Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome Bad Eagle Readers and an Introduction for regular readers to Bad Eagle

I would like to thank Dr Yeagley for providing a small ( but growing) blog with a large platform . Dr Yeagley is my friend , teacher and role model whose words of wisdom are always refreshing. Bad Eagle is his brain child a home for Native American patriots and their allies. Bad Eagle Forums are a reflection of the diverse intrests of Dr Yeagley who can best be described as a Renaisance man.

Regular Bad Eagle readers should readily recognize my name as until recently I was fairly active in the forum. However my site has grown much larger and I just do not have the time I once did. Regular Bad Eagle readers will also recognize Warren who is my best friend in the blogosphere. Warren has been an invaluble friend and he has a much better blog that can be viewed by the link that says Long Range on the right.

I started this blog with one reader and was immediately mobbed by anti semitic trolls from the UK. Warren and I took no quarter and battled them for months. Along the way two new friend showed up Jason Pappas and Mr Beamish showed up. The trolls fled and reappeared every once in a blue moon. Jason has a great blog called Liberty and Culture . Mr Beamish is reknown for his brilliant and Comedic posts and like Warren is also part Native American. His blog is called the Crankfiles is on the right.

One day a new friend visited Jason and I introduced her to our cast of friends. Always on the Watch is an excellent blog with a readership ten times my size. She maintains a high readership by excellent posts and being a great hostess. Other notable friends are Eshter of Outside the blogway and Rob Bayn/ Justin Morris of Official Reality Check. Felis of Democracy Frontline in Australia also has a huge blog.

My nephew Drummaster does much of the works behind the sceenes because I am a klutz.
Lastly Elijah from Canada is a good friend with an interesting blog.

Welcome to the Beak Speaks . Long term Bad Eagle readers are familiar with Beakerkinisms. If any of you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog feel free to ask questions or promote your blog.

My trademark post ending

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky (Official Blog Troll) to the shooting arcade and 167 ( legendary talentless troll) pushing up dandelions.


MissingLink said...

Thanks for introducing us to Bad Eagle and Long Range.

beakerkin said...


Long Range is my best friend on the Web. We litterealy were besieged by Gay Antisemites from the UK from day one. This blog has grown and the people who laughed at the upstart are long gone.

The secret is like in your site that dwarfs my own is offer fresh material in a unique manner. A blog with good posts in a lively manner will find its own audience.

I am glad that all the trolls save one have left the site. Ducky is our official troll and is not as bad as he seems. In an interesting way he adds to the experience because if we all agreed it would be boring.