Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Perils of reading Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn is a brilliant no prisoners type of author. He is direct and to the point . Often when making a larger point one of his smaller points is an eye opener.
There are those who prefer the eloquence of a VS Naipul. The best writing style is that of Monica Crowley who is direct but still eloquent.

Few people are aware that there was a series of anarchist and Communist terrorist incedents around the turn of century. Around 1920 a bomb exploded on Wall Street killing 40. If one looks closely at the building across the street from the stock exchange one can discern evidence of that explosion three sories above the street level. The left does not talk of these series of bombings. The left does not talk of serious espionage commited by the Commies. They talk endlessly of McCarthyism but fail to note there were major spies.

Another factor is 90% of the original founders of the Comunist Party were foriegn born. There were eight Communist newspapers printed and none of them were in English.
Communism is a foriegn ideology enimical to the American way of life.

Communist practice the concept of "Revolutionary Defeatism". This pattern of siding with a countries enemies dates back to Lenin. This also explains the current perfidity of the deranged far left. The hope of the far left is that a defeated and disillusioned America will be ripe for revolution. The academic airheads may believe this but it shows how out of touch they really are.

Consequently, Commies know this and they go through a series of bait and switch games to hide their identities. The usual names Commies call themselves are greens, socialists, anarchists and progressive. Do not buy these false labels and listen to the responses. The stench of Communism is familiar to the trained observer.

Beamish in 08, Ducky prepare for the shake and bake bag, 167 Guyanna man has some left over Kool aid from the Jim Jones party.


Mr. Ducky said...

Few people know of the early anarchists (not Communists, get it right, dumbo)?

Well maybe in your crowd Beak but the educated left is well aware of their history including the Chicago movements and the Haymarket riots.

beakerkin said...

Case 69

There were plenty of Commie finkolas in addition to the anarchists. Notably both movements you advocate are alien and hostile to the American way of life.

Get thee to Gimo or Havanna but you do not deserve to be in the USA.

elijah said...

Around 1920 a bomb exploded on Wall Street killing 40,,,WOW
Did notknow that..
Beamish in 08, Ducky prepare for the shake and bake bag, 167 Guyanna man has some left over Kool aid from the Jim Jones party.
Oh man, classic.
Communism to me is a non issue,anathema, taking a good shit has better value..
lol...i like that one

Warren said...

Yea Duck, nothing has changed since the Haymarket riots.

Except the 100,000,000 people you commies have murdered in the meantime.

beakerkin said...

Warren ouch but the number is higher as the book is dated.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Haymarket Riots, LOL!

The American labor movement gone from throwing dynamite bombs at cops to selling medical insurance to government employees.

Every time you bag your own groceries, you take money out a union executive's pension fund.

MissingLink said...

100,000,000 ?

much higher than that

it is estimated now 70M in China alone
approx. 60M in former USSR plus Poland, Hungary, Cambodia, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Angola, Afghanistan ....it gets close to 150M

A bit like with Muslims terrorists - there were a few who made mistakes and in fact they had nothing to do with the true philosophy.
And of course the vast majority is just for social justice and goodness.
False prophets are everywhere and blind followers always handy.

The most extraordinary thing is - most of these neo-commies have such contempt to the very people they say they represent.
Do you think it is because nobody wants to recognize their intellectual superiority?

beakerkin said...


Communism has less respect for human life then the ancient fertility cults. We sit and get outraged over practices like human sacrafice and rightly so. Yet well over 100,000,000 people sacraficed for what a sad vision of imaginary

Most of us should hear a Commie and say enough. How many errors and lives do you need before we conclude it is a bad idea.

SKylark said...

The Reds have morphed in my view particularly into radical femnist and greenie camps. These movements have all the intensity of closed ideological systems and have been attracting and dumbing down the West. Maurice Strong and his Earth Council have a lot to answer for - they are the world's agitprop for the growing green hegemony.

beakerkin said...


It is amazing that you have captured the essence of my next Bad Eagle Post. I am working on an anti Green post that mixes Daniel Flynn with Jared Diamond.

The tentative title is the Mythical Green Utopia.

You are 100% correct and Dr Yeagley has not responded yes or no. If it does not run at Bad Eagle it will run here. It may run in both places.