor does he villify the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

The critique of 167 and Andrew Carr
is an entirely different matter.
The term war criminal on dubious charges. Zionist Nazi Comparisons and alleging that Bronfman is a leader of a Jewish Mafia is a different animal.

Robertson is a boor and an idiot and says alot of stupid things but is clearly not anti semitic. However, the man has an impressive track record of stupidity.

Robert Bayn said...

Interesting argument, we will just have to agree to disagree on weather Robertson is anti-semetic.

beakerkin said...


We do agree that he is a jerk . Even many of the more Conservative posters acknowledge that.

Robert Bayn said...

Very true, so we do have that common ground.

Mr. Ducky said...

So stupidity is fine with Beak as long as it isn't "anti-semitic" stupidity?

Robertson claims the Oklahoma/Texas grass fires have occurred because Hollywood just made a gay cowboy film.

He's a funny guy.

Esther said...

I don't know anyone who would stick up for Pat Robertson. He is an idiot for all seasons but as Beak said, he is a friend to Israel in regards that he wants all Jews to move there so the messiah will come. I know many Jews have issue with that kind of support but I'll take it! I just will make sure I stay behind if everyone moves there so that the prophesy won't come true. ;)

167 sounds positively hideous but needless to say, I figured that was the case considering your posts. I still say it's better to let him fade into oblivion than for you to give him so much ink.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I disagree with Robertson on the dispensationalist theology behind his support for Israel, but that merely means he has two reasons to to support the existence of Israel, besides the Zionist one we both share.

I've criticized Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal as a greivous mistake in extremely incendiary terms. Does that make me a de facto anti-Semite? I think not.

Pat Robertson is stupid, not malicious.