Friday, February 10, 2006

Anti American Chic dementia Daniel Flynns Why the Left Hates America Chapter 3

The begining of the Chapter start with the far lefts more deranged ideas. Make no mistake the far left is inherently anti Capitalist and self loathing. No group is more absurd then Gay apologists for the Palestinians. The PA under Arafat is reflective of the general abuse towards gays in the Arab and Muslim world. We get ratioalizations that America is no better then the PA because of an insane Church that has a site God hates Fags. The deranged left sees a moral equivalency between a religious nut who turns out to be a Democrat and killings of Homosexuals in Iran, Saudi Arabia. Gay Palestinians flee to Israel for saftey but this clue does not help the familiar Gay Antisemites Dennis Raimondo, Simon Jones and 167. Identifying with one who will most likely behead you is seen as a virtue on the left, the rest of us see it as stupidity. 167 feels he is an expert in Iran because he lived there for six months. This must come as a surprise to people like Amil of Bad Eagle who spent a lifetime in Iran and fled to the USA and think he is insane.

The fantasy of the far left is that Osama acted out of their angst. Osama is not too concerned about Kyotto , indigenous people, social justice and only mentioned the pseudostinians after 9-11. In fact far from social justice Jihadism advocates Jim Crow, Slavery, Sexual Aparthied, Colonialism, Persecution of Gays, genocide towards people who are not of the book . Yet Commies and Jihadis share the dream of Utopia on this earth and global hegemony. When Utopians rule they act in the name of god or in Communist countries replace God.

The real angst on the far left is its perpetual war with Capitalism. Thus we have the curiousities where people attack Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams as inauthentic blacks or Dr David Yeagley as a faux Native American because they think for themselves and do not buy into being a Marcusian victim. Even as late as the Eighties I took alot of critique as a Jewish Republican this trend is becoming more common amongst the new generation. I was disgusted by the Cold War appeasement of the Democrats in Cental America and the betrayal of the Vietnam Veterans like Warren and Big Bubba.

The far left also glorifies thugery as part of its mantra. A cop killer Mummia Jamal is a hero and a drug dealing gang the Black Panthers is sanitized. This should come as no surprise as the far left never seems to mind killing fields, necklacing, blowing up Jews in temles in Buenos Aires or political prisonsers in Cuba. Leonard Peltier is also hneld up as a hero to the deranged. A man like Peltier who kills two FBI agents is authentic but Dr David Yeagley is an Apple to Russel Means "Red on the outside but white on the inside" because he advocates an end to 24/7 Marcuse victimization scheemes and self pride . Means is a tomato, Red on the inside and outside with a mushy heart and brain in the center.

Flynn points to the degeneracy of Hollywood where Communists are almost never the bad guys except in the POW genre films. Ironically an anti Vietnam film backfired and helped many see the soldiers as screwed by the left. This was not the intention of the director of Apocalypse Now but it happened. My buddies and I would gather and talk about the In show Tour of Duty. Our outraged profressors tried to tell us in vain that they did not betray our country and the people of Southeast Asia. There were even Marvel Comics that tapped into the theme. The difference was that unlike todays youth we lived through the era as kids. The Vietnam leftwing protesters were never popular and reviled by the majority of Americans. Decades of Hollywood fiction and a virtual monopoly in higher Ed can not erase what we saw and remember.

Flynn points to the deranged politics of musicians like Pearl Jam or Rage Against The Machine. Both groups promote deranged leftist Noam Chomsky . Chomsky likes to fashion hiself a dissident but his dissent is from reality itself but he endures bad cafeteria food and parking at MIT. His books are sold through accademic coercion and his insane theories like phantom USA - Nazi alliances are paper thin. He does not show up in regular media because a serious Conservative like Monica Crowley or Sean Hannity would cream him. He has debated Alan Dershowitz on Israel and been creamed. Thus he now leaves his dirty work to Norman Finklestein his protegee whose idiotic claims about scholarly minutia were easily refuted. There is a reason Rock Musicians do not have real jobs they often lack discipline and coherent thought just like Chomsky and Finklestein.

Flynn talks about the corruption of American history by the advocates of Marcusian Victims based Marxism and Marxist vermin like Howard Zinn. Americas evils are exagerated and its accomplishments whitewashed . The indict a civilization by its history game is funny when applied to its source Communism itself. That attempt is greeted with red baiter, Mcarthyite . When the same approach was taken to Islamic history our resident far left deranged stooge cried racism and genocide. This is more amazing as Muslims, Arabs , Imaginary Palestinians and Jews still do not constitute any known racial categories. We can play the indict a group by its history
with any nation an America comes out far better then most. Islamic Civ and Communist history do not stand up under the same scrutiny. Only Nazism rises to the level of evils perpetrated under Communism or Jihadism . However there are no Pro Nazi film makers , musicians or a cadre of sympathetic accademics so it gets treated as the great evil while Communism and Jihadism get airbrushed .

The Cold war itself is described as a time of paranoia. The evils of Communism and history of Communist treason in America is glossed over. Alger Hiss has a professorship at Bard College occupied by a deranged Communist who call himself a Green Joel Koevell. His idiotic thinking is comedic Anti Communists are anti Semitic but Anti Zionists are not Anti semitic. WEB Dubois and Paul Robeson known Communist traitors are honored in academia. Even Communist Terrorists Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers are employed in Academia after a career as Weathermen. Sammy Al Arian was an active terrorist fund raiser and employed in academia.

The far left thinks its hip and cool but alas there is a cure. As soon as one starts paying taxes and raising kids the Commie rhetoric goes out the window. Matt Drudge has potrended the future of big media. The days where big media , academia could set the agenda are over. The internet and talk radio are Conservative and certainly hostile to Marxism. In fact the sucsess of Fox news has spawned MSNBC to immitate and Brian Williams is not an apologist for the far left.

The familiar left wing blogs are examples of ineptitude with zero originality and no humor. 167 and the Disturbed Chemist are comedic zeroes who regularly use profanity.
167 thinks that objecting to profanity is racist like everything else he disagrees with. Their blogs comments resemble bobble head dolls and they compette for the most outrageous insane anti American apologistic quote. We can see regular dissent on this blog where sometimes I will even disagree with a Blogger I admire such as Jason Pappas who is the gold standard. Leftists think they are cool and hip and crave the praise of the salons of Europe and Academia and see rationalizing the misdeeds of our enemies as a noble thing. Men and women like Mr Beamish and AOW do not need to please the elites in Salons they speak for themselves with lively content. I would sooner be governed by the people who shop at Walmart then the social science section at a University, may Willam F Buckley forgive my butchery of his wisdom.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the choping block and 167 to the New Gulag Role play day at Perm 35.

Mr Beamish is cooler then the Disturbed Chemist.


Always On Watch said...

Flynn talks about the corruption of American history...Americas evils are exagerated and its accomplishments whitewashed .

No doubt about that! Have you ever seen The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History? Chapter 12 is entitled "Yes, Communist Sympathizers Really Existed." The book is worth a read. I use it with my history class, even though our textbook, from a Christian published, is pretty good about presenting the realistic truth. But the big publishers are not!

beakerkin said...

One of the next books in line for this blog deals with that subject Denial. I want to do a quick review of David Horowitz new book as soon as it arrives next week.

Robert Bayn said...


The success of Fox News has nothing to do with facts or being conservative, it has everything to do, with young blonde women, it's a proven fact more people will watch hip blonde women, besides, being the #1 Cable News Channel, is like being the best athlete at the special olyimpics, sure they are beating the rest of the retarts, but their still retarded.

Gays fleeing to Israel is a well documented situation, as i talked about in the begining months of my blog, when it was reported many gays who were held in prison in Iran and other muslim nations would look for a safe haven in Israel, and i always commend Israel on their record with gays and civil rights.

Being hip and cool is something both sides tend to think they are.

I'm still on the left, and i still don't hate America, neither do many of my liberal friends, but once again nice try.

beakerkin said...


All News channels try to hire attractive women to lure viewers.
The notion that Fox alone does it is naive. Fox's ratings have everything to do with it being an alternative to the left leaning networks.

Rob many of your liberal friends indeed do hate America. They think it is Chic to tear down this country . They make zero attempt to
distance themselves from Communists whose goal still is the overthrow of the US government.

It is impossible to be cool and self loathing at the same time.

Robert Bayn said...

Rob many of your liberal friends indeed do hate America.

uhh, ya ok, sure, whatever you say there.

beakerkin said...

Do you want to pretend that Code Pink, Answer, UPJ do not masquerade as liberals. They are in fact Commie front groups.

Robert Bayn said...

who the said they were my friends? I don't even know who the hell they are, when i say friends i mean friends, not whatever liberal group that is out there.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

All News channels try to hire attractive women to lure viewers.

Explain Barbara Walters.


MissingLink said...

There is no doubt in my mind that we look for conspiracies under our beds and ignore the obvious ones - totalitarian ideologies.
How easily were poeple convinced that Nixon faked the moon expedition?
One badly made "documentry" and even now you have faithful followers of this conspiracy theory.
Now, you have a ideology represented by political parties, which want to participate in the making of the democratic system and they OFFICIALLY want to get rid of this system.
Enter the revolution.
I added a bit to the previous discussion if you care to have a look.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

In her day Barbara Walters was attractive but those days were thirty years ago good point.


I have written about this before the Commies in NYC held protests on the Saturday after 9-11. The buildings were burning and the smell of death was in the air. 2000
Commies held an anti semitic rally
in Union Square Park. Most of America read about Falwells remarks blaming the event on gays.
However 2,000 Commie morons blaming the attacks on Jews was reported nowhere. I witnessed the entire thing.

People who believe in conspiracies are not playing with a full deck.
The conspiracy is always against a group they have a problem with anyway.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Okay, explain CNN's blimp Candy Crowley.

kev said...

For robert bayn--my wife and I became converts to FoxNews when our daughter was deployed to Iraq in 2003. Nothing the msm was "reporting" fit what she and others in the military were telling us. One day we found Fox, who actually reported what was really happening there. Further, if you care to look, the leftist groups mentioned by Beakerkin, and many more just as bad or even worse, have taken over your party.

Warren said...

Kev, Robert can speak for himself but I do not believe that he considers the Democrats, 'his party', I believe he considers himself a liberal in the classical sense.

Robert, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Robert Bayn said...

I wouldn't consider the democratic party, my party, and obvisouly neither is the republican party, i'm a moderate liberal leaning towards being Independent, these groups Beak speaks of, are not groups i associate with, or even know about.

I'm not a fan of Fox News due to many fabrications and the biggest joke in the world "fair and balanced" which no news network has, CNN leans left, Fox News leans right, so yeah it seems right people on the right, like fox news, and people on the left like CNN, but i rather read the news for myself and make a educated opinion.