Friday, February 24, 2006

The Beakerkin Awards.

It is time for the first Beakerkin Awards. Unlike those of Hollywood we do not take ourselves to seriously. Long term readers are encouraged to give lengthy acceptance speeches.

Best Poster Warren . Warren has been here from the start. This blog took evolved to its current form from comedy. Our critics contend we are still doing comedy just less subtle. Warren is my best friend on the blogosphere and at the start it was almost WWE like.

Most Unpredictable: Justin Morris . Justin Morris is a friend but one can never tell exactly where he will fall on any issue.

Honorable Mention Bum From Jersey. I respect indepedents and the Bum speaks his own mind and is ineresting.

Most Comedic. Mr Beamish wins this hands down and outpaces the rest. His posts on complex matters is articulate. People forget the numerous articulate classics because the comedy is so great.

Out of the Closet Moderate Rob Bayn. We disagree with Rob but he is not part of the Blame America first Club. He is becoming a true independent.

Now onto the Troll categories. A good Troll raises relevant points with a sneer. Thus
much conversationand articulate response is generated. The classic dialogues of Farmer John and the Duck are good reading.

Best Troll Ducky. The Duck is an example for trolls to emulate. He sneers and posts
relevant material that generates responses. He doesn't cry or repeat himself and that is why he is the Gold standard of trolls.

Least Talented Troll: Fake John Brown repeats himself is incoherent and a bore

Most Deranged: Robert Lindsay 147 . I want him to come here and explain how Mao and Stalin saved lives. His blatant anti semitism is a hoot. What other blogger is stoopid enough to post the loaded term "Jewish Question" on his blog.

Best Comedic Prop Troll . Recididooofus aka Fizzzzzzzhog or 167. The Doctor Smith immitator whines and cries while inventing imaginary races. A gay man praising Saudi and Iranian justice clearly needs help. The usual cries about his not being a Communist or Anti Semitic while indulging freely in both are comedic. His use of the term Zionist Media or Usreal alone speak vollumes.

Back to standard Awards.

Most liable to scare the daylights out of totalitarians Jason Pappas. 167 fled rather then deal with Jason. Jason also has won an award from a Jihadi site so he must be doing something correct.

Most Eloquent Farmer John. He does his research and is the first poster to have a dedicated special.

Most Dedicated AOW . AOW provides an excellent example to all of us. Produce quality posts and you will have an active board.

Classiest Esther. Lady Esther is so sweet even trolls do not stay there for long.

Best Links: Democracy Frontline has the best links of any blog I read. One can get quality blogs in any spot by linking there. Do check out the Indoneasan Blog amazing reading.

Now onto the Pros

Best Book Serialized : Richard Poe's Seven Myths of Gun Control. Poe moved me to the right on this issue.

Best Site: Front Page Magazine. Quality articles brought to you everyday by David Horowitz.

Favorite Pundit: Dr Yeagley. Dr Yeagley is a friend and teacher on many levels. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to move my opinions but reinfoce existing ones.

Underated. Antiprotester is a fitting sequel to Moonbat Central . It is always lively
and interesting.

Many Blogs do not last long

Most Missed Kajando Always interesting and often hysterical

Honorable Mention Elijah has restarted a New Blog and there is a place for his brand
of material. How many of us can talk about the same subjects.

One year strong

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the Smokehouse and 167 Lost in Cyberspace. I can see him crying about "Zionist Robots and Usreal"

I am debating to mark the 13 year of the WTC 93 attack with a special post. Long term readers know I am a survivor of that blast. The 93 blast has been forgotten and overshadowed. Maybe Jason Pappas who lives in NYC still remembers but outside of this blog who remembers.

On Deck Manyanna Lies about Spies. Before there was Monica there was Elizabeth Bentley. Meet the Professor who still thinks Alger Hiss was innocent and you wonder why Journalists are so messed up.


Always On Watch said...

Most Comedic. Mr Beamish wins this hands down and outpaces the rest.

WTF3 is a masterpiece, and my students love it too!

Best Troll Ducky. The Duck is an example for trolls to emulate.

No doubt about it, IMO!

Thanks, Beak, for "most dedicated." I came late to the party, thanks to that car accident. I was lucky to stumble into the group here. I think I found this group through one of Jason's comments at Jihad Watch.

Justin said...

Smiles thanks Beak now:

Ayeeeeeeeeeee Viva Speedy
Im off to free the Texas Ports that Boosh gave to the Arabs. El Presidente Fox is upset they Arabs got them and not him.

beakerkin said...


You have got to read Fizzhog who is now anti American because Liberals oppose the port sale. He is pure comedic material.

Robert Bayn said...


Thanks for the award! LOL!

Though i been independent for a long time, i'm a rare type of person who can say they have voted for both republicans and democrats for office.

I could careless if Jizzhog hates america or not, my countries security is more important, than ANYTHING else.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Please make a 1993 WTC bombing memorial post. I'll bring my toolbox of info to the comments section.

WTF 3 wouldn't be funny if Mecca was open to non-Muslims.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Does anyone remember the 93 Blast ?
You remember AOW remembers and Warren remembers but everyone else seems to have forgotten.

The WTC was blown up on Febuary 26, 1993 but it has been over shadowed by 9-11.

I am going to do a post but lets see how many people remember.

MissingLink said...

Much obliged.
Big thank you from the Democracy Frontline team.

beakerkin said...

I am working with my Nephew to set up a link and make Beakerambo my avatar.

Justin said...

raises hand. I remember all to well I was in NY on business and 1 block away when it happened.

elijah said...

What can I say? but thanks for even including me in your links.
I think it was Warren who first gave me a link, then you posted on my blog, and from there i was hooked, as with warren, I have yet come across two blogs that make me think {too much} as both of yours, and your nephew, a very knowleable music expert.
Warren,so much a poet, but still knows too much of the american scene for me.
You Beak,are indeed a handfull.

Warren said...

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the little people that made this award possible.

Mickey Rooney, Billy Barty and the whole Munchkinland cast of The Wizard of OZ.

Seriously Beak, thank you.
Your friendship "is" a golden award.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, I remember WTC 1993. Of course, at the time I didn't understand the meaning of the attack. I was busy with caregiving my father here in Virginia.

I'll be reading your posting, of course.

Warren said...

I think that it was DM that first linked you.

I don't remember for sure how I found your blog, but your irreverent sense of humor appeals to me. You have a succinct way of putting things in there proper place and saying what's on your mind.

Thinking back, maybe you visited me first through my link on DM's blog.

elijah said...

quite possibly...why on earth would you connect to an irreverant, cynical canadian like Me...LOL...and i try to keep it as low key as i know they are watching you, revolutionaries...hehe

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beak you can use the link I sent you.

Justin said...

OMG Warren all the little people> Smackkkkkkkkkkkk :P

Warren said...


Sorry Justin, Its seldom you get to act out a fantasy situation,

Victor Fleming, (director) accepts the Acadamey Award for "Best Picture" for the Movie "Wizard of Oz". He steps up to the microphone and says:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank..."


elijah said...

Or sally field
"you love me, you really love me"..LOL

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

Julius Caesar is dead. I know he's dead. I've been here all day, and he ain't moved a muscle.

So like, I'm the Caesar now, beeyotch!

Hail to the king, baby!

-from Marc Antony's acceptance speech, the remix

drummaster2001 said...


you were the first reader i had besides warren and the beak. you sent me an e-mail about swapping links, which i think i still have in my inbox somewhere.

elijah said...

yes, that is right, why have a blog if you cant connnect to others, I was lucky to hook up with a unique group of individuals, i mean take a stroll through blogger and find something that catches your attention, being canadian at least i get a birds eye view of american politics, which can truly boggle the mind, but at least it is interesting compared to our mundane system.
As for your blog,every loves and knows music and your knowledge is current and goes back a lot of years, always a good read.