Monday, January 16, 2006

Listening to the Wind

The local story in NYC is the tragic death of Nixmary Brown. Yet another child under the care of child protective services is dead. There is understandable rage at the perpetrator who should get the death penalty. There is anger at the social service agencies. However, there is anger at the mother for allowing and aiding and abeting the crime.

The truth is that this woman lacked self respect for herself and her kids. The natural instinct is that the woman has suffered enough. However, the question amongst friends and family is how can we hold the City accountable when the natural mother failed her own maternal instincts.

The child's educators did pick up and report the abuse. An NYPD investigation into the family failed. A doctor examined the child and failed to find the abuse. The Caseworker also failed to protect the child but there maybe other factors. All of the above have heavy case loads and parasitic lawyers second guessing every single act.We obsess about the Civil Rights of the parents but there are no voices to protect workers trying to do their jobs. It is easier to take a chance and do nothing as the level of scrutiny is intense.

However the mother in the case deserves criminal prosecution. She failed to protect her daughter from abuse that she readily saw. Parents are people and do make mistakes
and this is a reality. However the failure to protect ones children from serious abuse is unforgivable. No doubt this woman may have been beaten or lived in fear but there is no excuse .There are just sometimes that failure is unforgiveable and criminal prosecution needs to start.


Always On Watch said...

We see too many stories about children who died at the hands of abusers.

The death of a child is a tragedy, doubly so at the hands of a parent.

Warren said...

Not so very many years ago, The government and law enforcement people completely ignored abusive relationships in families totally. They simply would ignore it unless enough neighbors called in to complain and then they just issued warnings or maybe a disturbing the peace or drunk and disorderly charge would be filed.

Occasionally, if they believed that a death might result, they would escort the whole family out of the county with a rejoinder to never return. We will never know how many women and children died with a coroners verdict of "accidental death".

Then, there was no place to turn to. No women's shelter, no Child Protection Services, no ADC (welfare).

Why do we assume that the women in these relationships have a mothers instinct. We read and see occasions in nature where a wild animal or a cat or dog; will defend their offspring to the death. (A cat returns multiple times to a burning building to rescue its kittens and is severely burned in the process.) Apparently, a cat has more of a mothers instinct.

Truthful, I doubt that many of these women have a mothers instinct in any true sense of the word.

Robert Bayn said...

Having grown up in a abusive home, which i won't go into details, because it's still painfull from the emotinal scares it leaves you. I can tell you, i wish every day my mother would have got me out of that situation, a lot of times Women/Mothers are scared of the situation at hand and don't know what to do, sometimes they are threathen, and are scared, i don't blame my mother, but i do blame the church i went too, i blame the minister that scared me for life, and i blame the injustice of this country that continues to fail to protect children.

Always On Watch said...

As a teacher, I saw a few abusive situations. I reported each one and didn't give up until the child was removed to a safe place. Now, I'm sure I didn't know of every single case of abuse, but my moral ethos would not allow me to stand aside, even though I put my career on the line. A few times, I got into trouble with the school administration, but I couldn't have lived with myself otherwise.

I also took similar steps within my own extended family. For the most part, I'm estranged from the parents but not from the children.

Every single abused child whom I encountered suffered emotional scars. I don't blame you for being angry. But there are some of us out here who do really care and who do take action. Just wanted you to know that. Please don't take this as self-righteous bragging.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Child abusers should all be shredded in tree mulchers.

Esther said...

AOW, you are awesome. Robert, I am so sorry about what you went through.

I find it ironic how we need to take a test and get a license to drive a car but anyone can have a child. It's such a huge responsibility, which is probably why I have chosen not to do it. I wish others would give the prospect as much thought.

Bilwick said...

It's Bush's fault.

Storm said...

What, no defense of the criminal by liberals. I mean after all does not the offender deserrve the chance to write books like Tookie.

I guess liberals know to only try to defend people that kill adults in cold blood. Because you know he wrote of few nice books.

I agree shredder----------twice.

beakerkin said...


I am sorry about your situation but mothers must be held accountable. How can we point a finger at a caseworker when parents fail their children.

I am disturbed by questions the media failed to ask. The mother had six kids who are the father or fathers of these kids. How did tthey support themselves ? A certain percentage of the blame lies on the mother.

Storm one trip through a mulcher is suficient.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Did you know Tookie didn't actually write those books?

That's right. He begged for mercy like a little bitch because someone ghost wrote books for him to show he was "reformed" from murders he claims he didn't do.

Warren said...

Robert, do you think you were the only one who grew up in an abusive home? Want to compare scars?

And of couse its the fault of the government, (rolls eyes).

Don't you think its time for you to admit that government isn't the answer to all the worlds ills?

We all have our crosses to bear and in the end, we won't be judged by the size of the cross but with the grace we withstood the burden.

Such is life.

Robert Bayn said...

Nope i don't Warren, but i do think the judicial process fails children in certain cases.

I have overcome my scars, i just feel for my brother who has not

Justin said...

The injustices of this country to protect its children seem to come mainly at the hands of liberal judges who think that the criminals rights trump the rights of the victim.

A good case in point is going on right now in the wonderful state of Vermont where the judge publicaly admited he no longer believes in punishment.

I think the mother in this case is as guilty as the step father. When she put her personal well being above that of her child she became as guilty as he is.

Case workers can only do so much and until the courts in this country quit trying to make us feel sorry for the perpotrator of these crimes and start punshing them as the rabid dogs they are then this will continue.

Personally I would like to see the Death penalty for vermin like this. Then they will not be a threat to children.

Always On Watch said...

Beamish: Child abusers should all be shredded in tree mulchers.

Sounds right to me!

Warren said...

I have to agree with Justin, point for point.

beakerkin said...

I agree with Justin

The protection of children, the elderly and disabled is the highest calling of a peace officer
and incumbent on the rest of us. The deriliction of duty by the mother in this case is reprehensible. A mothers first and foremost duty is to protect her kids. How can we pin the blame on a caseworker who was there for moments when this child was failed by her mother ? Mothers must take responsability for their children.