Friday, February 03, 2006

New Serialization

The new book that will be serialized is Flynn's Why the Left Hates America. Daniel Flynn's Intellectual Morons was serialized in an entertaining manner about a month ago. Flynn has a decent site on the web called Flynnfiles. Mr Beamish has located what appears to be a Moonbat Cental clone minus the great Richard Poe.

I want to thank my best friend on the Web Warren for providing the link to Bad Eagle.

On a more curious note we have a strange new phenomena called Silence of the Duck. He has been here but has opted for silence. Perhaps he fears the new troll grading system. Common sense and the Duck are seldom ever said in the same sentence.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be debilled and 167 to Zimbabwe.


elijah said...

dude, you have given me such a high post on your links, i was hacked and a new one i have established a new one ,
engage me. it would be an honour.
rather than that crap that currently subsides.

Warren said...

Dude! You mean you aren't the one running the porno link?


Hint to posters:
When you see a "hot", (active), link inside a text box, right click on the link and choose "open link in new window". That will open it in a regular window instead of the little text box window.

If you do open a link in a text box, you can go back to the text by right clicking on a "non-busy" portion of the box and choosing "back".

You can practice "HERE"

elijah said...

Warren you are as evil as me, and that scares me, but yes i believe that alternate link was somwhat "porno" I would be into that shit.......well maybe once in a while.
Oh man that was a good dig, what a mistake, i should have known you would pick up on that one immediately...LOL,

Warren said...

Well, its a good thing I didn't click on it and see all that lesbian porn!

MissingLink said...

I used to run a blog which I called Vox Felisi.
To cut the story short I stopped it and deleted my account from the blogspot server.
The very next day somebody asked me if I started a porn site.
It's no ME I swear.

elijah said...

yeah right, lesbian porn is all good!
I will let you know when its up and running...

Warren said...

I really don't understand it.

Who are these people that wait around for a deleted blog just to put up links to porn.

It doesn't make any sense. I don't see how you could generate enough traffic to justify putting in the effort.