Monday, February 13, 2006

Flynn's why the left hates America Chapter 4 The 5 Lies of the Left

This chapter is not needed for all my regular readers except one and he is not Farmer John or Mr Beamish. Most Conservatives and moderates are well aware of these points. We generaly sit in astonishment as the far left makes claims that are fiction.

Claim Number 1 Women are opressed by patriarchy in the USA.

Women live longer are better educated then men in the USA. Men are far more likely to be in prison , be homeless, abuse drugs, commit suicide and die in a work place related accident. The wage gap is reflective of years women leave the workforce to raise children. If this is patriarcy it must be an incompetant version.

Overseas the picture is comedic as women are less educated then men in India, Africa and the Muslim Word. Women have forced abortions in China and female infanticides occur in China and India. Muslim women are forced to wear bhurkas in some places. Muslim women may be killed for being raped. Muslim women may be honor killed on the slightest whims of their relatives. Female Genital mutilation is widely practiced in Africa. Women are sold into marriage in some part of the Muslim world. In other parts of the world they are forced to aquire husbands with a dowery. Brides whose families fail to meet the dowery may be burned in India.

Where are the feminists in the war against Jihadism ?

2 America is the leading cause of pollution on the planet.

Nine out of the top ten most polluted ccitties in the world are in China. Americans do not pollute New Delhi or Mexico City. The communist record on the environment in the Soviet Union was disasterous. Chernobyl was the mere tip of the iceberg.

All six types of air pollutants are down from 1975. Richard Nixon passed the clean air act contrary to popular opinion on the deranged left. There is more Forrest land today then in 1980. The number of new trees has exceeded those harvested every year since 1952.

The Cuyahoga river which one caught fire is now safe for fishing. The Mississippi river is cleaner the the Ganses, Danube, Thames , Rhine or Seine. Technology has made water and energy consumption more efficient..

In fact much of the environmental furor has shifted the burdens of pollution to the third world where there are no safe guards. People die in Africa due to malaria due to the ban on DDT. Apple growers in the USA go out of business due to fake Alar scares and loggers are injured by terrorist actions of environmentalists.

I will have a post on this topic that will run on Bad Eagle shortly called Paradise Never Was. Much of the environmental movement is based on fanciful tales of imaginary Edens.

Myth 3 America is a Racist Nation

Americans accounted for a mere 3% of the global African slave trade. One can readily
see the descendants of slaves in the USA. One can not readily find the descendants of African slaves in Muslim countries where far more were taken.

People of all races vote with their feet and emigrate to the USA. These immigrants if legal are given full rights and acceptance into society. Try emigrating to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and see if you or your children will get the same acceptence.

Outside of Western Civilization slavery was considered the norm. Western Colonialism put an end to the practice. In the isolated areas where it exists today are overwhelmingly Muslim areas. Communism created a series of Slaves in their gulag system that the left ignores.

Black people in the USA are wealthier then black people anywhere else in the world.
Blacks are enslaved by Arabs in Sudan and elsewhere. Blacks kill white farmers in Zimbabwe. Blacks expelled Idians from Uganda without a peep from the left. Idoneaseans Muslims have killed ethnic Chinese as well as Christians. Black Cubans fare less well then their white counterparts so much for utopia. The Soviet Union depoted whole ethnic groups where 1/3 died.

4 The United States is an Imperial Power.

The far left complains of imperialism and points to Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Hollywood Films and Walmart. These businesses serve customers abroad and would not be there otherwise. Communist fail Eco 1001 and do not understand Coca Cola and Proctor & Gamble are for proffit enerprises.

The USA has used its military power to defeat Nazism and Communism. The forays in Afghanistan an area that has zero of economic interest to the USA were to clean out Jihadist Radicals. The USA will depart Iraq when the Army can protect itself. The left said next to zero about rampant human rights abuses by Saddam. The French, Brittish and Soviet Empires rulled vast tracts of territory. The USA granted the Phillipines independence after WW2 . Puerto Rico has voted to maintain its status several times.

Myth Five The Rich Get Richer.......

America has plenty of sucsess stories such as Federal Express, Microsoft etc. We have a society that rewards innovaton. However Rush Limbaugh still gives the best recipie for avoiding poverty. Get an education , have your kids in wedlock and your odds of poverty decrease dramatically. I will add staying away from drugs and alcohol also helps.

The normal serialization will stop when David Horowitz new book arrives. I will look at serializing the book and a probable Bad Eagle Review. I am reading in Dennial Historians Communism and Espionage by Klehr & Haynes. I might not serialize that book and give it a general review. However I will give the readers some say in the next serialization .Even our official troll Duncy will get a vote as he is our staff wet blanket.

The new post on Bad Eagle will take aim at the Greens. I am seriously mulling over another Bad eagle Submission based upon In Dennial and Horowitz's new book with a touch of Flynn. The Inmates have Taken Over The Assylum in Academia about the perversion of higher ed into an over prices Marxist brainwashing experiment.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to leave AFLAC for botching lines and 167 to eat governmet cheese with his fellow parasites.


Mr. Ducky said...

1. The woman's movement has been quite succesful. Thank a leftist.

2. America still pollutes far more than it needs to. However, significant improvements in air and water quality have been achieved. ted Kennedy was a primary force behind the legislation.

3. Racial progress has been a liberal achievment.

4. America is imperial and the Red Army defeated the Nazis.

5. The wealth discrepency is indeed getting larger. We need to look to the left again for policies to reduce the size of the underclass.

beakerkin said...

Women are unhappier then ever and the sole focus of the womens movement is rhe right to abort.
Muslim women obviously do not count thank leftists for what ?

2 Wrong again America pollutes less then China , India and the third world.

3 Not true at all Richard Nixon signed alot of the Civil Rights legislation and Southern Democrats
like Al Gore's father and Bill Clinton's mentor Senator Halfwit voted against the Civil rights act
It was Norther Republicans who carried the legislation. Thank leftists for what perpetuating reverse discrimination for well over thirty years.

4 The Red Army was supplied by the USA and Britian. Read a history of the time period. The Red Army did not do it alone and then occupied Eastern Europe and started a series of proxy wars around the globe.

5Social Justice is a pipe dream and certainly not found under Communist countries that had miserable standards of living unless you were a party official.
Thank a leftist for what Gulags, Starvation as policy, etnic cleansing of troublesome minorities.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


This post clearly demonstrates why the phrase "I am a leftist" is shorthand for "I am absolutely goofy, and I'm going to dedicate every fiber of my being towards convincing rational people in the shortest amount of time that I'm the biggest moron that ever walked the earth."

I mean, tell me that isn't Ducky's purpose here.

Always On Watch said...

Where are the feminists in the war against Jihadism ?

Busy performing in and attending The Vagina Monologues.

Duck: The wealth discrepency is indeed getting larger.

Personally, I haven't observed that. I'll tell you one thing, though: I'd be a lot more prosperous if I didn't have to pay taxes to fund entitlement programs.

kev said...

Beakerkin---leftists have absolutely no need for facts in their ideology "crusade", and mr. ducky has readily stepped forward to demonstrate this. And as a bonus, he uses teddy in his lesson. Teddy is a leftist's leftist who, more than most, never lets facts interfere with his bs. But, as I've said many times, they recognize their base and what their base will accept.

Mr. Ducky said...

1. Beak, are you speaking for all women? I really want to read this.

2. I stated that the U.S. pollutes more than it needs to and that environmental legislation is in place because of liberals. That has nothing to do with the level of pollution of other countries. Conservatives would reverse the situation.

3. Nixon signed legislation but the left passed it. Nixon would be thrown out of the Republican Party today anyway.

4. Berlin, Stalingrad, each battle the Russians lost more men that we have lost in our entire military history. Stalingrad was Hitler's defeat. I have family members who were in the Red Army during WW II...don't tell me about history you stinking little denier.

5. Social justice is a pipe dream. So is Christ's kingdom on earth but we don't give up. Unless you're a Bushista in which case you just grab what you can.

Freedomnow said...

Ducky those liberals are Americans, it is our tradition. Dont forget Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who freed the slaves while Liberal Democrats conspired against him in an effort to preserve the Confederacy.

Liberals have lost touch of what it takes to be a Liberal, tolerance. I am more Liberal than you have ever been. I love your Liberals like Robert KKK Byrd. You can thank Republicans for passing urgently needed Civil Rights legislation.

Its ironic that Leftists use the race card so much. Carter's exploitation of Mrs King's funeral for political purposes is a fine example of how low Leftists will go.


The Russians would have never beaten the Nazis without US help.

A. We shipped the Soviets an amazing amount of military and humanitarian supplies.

B. The bombing campaign over occupied Europe crushed Hitler's war machine.

C. We opened 4 fronts while the Russians refused to open a 2nd against the Japanese until the last days of the war, when they moved in like opportunists. Russia was one of the few belligerants that had the luxury of fighting on only one front.

D. We had broke the Nazi's enigma code and gave the Soviets valuable information they would have never been capable of gathering.

E. Are you ever intellectually honest? You utilize high school debate team strategy. It is more important to you to get in a cheap shot than to honesty examine the issues you discuss.


Basically the Left is stuck in the 20th Century. You are lost and out of touch with the heart of America.

The Civil Rights battle was won in 70s. The massive poverty and inequality has marred the history of America's enemies. The Soviet Union, China and Cuba. It is only when they copy capitalism do they have any success (Russia still has too much govt interference in its economy to claim to be capitalist).

The cries from the Left of imperialism and oppression are seen by the majority of Americans as propaganda and rightfully so.

beakerkin said...

Ducky The position of women in America is better that of the world and arguably better then men in Ameica. The post stated the facts.

2 WErong third world nations pollute far more then America and the record of Communist countries and pollution is a joke.

3 Now you are Nixons mind reader. Nixon passed the legislation but that is a minor detail. Nixon was an anti Communist liberal and the left still mischarachterises him today.

4 The USA and the UK supplied the Soviet Union . Without our supplies the war would have raged on . Remember body counts are nothing to communists. They starved how many before WW2 in the Ukraine. Also lost is that they signed a treaty with the Nazis OOOPs . They were Hitlers allies and blamed the Nazis for a series of local massacres notably Katyn Forrest.

Christs Kingdom is in the next world. There have been well over 100,000,000 people killed for your deranged utopia. How many more do you need before you figure out the idea doesn't work 1,000,000,000 . How come Felis who lived in one of your utopias doesn't share your enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Blog Kev.


Mr Beamish Ducky is an educational tool and a comedic prop. This is why he is the offical troll of the Beaks Speaks.

Now where is Farmer John when we need him. I am sure he would have a doozy on Number five.

kev said...

There would be a hell of a lot more social justice today if minorities would stop listening to shysters like sharpton and jackson, who are only interested in lining their own pockets, as well as the democratic party in general, who is mostly paying them lip service in order to keep their vote. The red army could not have attained those victories without the US and the allies. We should have listened to our military at the time and just continued to roll over the red army, too. It would have saved a whole lot of future trouble and lives.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Freedomnow, you dipweed....30 million Russian dead. That doesn't mention the Poles, Ukrainians, Croats, Serbs...WW II was a war to kill slavs.

Irony isn't it that Russian blood was the prime ingredient in protecting your freedom.

kev said...

The reds protecting freedom? That isn't irony, it's fantasy.

kev said...

Sorry, beakerkin, thanks for the welcome. You have a very lively blog. Haven't really seen this since moonbatcentral left.

beakerkin said...

Ducky the official number is 20 million not thirty. It also includes 1.5 million Jews in the Holocaust that had zero to do with Combat.

Are you going to subtract the Poles Balts and Ukrainians liquidated before the Nazis even got there. The most famous but not exclusive was the Katyn Forrest.

Freedom now is correct about enigma and the Russians fighting on one front. Liberals are not Leftist Socialist. As a Rudy Republican I am closer to the term than you.

beakerkin said...

Ducky the official number is 20 million not thirty. It also includes 1.5 million Jews in the Holocaust that had zero to do with Combat.

Are you going to subtract the Poles Balts and Ukrainians liquidated before the Nazis even got there. The most famous but not exclusive was the Katyn Forrest.

Freedom now is correct about enigma and the Russians fighting on one front. Liberals are not Leftist Socialist. As a Rudy Republican I am closer to the term than you.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...



So now the effectiveness of a military organization is measured in the number of lives it lost defending a propaganda target?

As a favor to me, could you give me the URL to any location on the web where you might have accidently not said something completely void of intellect?

Surely no one can be this consistently stupid over time.

beakerkin said...


Mr Beamish has a valuable point that is lost on you. The number of people killed in WW2 was smaller then the people killed under normal Communist misrule. Lives are cheap to communists 20,000,000 is just a number.

Mr. Ducky said...

Shut up Beamish... if the Russians don't win at Stalingrad then the Germans control Europe and there would have been no way to dislodge them.

They would have developed the bomb and the jet fighter easily.

It was Russian blood in Europe and even you aren't too stupid to understand it. The blood was Russian.

beakerkin said...

Wrong Ducky

The bllodshed in WW2 was less then that of the Communist misrule. The number is 18.5 million. 1.5 million were Jews in the Holocaust
and had zero to do with military casualties. I have to check but that 18.5 number may include POW
that Stalin killed at the end of the war.

The number is still less then that of normal Communist functions.
The Communists were so brutal that Ukranians and Balts greeted the Nazis as liberators. This is not my opinion but historical fact.
The Soviet attrocities in the area tend to get over looked.

elijah said...

Great post beak, well thought out. I remember reading about the sulphur cloud over the ussr that can be seen from space, never mind the multiple radioactive disasters.The women issue..etc.A lot to cover in such a small post.

Anonymous said...

mr ducky,

What you say about the Russians bearing the "brunt" of the German assault is correct. But just remember one thing. Hitler had no interest in attacking the "west". It was the "west" that attacked him. And had the "west" not attacked, they'd still be goose-stepping in Mscow today.

The war was about "liebensraum"... and the German's thought the slavic races "inferior", to be "exterminated" to make living space for a purer aryian type. You should be genuflecting in Churchill's diection, and he should be made a Russian "saint".


Anonymous said...

The Russians were merely defending themselves. The British and Americans liberated the continent. They didn't "have" to.


elijah said...

Are you aware of the mercury poisoning in, I believe, B.C.
Indian country, so it makes you wonder, if more advantage is being taken of these indigenous people...greed.

Anonymous said...

Someone want to teach Beak about "straw man" arguments?
They obviously challenge him.

beakerkin said...

Anonymous obviously you are too challenged to leave a name.


The sad part is native Americans may have suffered more due to their proximity to mining. The technology is safer but there are plenty of messes. The Soviet Union was one big disaster.

Farmer John

I am kind of disappointed. Brevetity is the soul of wit.

I was hoping for a good one about Christs kingdom in the next world vs Communist trying to play god in this one.

elijah said...

Yes beak, exactly, it was thier proximity to day i will stump you...i can feel it.

bum from jersey said...

Now you gave me a reason to comment instead of being a silent observer. I didn't know that conjecture was made. I don't think the US leads the world in equality for women but I certainly don't think they are that far from the top of the list.

I don't know if America is the leading source of pollution but we do contribute a significant portion of it when we probably could do more. No one is denying we haven't taken steps in that direction but we can still do more.

America is not a racist nation. Just a nation that has racists in it. Can't really say if thats a bad thing because I am sure racists live throughout the world, not just the United States.

Hmm...I don't exactly disagree w/ that imperialism argument excepts its not the US who is the imperialistic nation, our businesses a degree.

The Rich do get richer. Just go over to the (or if you want indepth articles) and you can read it for yourself. The economic gap and more importantly the wealth gap is increasing. You are right, there are those that move up the economic ladder but more and more stay within the economic range of their parents and others fall below it.

beakerkin said...

Jared Diamond writes of similar problems in Montana in Collapse .
He is a brilliant author on many levels. Do not be intimidated by him as he makes complicated subjects fun.

My next Bad Eagle Post will borrow from Diamond who is not a Conservative. He has written two excellent books Guns Germs and Steel and Collapse. I have his first book the Third Chimpanze but something always gets in the way.

If you want a great author to start with Diamond is excellent and above all fun. Diamond has another oddity that he is the most hated author in White Power circles. Diamond drives them up the wall .

Robert Bayn said...

I'm with Bum on this one, excellent points.

Pollution is a issue for the entire world, along with racism and equality for all mankind, but to single out America as being the leading offender, is kinda stupid, but to ask that we do better in these area, is a good thing.

Rich Get Rich, because money makes money, if it was not for the rich we would not have jobs, and many rich people were middle class or even poor before hand, success should not be crapped on but applauded, it should be everyones goal in life to be successful.

Jesus said "the poor you will have with you always"

So nothing new there, their will always be the poor.

The problem in our soceity, is in order to make one group obtain equality, we put down the other group.

Case and point, in order to ease racial tensions, we branded the white man as a racist, given some are racist, but not all, i was fired from a job for being a racist, yet i grew up in the ghetto and had many black friends, but i was a racist for using the term girl, had i been black and used the word girl, i would have never been fired, but because i'm white and some black person claimed racism i was fired.

The same could be said for the womens movement, that has demonized men in order to promote modern feminism, if you look on television, most men are portrayed as just idiots, while women are portrayed as smarter than men and better than them.

I'm not sure it's a leftist thing though, i think its more of a soceity looking for equality, which is a nice dream, but racism and bigotry will always exist, Men and Women will always think their better than each other.

Warren said...

Franchised Imperialism! LOL!

Ducky, the Soviet Russians were a disgusting boil on the ass of the earth!

Stalin was so damned stupid that he thought he was Hitlers buddy. When one Soviet agent reported that Hitler was preparing an attack, Stalin ordered his execution!

Kev, was right, they should have let Patton go ahead and kick their butts back to Stalingrad!

The rich may get richer but our poor are wealthy beyond the dreams of many in this world. Its impossible to lift someone from poverty when their only goal in life is to just get by.

elijah said...

Russians died by the millions fighting...brave
sad considering they would have been shot had they retreated, by their own soldiers.

Warren said...

Always remember that Stalin ordered the execution of all Russian POWs returned at the end of the war. He called them traitors.

elijah said...

I did not know that,add it to the list stalin eliminated i guess.

elijah said...

Beak, what is your connection with bad eagle, for a spell i thought that was another of your blog sights.

nanc said...

um, beak - does the name john brown the imposter mean anything to you - just curious...

elijah - badeagle is dr. david yeagley's blogsite and beak is one of his fellow bloggers - great fare over there.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The funny thing is that the Soviet Union was Hitler's fuel supply during the invasion of France.

Without that fuel source, the Nazis pushed the Russians all the way back to Stalingrad.

The Red Army wasn't shit. Well, I take that back. They were pretty good at rounding up Tajiks and Kazhakstanis to use as cannon fodder or march across minefields to clear them.

The Russian people themselves fought valiantly in the defense of their cities.

Because Allied American and British flights over two hostile theaters brought them the food and ammunition to fight with.

Germany was sitting on the damned Ukrainian breadbasket. Any army that lets their food get jacked quite frankly sucks.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Russia should also be thankful that Comrade Roosevelt was President when Hitler turned on them.

MissingLink said...

More Poles and Ukrainians were killed by the Russians than by the Germans.
We mustn’t forget that Soviets attacked Poland together with the Nazis (17-09-39).
Stalin also got Hitler's blessing in attacking Finland.
In fact, the whole Western communist movement supported Nazis as long the Soviets and Germany remained allies.

This changed dramatically after Hitler attached Soviets.
Then, the fellow travelers in the West Started supporting the war effort.
The losses which Soviets suffered were mostly self inflicted as they pushed masses un-armed soldiers against the Germans (if Stalin joined the allies from the beginning there wouldn't be much grief at all).
Besides, it is difficult to say how many Russian soldiers died after the war when they returned from the German prison camps and after Churchill "returned" so called Vlasov's army to USSR (in fact almost nobody survived).
This mass murder was immediately blamed on the Germans.

beakerkin said...


I am a guest blogger on Dr Yeagley's site. Dr Yeagley is a friend of mine. I create special posts for his site.

I may be the only banned poster to ever be featured on the Front page of a forum I am banned in. The banning had nothing to do with Dr Yeagley. It was the act of a rather dimwitted person who thinks
he is David Yeagley. It is odd that a forum that caters to Native American Patriots and their allies would yield such power to a person who is clearly deficient in both categories as well as devoid of intellect.


I think that the fake John Brown draws his name from the insane zealot a Harpers Ferry. Anarchist types revere that John Brown as a role model. I think it may be Nimmo himself.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The historical John Brown was a right-wing Christian.

You know, the kind that scares Democrats.

Freedomnow said...

Ducky said, "Hey Freedomnow, you dipweed....30 million Russian dead. That doesn't mention the Poles, Ukrainians, Croats, Serbs...WW II was a war to kill slavs.

Irony isn't it that Russian blood was the prime ingredient in protecting your freedom."

I never said it was wrong for the US ally itself with Russia against the Nazis. We could either fight them separately or together. It was the correct decision despite the fact that the Soviets were leftwing fascists.

What I said was the Russians couldnt have beaten the Germans without the help of its Anglo Allies.

WWII has also a war to kill the Jews as much as the Slavs. Your beloved Intifada is the heir of this anti-semitic legacy.

Freedomnow said...

Checkmate baby