Monday, January 02, 2006

Another post you can boo Our Table

Most people who read the blog assume I am far to the right. No I am me and there is right and wrong and good and evil. I have zero patience for Communist and Jihadis as they are hostile seditious thugs . I also have no patience for racial power goons of any stripe.

I am an AMERICAN and I say that with love and pride. Each day I go to work for the greatest country in the history of the planet. I serve the country I love and yes it may seem like drudge work to some. However, no task is drudge work when its done for someone or something you love. I took my oath of office to serve the American people and that means all of us.

Thus it annoys me to no end when people start talking about how certain people built this country. This country was not built by a people but by the wisdom of our founders and adjusted over the years. Nobody has a divine right to AMERICA and no group is a less then equal partner except Commies, Jihadis and Racial Power freaks.

Every group who has citizenship is a member of my family. I am annoyed when idiots insult the members of my family by saying Blacks are inferior. Black serve in the armed forces and die for this country. Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams are every bit the patriot that I am. I get angered by similar talk about Hispanics. I have wonderful hard working patriotic friends in many Latin American communities notably the Cuban, Dominican and Equadorian. A racial slap or denigration of these people is an insult to my family. I get just as angered as when one attacks my own Community.

We sit at the table and the sum of our communities is larger then the individual parts. Thus we have to decide who sits at our table. I have been annoyed because some idiot has been misreading this blog and I got two comments with White power links.

Let me state emphaticaly that racial superiority is evil. Moreover both my people Americans and Jews come in all races . Thus anyone who preaches racial superiority to me has got the wrong audience.

That being said Commies, Jihadis, David Duke , the NOI , Anarchists and Greens are not welcome at the table. Take your bigotry and your totalitarism and go. Do not mess with my family as I have no patience for those with no table manner.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Anybody to the left of Barry Goldwater should be shot as Commie spies.

Always On Watch said...

I have been annoyed because some idiot has been misreading this blog and I got two comments with White power links.

An idiot or a spam robot? I confess that when I see such links posted, I forget them because white-power crap has never appealed to me.

Some of our citizens here in American don't deserve the blessings they receive because they want to destroy the very system which gave them those blessings. My biological family runs the gamut of the political spectrum, but one has ostracized herself because we won't go along with her Lefty ways. She can't quit spewing her drivel, not even long enough to sit down to a family meal; she'd rather be at the bong and read Ginsburg and won't tolerate even a generic blessing. Her choice, of course.

On the other hand, my stepfather-in-law, an ultra Lefty and a former producer of some educational films, knows his manners. I respect that and the fact that he loves my mother-in-law and cares for her, even as she enters the last stages of Alzheimer's. My home is a Christian one, and he looks the other way. I can handle that.

Anonymous said...

I have never befriended anyone who openly hates a minority, how could I, how could anyone?
To me that borders on the sociopath.
I have worked along side all nationalities and races and have been treated with nothing but kindness. Unfortunately I can not say the same for my "white" compatriots[elijah]

Warren said...

Elijah, we're not talking about the average, run of the mill, idiot. These people are ideological racists. They invent screwball conspiracy theories and admire the "state craft" of Adolph Hitler.

Its actually unimaginable how warped they are until you have argued with them. One of them, I argued with, actually was afraid the Mossad was going to track him down and kill him for his anti-Semitic comments. He was always carrying on about privacy and Internet security, (which he thought he had but didn't).

He was delusional, paranoid and to call him a sociopath would be an undeserved complement.

beakerkin said...

Warren and Elijah

Glad to hear from you. I have been dealing with both wings of anti semitism at Bad Eagle.

The traditional White power freak we see on line is most often a mentaly disturbed kid. With time and life experience they may grow out of this foolish stage.

The left wing variant is an evil death cult. This is a more serious foe and to be handled brutaly. I may regret making a troubled teen into a laughing stock but never have those feelings when kicking the left around. The far left is the bane of our country and should be heckled and mocked. Totalitarianism via Red or Green is disgusting and we are dealing with zealots rather then emotionaly disturbed kids.

Anonymous said...

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