Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Looney Toons in the News

The recent flurry of articles about cartoons in the news has created an opportunity
that is enlightening and ripe for satire. We have our own in house version of Daffy Duck allready serving as the official blog troll. Sadly our other cartoon creations like The Lost In Space Dr Smith immitator 167 and the cartoon commie 147. On Rob Byan's blog he is still seriously praising Stalin and Chairman Mao. I invited him to try the stand up act here but he declined.

All of the readers are familiar with the Muslim cartoon outrages. Many of the cartoons are on target and above all are funny. The key thing to remember is that Muslims are always in a rage about something. Even a few pictures of a genocidal thug in his Calvin Klein undies are enough to raise the ire of some. Islam unlike the worlds other religions is totalitarian. The concepts of individuality and notion of state and Mosque are alien to Islam. Muslims tend to live in areas where there is state sponsored media and may not grasp the notion of a free press. The next time one hears a Muslim complain about Mohammed cartoons remind them that their anti semitic and anti American trash is state approved.

I do not think anyone would object to peaceful protests. However burning embassies and threats of violence over cartoons displays the exact notions in the cartoons are correct. Muslims nor anyone else will take away the first amendment. Sadly this attempt to intimidate free expression has not been supported by those who think that the concept is limited to Bush = Hitler comparisons.

In other Comic news yesterdays NY Post reports that the Caped Crusader will be taking on Osama Bin Ladden in a New Graphic Novel. I would rather have Spiderman take him out due to the priceless quips found in that comic. I can visualize Osama's
next tape "The Stupid Zionists have unleashed their evil creations on the army of Jihad.... Who turned out the lights... POW SPLAT THOOOOOM. Hey will you get the panties off my head I am a hard working terrorist not Bill Clinton... It is so hard to be a grade B villian but at least they did not send Scooby Doo and that drugged out Hippie Shaggy after me. This Jihadi gets no respect.

Yesterdays NYC Tabloids were full of Dick Cheney as Elmer Fudd cartoons. Now even as a Republican those cartoons are funny. There is something loveable about Elmer Fudd who keeps trying but is too dimwited to know he is being outsmarted by Wabbits and Ducks. One does not see Republicans burning newspapers or threatening cartoonist. Conservatives in general have a much better sense of humor then the perpetually angry self righteous and self loathing clueless far left.

In other news vulgar cartoonist Ted Rall is outraged. Rall is famous for his low class posthumous cartoons mocking Pat Tillman. He is also famous for racist cartoons portrayng Condoleeza Rice as Aunt Jemmimah. Rall is outraged and thinking of suing Ann Coulter over a quip. Coulter said that Ted Rall and Garry "Dumbsberry" Treaudeau
were planning on entering the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest. This incedent proves
once again that leftists can dish it out but can't take it. Ann Coulter is like Bugs Bunny delivering all the great lines to the clueless liberal Elmer Fudd types like Rall.

T-T-T Thats All Folks

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the down factory and 167 to the museum of Comunist relics


Always On Watch said...

One of the cartoon protesters was carrying a placard which read "Freedom of expression is Western terrorism." That pretty much sums up Islamic fundamentalism, which is, of course, totalitarianism. Furthermore, wanted Islamic anti-blasphemy laws enacted in the West is totally incompatible with the ideals of freedom of speech/press, and the separation of established religion and state. Indeed, anti-blasphemy laws are part of the entwining of religion and state. Doesn't the history of the world teach us better than to preserve that tangle?

Just about everything offends someone. The easily offended need to get over it, not take to the streets and burn down buildings and murder a priest in church (happened in Turkey).

beakerkin said...

I wonder if Batman will now be targeted. Can we still call him the caped Crusader.I am going to get my copy of Batman vs Osama comic Novel.

Free speech is our birthright as Americans. If the Commies and Jihadis don't like it leave.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Batman is my favorite superhero character and Frank Miller is one of the best Batman storytellers.

Robert Bayn said...

The cartoon aflack drama has been so stupid, as you know Beak, i'm amazed at how stupid this is. What's even more insane, is how can you say "i'm outraged that someone made a cartoon with my prophet with a bomb" than you go out and kill and burn buildings down, really how stupid can they be.

Now here in detroit, some American Muslims were also concerned about the cartoon, and held a protest, the differnce was it was peaceful.

We bomb them, but it's the cartoon that really pisses them off, i just don't get that.

"wats up Doc!"

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The problem isn't that we bombed them, but rather that we haven't bombed them enough.

They still have enough manpower to bury their dead for crying out loud!

Real war in 2008! Vote Beamish!

beakerkin said...

Wait Mr Beamish

Are you going to buy the Batman vs Osama Comic ? I am going to get a copy as it should be fun. Are they going to still call him the caped Crusader. Can Shaggy and Scooby Doo be next ? Muslims do not like Dogs

Anonymous said...


The Southpark boys already "Off'd" Osama

Osama bin Laden: Oh, dapidiuta ako. [Bin laden manages a wave good-bye at the camel.]

Cartman: Hur-ry, get into wardrobe! [bin Laden goes behind the walll and changes clothes. Cartman taps his foot impatiently] Oh hur-ry up, will you hur-ry?! [bin Laden comes out dressed as Uncle Sam] Oh, you look marvelous, dahling.

Osama bin Laden: Haqa hamahama.

Cartman: Come on! The cameras are ready! [pulls bin Laden to his mark. Behind them, eight Taliban soldiers fire away at the Americans] Alright, there we go. Let's roll cameras. [walks off and returns with a director's megaphone and a firecracker] Oh, and here's your microphone. [hands Osama the firecracker]

Osama bin Laden: [the Taliban soldiers see Uncle Sam and approach him] Ogh. America adirqadirqa- [looks around. The soldiers fire away at him. Bin Laden staggers, then looks at the object in his hand. Other Taliban soldiers rush in to see, and they all recognize whom they just shot.] Uh ohhh.

Osama and the Taliban Soldiers: HAAAAAAGH! [the firecracker explodes, killing all the soldiers around it. Only Osama is left there at the point of impact, sitting on the ground, with his teeth dangling like piano keys. They play a few notes]

General: We've done it! The Taliban is destroyed!

Soldiers: Hoorayyy!!

Kyle: Wow! I guess Cartman really did take care of them.

Osama bin Laden: [flaps his lips with his finger, making some noise] Terrorists is the craziest peoples. Eheeee! [shows his teeth. An American soldier walks up behind bin Laden and dispatches him with one last shot]

Soldier: I got him! I got him!

Boy in Blue Vest: Well, it looks like the Taliban and bin Laden are finally out of power.

Akmarh: Yeup, you don't need us anymore. [they turn and walk away]

Stan: Hey, wait a minute. You know, you guys should know one thing. [the Afghan boys turn around] Most people in America are good people. We just try to live day by day, like you guys do. Maybe if you took some time to see all the great things about our country, you'd see... we're not so different after all.

Kyle: Yeah.

Boy in Blue Vest: That's fine. But we still hate you. [the Afghan boys turn and walk away again]

Stan: Oh... Well, I guess, maybe, someday, we can learn to... hate you too.

Akmarh: [the Afghan boys look again] Maybe. In time. [they turn once again and walk off]

Kyle: I'm confused.


beakerkin said...

Speaking of cartoon characters we all ready have an official blog troll. I will ponder with the management of the site Warren and Mr Beamish.

You may be the first poster to be deleted. We allready have a John Brown here and you are clearly not it. I am all for free speech but you do not have the right to abuse the name of a friend whose blog is linked to this one.

beakerkin said...

Excuse Me
John Brown of Citzcom is on links.Unlike you that is his real name and you have zero right to cast any judgement on a man who is clearly your superior in all relevant categories.

You got the wrong guy as I have never censored a post on this blog.
However you do not have the right to assume the name of a friend.

I will discuss the situation with my board of directors. Warren , Beamish, Jason and AOW.

Free speech is one thing stealing a mans name is another matter .
What is to stop you from posting here as Beakerkin.

beakerkin said...

On a more serious note the Autonomist is Moonbat Central redux. John Brown of Citzcom was well established with that audience
and here.Pick another name like your own Kurt Nimmo

Felis said...

Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom to be heard .. especially it the person who wishes to speak is a total moron.
Not at your expense anyway.

Kyle said...

Well, he stole a name, he opened his mouth (virtualy), and he reveale himself to be a hate filled Cretin.
Although he did bring up the church burnings, my guess it turns out to be a left wing sicko jummed up on anti-christian propaganda.

Kyle said...

BTW, Ted Rall is the epitome of classless ignorance and bile. He is in no postition to be upset about anything.

MissingLink said...

KKK, Nazi, commies, anarchists all totalitarian radicals are the same - violent morons with inferiority complex (Beak I had to change my visiting alias).

Warren said...

Delete his posts unless he uses another name!

I would suggest he use the name "Juan Mancha de Mierda".

BTW, Juan Mancha de Mierda, although you are obviously a cretin; you should know that only the government can censor. This blog is owned by an individual and if he decides to remove your hate filled ignorant posts its only to spare you humiliation after we publish your real name and address.

If the goal was to "censor" you, someone would hack that pitiful cesspool you call a blog.

I usually check out the blogs of new posters and I found yours to be an ode to idiocy. You've been posting three months and in that time you have only had four replies, two of them are, obviously you, congratulating yourself for a "wonderful" post.

Send me your pay pal name and we will take up a collection, so you can have that tumor you use for a brain, removed.

beakerkin said...


Your posts will be deleted until you switch to a new name. You do not have the right to use a name of a friend who is one of my earliest links.

The issue is not free speech but identity theft. At least three regular posters are aquainted with the real John Brown Warren,Mr Beamish, Nanc . Kyle , Freedom Now , Jason Pappas may also know this blooger as well. Pick a new name and rant away .

Do not try and use a new name like Beakerkin, Mr Beamish etc.

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

I guess South Park got there first.

Warren said...

Notice how Juan Mancha de Mierda, only posts early?

Guess the guard shack doesn't have a computer.

drummaster2001 said...

frank miller is great. he and seth macfarlane are the two best talents in the business.


that was a classic south park episode where they had cartman act as bugs bunny in the end with OBL. the best was the magnifying glass and cartman holding the sign up that said "tiny, ain't it?". LMAO! for those of you who didn't see it and don't know what the sign refers to, download the episode.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Batman is a neo-con!

drummaster2001 said...

correction: it is todd macfarlane, not seth. i was watching family guy during the original comment.

Anonymous said...

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