Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I am returning to NYC for more mayhem and adventure . I will be posting from NJ with my Nephew Drum Master who is a big fan or Warren's and Mr Beamish. No doubt he will drag me to the movies so if he does there will be a comedic review.

Miss PC left Vermont to plauge the South. I have no doubt like a bad penny she will return. Squeaky wheels always do come back but the good ones never do. I was surprised how much street lingo she had picked up . There was a comedic classic where I was talking with a fellow NYC transplant about my doctor mistaking black fly bites for Heroin tracks. She was able to decode the entire conversation and it became a local comedic joke. Vermonters know to use bug spray but who thinks of Vermont with killer bugs.

I will be returning to Radosh's Red Star over Hollywood unless that Richard Poe mystery book arrives. No doubt some of you are secretly desiring one of his anti gun control books to be serialized. For the record I am against the insane NYC variety of gun control where Donald Trump , Joan Rivers and politicians get to carry but Sanjay Kumar who runs a business that is a frequent target of crime can not get one.
Poe has changed my mind on a few subjects and will no doubt make an effective case.
David Horowitz also is sending an older book that I have not read .

I am also starting to think about February 26, 1993 and the first time our nation was attacked blatantly. People have forgotten about that day as it was eclipsed by 9-11. The law enforcement angle was tried and was a total flop. Does anyone still remember the 1993 WTC blast ? People are forgetting 9-11 as the far left is now obsessed with civil rights for terrorists. Terrorism is not a criminal or even a political matter it is an act of asymetrical warfare. NYC and DC are not exotic locations but the far left thinks you should accept this and pay heed to the cries of a desperate people. The cycle of violence is broken only by Victory.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the shooting range and 167 to the padded room .


Mr. Ducky said...

Excuse me, I meant black fly. I'm always thinking Commie when I visit Beak.

Mr. Ducky said...

Red fly bites in January? More nonsense from the Beak. You hit the truth about as often as Jason over at Liberty and Culture.

Mr. Ducky said...

Ooops, I meant black fly. Always thinking Commie when I visit Beak.

beakerkin said...

Ducky if you read the post it is clearly talking about an event that happened earlier.

I think the color is a deliberate Freudian slip on your part.

I will still be running this blog while running the Jewish forum by Yeagley. You would feel at home there plenty of anti semites.

Anonymous said...

Red flies or black flies, it all depends upon how sunny it is in the part of the stream your fishing.


Anonymous said...

Mayhem and adventure in NYC...I dont get it?
"No doubt he will drag me to the movies so if he does there will be a comedic review."
I told you there was a comedian in there somewhere...
I remember that 93 blast, "mahmoud the red" stands out, in addition to about twenty others, sadly forgotten.
Strange actually that it was so quickly discarded

beakerkin said...

NYC is always 3/4 mayhem but I love it . Drummaster likes movies and I prefer to watch the classics.
However being a good relative I give in.

The 93 blast is largely forgotten except for the survivors and family.

Always On Watch said...

Does anyone still remember the 1993 WTC blast ?

At the time, I had not a clue as to the significance of the event. The only excuse I have is that I was all-consumed with care-giving my father. But now, whenever I get the chance, I mention the 1993 attack on the WTC. I am often dismayed at how many have forgotten.

Jason_Pappas said...

Ah, Ducky can't stop thinking about my blog. I'm making an impression on the fellow.

By the way, Beak, reading this gal's blog brought back memories of a good point you made in the past. One of many, of course!