Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In Denial by Haynes and Klehr Best Bang for your Dollar

My critique of David Horowitz's book is that it is an overview. The book tries to accomplish too much . For the generic anti Communist the Professors fills a valuable
service as an introduction book.

However if one is a dedicated anti Communist In Dennial gives an account of why Communists should never be allowed in the faculty in the first place. This book is an intermediate book in the Anti Communist arsenal.

The premise of this book is how did historians spin the Vennona Intercepts and the KGB files. The answers are found in this hair raising brilliant book. It also demolishes the standard myths about American Communism

1 The American Communist Party was funded by Moscow
2 The Party was subservient to Moscow
3 Members of the party did engage in espionage
4 The Rosenbergs, Hiss and others were clearly guilty
5 Elizabeth Bentley and Chambers told the truth.

I recomend this book strongly to dedicated Anticommunists but remember this is a more advanced book. The reactions of the accademics provides a clear illustration that Commies can not be trusted with information. Their stock and trade is deception
and treason.

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MissingLink said...

The book tries to accomplish too much
This happens very often.
There are a number of very good books, which deal with this issue on a very general level.
I think this is because the vast majority of the readers lack the basic background about communism as doctrine/ideology (glimpses and slogans only) as well as the history of its implementation.

kevin said...

Horowitz should be a true authority on the subject given his radicle backgroud. It's amazing how many hippies refuse to grow up.

kev said...

Most people in this country are tragically unaware of the leftist radicalism that has taken over our colleges, supported by tax dollars. As in most things, they sadly only know what the mainstream media wants them to know and provides to them. Any student who dares to disagree with these radical professors is either silenced or set up to ridicule. Other than lack of truth in media, the other speedbump in the quest for "balance" in teaching is that the teaching profession and the law profession absolutely owns the democratic party.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Those that can't do, teach.