Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Academic Creation of Fiction

A common myth is that members of the Abe Lincoln Brigade were labeled " Premature Anti Communist". Ellen Schreker, Ronnie Lieberman and Michael Kelley are some of the historians who insist on this term. However an extensive search by Haynes and Klehr
of FBI files and declassified archives has never found this term. The Government reffered to the members of the Communist groups as Reds, Communists or subversives. This new term is a clear example of wishfull thinking.

The Marxists in academia practice errors in omission. A little known fact that at least 500 American Communists were killed by Stalin. The majority of these deaths were Finnish Americans. The Commies had a extensive network in the Finnish American community. The Soviets recruited extensively from this community and settled the traitors in the Karelia region. The Commies had an extensive history of involvement in the Finnish Civil War and a short lived Commie Finn state was established in 1918.
Apparently Marxist accademics fail to note the history of Communist subversion prior to WW2. There were also Canadian Finnish subversives who met the same fate as their American counterparts.

We also are treated to a series of absurd claims about the Venonna Cables and the Soviet Archives. Prof Ellen Schrecker of Yeshiva University calls them exagerations.
Professor Buhle seems to be under the delusion that only the top leadership of the American Communist party was involved in the espoinage. Buhle names a Communist who turned sides and became an Anti Communist as the prime mover of the espionage, Jay Lovestone. The KGB archives do not back up Buhle's insanity. The KGB would be in a better position to know then deranged Marxist Professors whose next work of authentic scholarship will be their first.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be covered in Orange Sauce and 167 to build a Gulag theme park.


Iran Watch said...

Errors of omission or lies of omission. Ask Harvard president Lawrence Summers what happens if you're not liberal enough?

MissingLink said...

Polish communists were also involved in spying for the Soviets (before WWII).
Just ca 1934 - Pilsudski deported them to Soviet Union and 99% of were executed by Stalin.
Apparently they were shocked to see and observe the workers paradise after the "oppressive Polish dictatorship".

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm sure they were killed for their own good.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

I am sure the Duck would claim that.

Missing Link

The sad part is that the history of Communist subversion is white washed. The Duck has some odd theories on Finland but has remained silent.

kevin said...

The amazing thing is no matter how many times the far left is taken to it's logical end,
Socialism-> Communism-> Piles of dead. There is never a shortage of commies and thier apologists.

kev said...

"Never a shortage of commies and their apologists."
So addition to our campuses, just look at hollywood, from its beginning to the present. What I haven't figured out yet, is it hip in hollywood to be so radically left, or is the stage a gathering of blithering, empty-headed idiots?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The stages and movie screens are full of people paid to say shit.

Freedomnow said...

Socialist George Orwell documented the murderous ways of the Spanish Communists in his book "A Homage To Catalonia".

Proving that Soviet espionage against the Spanish Republic was far worse the FBI creating files on Americans serving in a foreign army (there is nothing illegal about that).

While I think the Abraham Brigade were heroes and didnt deserve to have an FBI file for doing so, there is STILL NOTHING ILLEGAL about it.