Tuesday, February 07, 2006

General News

There seems to be some disruption in service at Blogger.

The sequel to my Bad Eagle Post will be running at David Yeagleys weblog. We thank Dr Yeagley for his generosity and kindness. I am working on another series on Environmentalism, Indigenous People and false Utopia based largely on Jared Diamond.
That post may or may not run on Bad Eagle in the future. If it does not run at Dr Yeagley's excellent site it will run here in some form.

David Horowitz's new book is under attack before people have ever read the book. My copy of his latest book shall arrive in days . I would have done it sooner but my copy is enroute from California. I chose to get an autographed copy and make a tax deductable donation at the same time.

I am hardly surprised that people who don't read Horowitz readily attack him. The Disgruntled Chemist is an example of this behavior. After he ran three anti Horowitz posts I asked him how many David Horowitz books have you read. The answer was zero but I read a few articles. No doubt I could have asked the same question about Ann Coulter or the most under rated giant Richard Poe and recieved the same response. A typical example of ignorance was 167's description of Mr Poe as a hell bound Zionista. Mr Poe seldom ever writes about Israel at all and is not Jewish. The deranged 167 may have confused Prof Plaut with Mr Poe. Prof Plaut is excellent reading and he dismantles the lies of anti semitic Commie types with ease.

I urge those of you with blogs to pick up a copy of the Professors and lets do our own reviews. Lets not let the modern day know nothings decide what books we will read. If a liberal starts talking just ask how many Horowitz , Coulter, Malkin or Richard Poe books have you read. If they answer that they have ask basic questions and verify as most far left types are known to have a wide definition of truth.

I also have Mark Levins book on order and it should arrive next week . Mark Levin has the best radio show in the USA. He is a Constitutional Scholar and a Reaganite and doesn't mince words. His humor and combative style are a delight and woe unto
the Anti Semitic leftie that calls. If you are in an area that can pick up his show tune in .

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