Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Media protection of Left Wing Thugs Anti Semitism

The world has deservedly focused attention on the Anti Semitic words of the Iranian President. No doubt our resident Groucho Marxists will whince and play that the words are not anti Semitic. The far left has cartoon fixations about the danger of religious zealots in the United States like Falwell. However let a religious nut hide behind the Koran and kill his own people and it is fine.

This is predictable when one has a working knowledge of the far left. Chomsky is the poster boy for the far left. Phantom US-Nazi alliances but silence over Soviet Nazi actual alliances. Fake indigenous people as martyrs and silence on real ones around the globe. Fantasies of corporate media but silence over state run media. The fact that his own books are sold in every bookstore in the USA make the man a clown. Moreover, the fact that the vast majority of his sales are due to accademic coercion make this more of a joke. How many Coulter or Sowell books are students required to read. Hate to break the news to you left wingers but Coulter uses more mainstream sources then your hero and laughs at you. Any comparison of a genuine Scholar Sowell to Chomsky is an insult to Sowell.

Yet the media is eerily silent when yet another Commie Thug Hugo Chavez brings up the blood libel and accuses Jews of ruling the world. This is no surprise as when Daniel Ortega was brutalizing Nicaragua's Jews and helping the PLO Jews like Rep Ted Wiess and Stephen Solarz were treating him like a king. I demanded an explanation from the late Wiess who waved around his ethnicity at election time and got the familiar big picture song.

The real big picture is that Communists under any garb are anti Semitic and natural traitors. Thus Chomsky, Ward Churchill and other far left goons only guiding principle is the creation of this phantom Utopia. The far left will present a Michael Lerner to soft peddle its anti semitism at the same time it sends out Norm Finklestein with a more virulently Nazi version of anti Semitism.

History has plenty of examples of Communist treason in the United States. The Vennona intercepts reveal the persistent lies of the far left and a lengthy history of treason. The greatest fool of all was Julius Rosenberg who gave his life for a cause at the same time his hero Stalin was killing Jews and planning to deport them to Siberia.

It is time for America to deal with the far left. Changing the liberal arts requirements from 64 to 42 will go a long way. There should be a core of business classes so that students would have job skills. The fact that there would be fewer jobs for Marxists is a plus. It is also time that the vast over representation of Greens and Reds be dealt with. Elimination of victims studies departments should proceed immediately.

Left Wing pc bigotry via the Marcuse victims pyramid is comedic. How does a group practice slavery, colonialism, ethnocide, genocide , sexism and become victim number one. Lets see it is peachy to hear a left wing type talk about the evils of Western Civ but a mere pointing out of the facts shows Islamic and Marxist civ have practiced the same crimes gets them flumoxed.

Chavez's statements should have gotten the same airplay that the President of Iran did. It is time to evacuate the few Jews in Venezuela . The hand writting is on the wall.


Mr. Ducky said...

Now here's the thing. If a Palestinian-American had diverted $140,000 from a Muslim charity to "security equipment" and "sniper lessons" for Palestinians on the West Bank, that individual would be in Gitmo so fast that the sonic boom would rattle your windows.

In fact, it seems to me that Sami al-Arian is the mirror image of Abramoff.

But here's a prediction. None of the Jewish extremists, many of them violent, who are invading the West Bank and making the lives of the local Palestinians miserable will ever be branded "terrorists" by the US Government, and Abramoff's foray into providing sniper lessons will be quietly buried.

It was this terror funding of Israeli far right militiamen that tripped Abramoff up, since the FBI discovered that he had misled Indian tribes into giving money to the Jabotinskyites, and then began wondering if he had defrauded the tribes in other ways. (You betcha!) The Indian leaders were probably pleased that they had been used to oppress another dispossessed indigenous people, the Palestinians, calling it "Outer Limits bizarre" and saying that they would never have willingly given money to such a cause.

Newsweek's Mike Issikoff reported last May that Abramoff diverted $140,000 from a charity ostensibly to benefit inner-city youths to militant Israeli claim jumpers who had usurped land in the Palestinian West Bank. Isikoff wrote:

"Among the expenditures: purchases of camouflage suits, sniper scopes, night-vision binoculars, a thermal imager and other material described in foundation records as "security" equipment. The FBI, sources tell NEWSWEEK, is now examining these payments as part of a larger investigation to determine if Abramoff defrauded his Indian tribe clients . . .

Abramoff, a legendary lobbyist particularly close to DeLay, is also a fierce supporter of Israel—"a super-Zionist," one associate says. That may explain why Abramoff's paramilitary gear ended up in the town of Beitar Illit, a sprawling ultra-Orthodox outpost whose residents have occasionally tangled with their Palestinian neighbors.

... but we all know that if you are an ultra Kahanist then you crap chocalate chip ice cream and piss perfume, right Beak?

beakerkin said...

The Palestinians are not indigenous
and remain Arab invaders. They are still on a bunch of land that is not theirs.

You can try to link every story to the Jews and Israel but it shows your anti semitic obsessions quite clear. Communism is dead and Islamo Nazism is next Duck.

Muslims have a choice live in Peace or Rest in Peace. Most are choosing to live in Peace but those who don't can rest in Peace.
Basher Assad knows his time is up and he will be in exile in France rather then end up like his friend Saddam.

Even in Europe Islam will yield to popular culture. The clowns screaming Alah Ahkbar listen to Rap
and are drifting away.

Game over Duncy

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Hmm. Abramoff got lots of money from Indian tribes for Harry Reid.

Mr. Ducky said...

If the game is over then why does Abramoff have to funnel money to Israeli Nazis? Haven't they stolen enough water and resources?

beakerkin said...


Game over the only Nazis that are around are the IsalmoNazis . Your real progressives allied with the Nazis in WW2 and thus the game of phony links with Nazis has gone on for fifty years. Communists and Muslims have well documented Nazi ties.

The game is over Duck. Comunism is dead and IslamoNazism is dying as well. Iraq is stabilizing and your utopia is history.

The only links between Israelis and Jews are in your antisemitic delusions. Hmmm Charlie the Red Rangel is also on the list . The Dems will not toss the Commie overboard.

Mr. Ducky said...

Iraq is stabalizing. That's as silly a statement as you've made in month's. I think the casualty count today was nearly 100.

Can you provide any reputable source for the Chavez quotes? It seems that it wasn't reproted because it din't happen. If you have some reasonable source I would be interested.

beakerkin said...


You can rant and rave but there is zero comparison between Israelis and Nazis. Nor is this a major part of the scandal except to the demented Commie anti semitic left.
Please say goodbye to Charlie " the Red " Rangel .

Robert Bayn said...

"The Blind shall lead the Blind and they both shall fall in the Pit"

"He who hates his brother, walks in darkness and the light is not in him, for he has been blinded by his own hate"

Hate is the biggest single threat to humanity, those who ignore it will be the first victims, and those who walk in the footsteps of hatered, will be the ones with the first blood on there hands.

The Left and The Right ignores these facts on both sides, some are more extreme than others, obvisouly faiths and beleifs that result in genocides are more important than faiths and beleifs that just effect social climate, none the less they have one thing in common, Hatered.

Robert Bayn said...

Ducky, Iraq is a mess, i agree. But i would encourage you to watch "making the case against saddam" on discovery times channel. I know for me, someone who has been against this war in Iraq, it made me rethink hearing the real personal stories from the people most effected by Saddam, besides, freedom and democrarcy should be appaluded, freedom should be for everyone, and i know if i was in the situation some Iraqi's are in, i would want people to say my freedom is just as important as theirs.

Always On Watch said...

I saw that program on Discovery Times, as well as "Media Jihad." Both programs are sobering. "Media Jihad" was downright depressing, however.

beakerkin said...


Welcome back to the blog


Are we going to play the same game we did with the Sheehan quotes ? You played that game with me as well but even Susan Estrich acknowledged Sheehans anti semitism. You can find them with a Google search

Warren said...


The Duck doesn't give a rats rear end about Saddam, dead Iraqis or much of anything but his own sorry behind and his warped ideology. He nightly lights a candle at the shrine of St Karl of Marx, the true prophet.

Unfortunately, he understands less than half of what he reads and so is content to merely mouth the babbling of his heroes, ad nausim.

To him, causation is unfathomable and history a thing to be re-written.

To him one hundred casualties in a day is merely a figure to be batted around and sung solemnly as if it were some Gregorian chant while ignoring that more "died" every day at the hands of Saddam's reign. (An average of about 107 a day leaving out the ones killed in the Iran/Iraq war, for every day of his 24 year rule.)

He is little more than a pseudo-intellectual, hypocrite, common thief and boor.

He is apparently incapable of providing any references to his ramblings but always demands them. When challenged, he only answers with silence, or off the wall BS, in an attempt to change the subject.

The only difference between Duck and a Nazi is the color of his arm band.

BTW, (Nostradumbass), you know even less about Indian tribes and Indians than you do Jews! That particular Ojibwa, (Chippewa to you, white boy), tribe is one of the wealthiest and didn't even need the money. Their tribal leadership is corrupt and should go to jail with Abramoff, along with any convicted of influence peddling or bribery, Republican or Democrat.

I suspect that since the Democrats have made a habit of bribing Indians to vote, that a whole bunch of them are in a cold sweat. Who knows, even good old Tom Daschle might have to come out of private life to work for the government again, (making license plates).

Robert Bayn said...

Who knows, even good old Tom Daschle might have to come out of private life to work for the government again, (making license plates).

Maybe he can work with Tom Delay, and those other republicans on there way to prison? Washington is corrupt on both sides, no angels there, that i do know.

Warren said...

"Maybe he can work with Tom Delay, and those other republicans on there way to prison? Washington is corrupt on both sides, no angels there, that i do know."

No doubt!

Always On Watch said...

Beak: Lets see it is peachy to hear a left wing type talk about the evils of Western Civ but a mere pointing out of the facts shows Islamic and Marxist civ have practiced the same crimes gets them flumoxed.

The left think that Western civ can be reformed or brought down my criticism. Is the left afraid of those same two possibilites for their own ideology?

Mr. Ducky said...

Warren, get of the "freedon isn't free" tap dance.

You've brought nothing of value to Iraq. There's a Kurdish force in the north waiting to take Kirkuk and a Shi'a government in the south which is much closer to Iran than Hussein ever was.

Another 120 blown to bits today. 50 Israelis were killed last year and Beak wants the whole world to focus on that "tragedy". Fifty go every week in Iraqi neighborhoods and some ex jarhead trying to justify his life, like yourself, says it's acceptable.

No electricity, no jobs, limitied potable water, oil exports crippled, Chalabi stealing the treasury blind, Hussein's trial is a circus and you start doing the "freedom and democracy" tap dance.

I've never heard an jarhead speak who had moved beyond junior high civics. You are no exception.

beakerkin said...


That is funny I know any work with eloquent exservicemen. The fact that none of them repeat your daily stupidity is quite honest. I will take our service people and you can take Chomsky and Sheehan.

Terrorism anywhere is offensive but lets guess who is doing the killing martians. The aiding and abeting and culure of excuses of the left via islamic terror has made you irrelevant. Keep praising Civil Rights for terrorists and anti semitic rants. The louder you scream the more irrelevant you become.

Anyone for shake and bake poultry extra crispy ?

Robert Bayn said...

No electricity, no jobs, limitied potable water, oil exports crippled, Chalabi stealing the treasury blind, Hussein's trial is a circus and you start doing the "freedom and democracy" tap dance.

That's not entirely true, part's of Iraq's economy are flourishing, in fact there are only 3 areas in Iraq where it's still unsettle, right around baghdad. When you have kidnappings, and terror bombings it's all really hard to get things done, but the parts of Iraq that have embraced our presence, have been able to flourish, once we win over those closest to baghdad, they too will flourish.

I do agree with you on one point, Saddams trial is a circus, and actually i think it poses a even more security risk, i don't think anyone really think's he has a real defense, personally i would have rather the marines just executed him in that hole like they did his bastard sons.

Warren said...

Dear lick spittle, little commie wannabe.

If you are trying to insult your betters, at least know the proper insults.

I was in the US Army, not the Marines. Ergo, I am not, and never was a "Jarhead". Unlike you, I haven't addled my mind with drug use nor have I been indoctrinated at the alter of St Karl the anal and patron saint of idiots megalomaniac's and the delusional.

The only tap dancing I have ever did was on the head of a foul mouthed bastard that sucker punched me, and sucker punches are the only way you could ever "win" any kind of argument, (possibly against a 12 year old with Downs syndrome or a mute quadriplegic).

Is "tap dance" your new catch phrase?

Care to refute anything I said? Perhaps my accusation that you are a common thief!

When I walk my dogs, I always make sure that I didn't step in any "Mr Ducky", before I enter the house.

Care to back up your claim that "Another 120 blown to bits today.", or were you just exaggerating and spinning as you usually do? NBC just reported that there were 180 deaths in the last two days. You were either lying yesterday, today, or both!

How about some more of your famous predictions, Nostradumbass? They are always good for a laugh and might develop into a major source of income, if I could find someone stupid enough to bet that one of your predictions might come true.

Ducky, foul and disgusting person you are, I still pray for your conversion. So, come clean, admit you don't really give a damn about US Soldiers or Iraqis.

Robert, you are right. I wished those Marines that captured Saddam had cleared his "spider hole" with a grenade. No doubt, some State Dept, analyst thought it would be better for him to stand trial so he wouldn't become a "martyr".

Robert Bayn said...

some State Dept, analyst thought it would be better for him to stand trial so he wouldn't become a "martyr".

I would have rather him be a martyr, than putting more of our soldiers at risk and putting security at risk.