Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another number in the ledger

Another child has been beaten to death in NYC. Four year old Quachon Brown is yet another tragedy. His father was in jail on a gun charge and is not involved. The culprit once again is his mothers live in boy friend. What type of woman allows her boyfriend to abuse her children is beyond me.

The alibi was that a $7,000 60 inch TV fell on top of the child. What type of family lives in squalor but has a $7,000 TV ? I guess watching Oprah and Doctor Phil is more important then protecting ones kids.

Each and every story points directly at the parents. The Liberal answer is that this problem is governmental. Our resident Commie tried to blame the rash of these incedents on George Bush. Parents must ultimately be held accountable for their behavior.

It is time to get serious about protecting children. In the old system Social Services reported to the POlice. Maybe it is time that we reversed the situation entirely. Let a trained Police investegator do the inspection and let the case workers report to NYPD. The initial visit should be led by NYPD with a caseworker following up. If there are drugs in the home let law enforcement handle its end.

I do not blame anyone other then the heartless parents. It is easy to blame an overworked caseworker . However , barring criminal neglect the buck must stop with the parents alone.


MissingLink said...

Another tragedy.

This is the latest form Oz:

beakerkin said...

This is sad but I may have to start snooping in Europe. Maybe there is something larger then we assumed. Drug abuse and broken famlies are a problem there as well.