Thursday, February 02, 2006

Poe on Guns and Feminism

Richard Poe points to the illogic of the feminist movements obsession with guns. Guns aprovide women with the means to protect themselves from larger males. The under current of the millitant feminist movement has always been Marxist as typified by its leader Betty Friedan. Ninety percent of the militant feminist movement is based on abortion and the other ten percent is on guns. A true feminist would protect her family . However I am glad that no feminist has stepped foward to defend the rash of child abuse deaths as a right to infanticide.

I had the honor of dicussing a related topic with Mr Poe himself . Our standard view of Marxism is class based theft. However in the Marcuse based offspring identity based victimology has an identity based Marxism corollary. Thus an anti American far left types found themselves allied with Ronald Reagan when the Sandanistas were commiting ethnocide against the Miskito Indians. The feminist anti gun crusade is part of a Marxist based attempt to reshape society.

Poe posts at length the feminist war on man hood. Boys who act like typical boys are given anti psychotic drugs. We hear absurd comments about the Super Bowl and domestic violence. Yet we hear next to zero about sexual aparthied and religiously sanctioned wife beating via the religion of rest in peace.

The sad part is that we have a generation of boys who have had to endure daily deprograming about their natural behavior. Fortunately, when the boys go home they can play a nice violent video game like Grand Theft Auto and undo some of the damage.
We are facing a warrior culture that seeks global hegemony and the last thing we need is a generation of deprogramed mind numbed boys.

I will do the final review of Richard Poes Seven Myths of Gun Control Tommorow

Beamish in 08, Ducky to get ruberized and 167 off to Iran where he may end up topless er headless. He never used his brain anyway.

Has anyone seen Jason Papas ? He can be found by using the link on the right that says Liberty and Culture.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it would seem that the de-naturing of boys is only the first step in a complete Marcusian restructuring of family and society. Not since Lycurgus time has so bold an experiment in social conditioning been attempted...

On the Polity of the Athenians and Lacadaemons by Xenophon


Warren said...

Farmer John,
That may well be, but there seems to be an effect similar to the proposed "Roe Effect". (a term coined by James Taranto )

The effeminate little losers don't breed true!

Anonymous said...

I think the more "civilized" nature of republicans shines through in the abortion rate/ ratio tables. But you may be right... civilization is "opposed" to nature. What we have with the Marcusian project is a "re-naturing" of man... divesting him of civilized behavior and a tendency to return to the natural sexual promiscuity of "baboons".


beakerkin said...

Farmer John

You may have just published the secret agenda of Ducky. He has a secret jealousy of baboons as he hasn't had any ahem activity in years.

He was last seen trying to date a decoy duck. He aquired a bad case of genital splinters when he attempted to consumate the relationship. He could have protected himself by applying shlack on his partner. However he opted for unprotected activity and is paying the price.

His analyst swears he has baboon envy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he got himself into a prickly situation.


MissingLink said...

"A true feminist would protect her family .."

Do they have families?
What do yopu think about Hate (sorry Kate) Mullet?