Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daniel Flynn Chapter 2 The Roots of Anti Americanism

Daniel Flynn points to four sources of left wing hatred for America. I am not surprised that many of these pathologies plauge our friends in Australia. Without even realizing it Flynn may have painted a larger picture. However there is little doubt that the USA and Israel get the lions share of the far left vitriol.

The first source is the classic far left version of Marxism. The Marxist needs to sow dissent and ever since the days of Lenin has pursued Revolutionary defeatism. Communists will readily side with our nations enemies and be their formost advocates.The true Marxist readily will sacrafice anything to bring about his utopia. The revolutionary requires the destruction of the exsisting order to hope that his Utopia will emerge from the chaos.

The in house advocate for this is Ducky who aslo has evidence of influences of other categorioes. Now be a good official troll and demonstrate my point/

The second source is the Marcusian based victimology based Marxism. Society is divided into opressed people and opressors. This should be comedic fodder as no group has oppresed more people then Marxists themselves. Placing people in Gulags or the Chinese equivalent is slavery via Marx. Oddly the official victim at the moment
are Muslims who have the second greatest history of creating human misery wherever
they go. We are supposed to believe that Slavery, Colonialism , Jim Crow via the Koran are different then their Western Corolaries. I also readily point out all of the pathologies I just mentioned were practiced in Communist countries. This train of illogic would be comedic if it did not have a cottage industry dedicated to its preservation. Victims studies departments that are thinly disguised advocacy in reality .

167 falls into this category and into the next.

The final two sources are drumroll Relativism and Multiculturalism

The two are often linked and overlap . Multiculturalism means anything other then exsisting dominant culture. In practice there is nothing wrong with learning about
other cultures. In reality we get a warped vision where Americas warts are exagerated
and those of third world, Marxist and Islamic culture are airbrushed. The Islamic Colonization and brutal treatment of genuine indigenous people is not mentioned at all. Imaginary indigenous people are cause celbre and the deification of Palestinians is an insult to real indigenous people world over. I have made a more factual case for a Nation of Brooklyn and it is in the archives. However the second one talks about Muslim history the reflexive cry of Racism eminates from the left.
Muslims, Arabs , Pseudostinians and Jews do not constitute races in any coherent thought. There are plenty of other abhorent Marxist and Third World practices but they aren't mentioned.

Relitivism is a fairly insidious concept and I will give thanks to the great Richard Poe for explaining this to me at Moonbat Central. If all cultures are equal and good and evil do not exsist then all behaviors are cultural variants. This means that as terrorism , slavery, human sacrafice, genocide , ethnocide etc are practiced historically or currently there is nothing wrong with them. In a world with no standards everyone will define deviancy downwards and slavery , killing nonbelievers , homosexuals or female non virgins becomes a cultural variant. A world with no standards is far more dangerous then one dominated by the concepts in Western Civ, Marx excepted.

Coming up Next Chapter 3 Anti American Chic. This explains why leftists think they are smarter and more cool then the rest of us. In reality Marxists are more retro then yesterdays bell bottom Jeans and the Sex Pistols.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking and 167 to the Museum of Commie relics.


Mr. Ducky said...

Well Beak, I'm really no fan of the Chinese government but the fact is that they have taken a hell of a lot more people out of poverty than have South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong combined.

Just a fact for your little blindered mind to digest.

Life is large, dopey. Try to build a philosophy that can hold all of it.

beakerkin said...

Yes by allowing Capitalism in the market place China is a perfect example of the failures of Marx. The sheer size of China makes your point less clear. The fact that Marxism led to such a low standard of living is so that any gains are miracles is also noted.

Marx like you are a failure.

Keep illustrating why you are the Offical Troll of this blog. Remember no whiny critique either we want bombast. Give the people what they want Duck

Anonymous said...

It is pretty amazing what happens to the poor and oppressed masses once thay are given the opportunity to pursue capitalism and retain the fruits of their own labor (vs having it "redistributed" by der leader to his Swiss bank account).


Mr. Ducky said...

The inability to tolerate ambiguity defines the authoritarian mind.

Yes Farmer, it certainly does. Now I know very few people who don't accept the necessity of levels of market economics. However I know far fewer who accept the ;aissez-faire style you advocate. That may work for small ocean trading islands and archipeligos but it doesn't cut the mustard for large nations.

So we get mixed economies and they often have a serious problem using capitalism to bring prosperity to rural people. China, India and our own history are examples.

Life is large. Capitalism has it's sould destroying drawbacks. Fassbinder's "BRD" trilogy has a lot to say about it, much more than any "great book".

Robert Bayn said...

This explains why leftists think they are smarter and more cool then the rest of us.

Yeah maybe one day the left can be that Ignorant, arrogant assholes the right has mastered so well.


beakerkin said...


That is the least offensive line in the post. Do you see any posters here boasting of their IQ or claiming we are cooler then the rest. In truth most of us are way too modest and cooler then your typical far left type like the Chemist and certainly 167.

Robert Bayn said...

Do you see any posters here boasting of their IQ or claiming we are cooler then the rest.

I could comment on that, but i won't. Either way, it was meant as humor, though there is some truth in it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a boaster... IQ - "Above Average" (100) but not "Superior" (130)

and I'm "cooler" too. Average body tempt 97.8 degree's.... less than the average 98.6

The inability to tolerate ambiguity defines the authoritarian mind.

and conversely...

the ability to remain in a state of perpetual mental confusion defines the plebian mind

besides, mr. ducky... you know me well enough to understand that I'm an market isolationist, and not a laissez-faire extremist. I favor lots and lots and lots of small isolated markets. Like Smith, I oppose mercantilism and many forms of "external" trade. Like Plato, I favor "Magnesia".... and land-locked "inaccessible" markets. Admiral Perry would have to sail into my only harbor with his gunships and FORCE me to trade with him.

And believe me, mr. ducky, the rural and backward peasants in India and China NEVER were the problem. They always could, and always did, support themselves. The problem, as always, was what to do with the non-self-sufficient URBAN populations... the superfluous masses... the fleas that live on a dog's back and drain his life-blood. How many fleas can a healthy dog support before he sicken's and dies? THAT is the question of the 21st century.


Mr. Ducky said...

Land locked markets? Big mistake there, Farmer. There aren't any examples of landlocked nations with poor neighbors ever developing. Doesn't happen.

Switzerland is the only succesful landlocked country I can think of.

Where are the rural poor to go when the land won't support them?

Anonymous said...

Film vs Book. Hmmm.

BRD Trilogy or "David Copperfield". Hmmm.

Rhetoric or Dialectic. Hmmm.

Emotion or Reason. Hmmm.

Dionysius or Apollo. Hmmm.


Mr. Ducky said...

That's an interesting film site, Farmer. He puts 2 silents in his 10 best to his credit.

If you have a Netflix account put the Passion of St. Joan in your queue. Probably the greatest performance in film history from Maria Falconetti. Shattering.

Anonymous said...

mr ducky,

It all comes back to Malthusian Population Laws, in the end, doesn't it.

Until, of course, society is ready to deal with it...Plato, "Laws"...

Let us now proceed to the distribution of our state, and determine the size of the territory and the number of the allotments. The territory should be sufficient to maintain the citizens in moderation, and the population should be numerous enough to defend themselves, and sometimes to aid their neighbours. We will fix the number of citizens at 5040, to which the number of houses and portions of land shall correspond. Let the number be divided into two parts and then into three; for it is very convenient for the purposes of distribution, and is capable of fifty-nine divisions, ten of which proceed without interval from one to ten. Here are numbers enough for war and peace, and for all contracts and dealings. These properties of numbers are true, and should be ascertained with a
view to use.

In carrying out the distribution of the land, a prudent legislator will be careful to respect any provision for religious worship which has been sanctioned by ancient tradition or by the oracles of Delphi, Dodona, or Ammon. All sacrifices, and altars, and temples, whatever may be their origin, should remain as they are. Every division should have a patron God or hero; to these a portion of the domain should be appropriated, and at their temples the inhabitants of the districts should meet together from time to time, for the sake of mutual help and friendship. All the citizens of a state should be known to one another; for where men are in the dark about each other's characters, there can be no justice or right administration. Every man should be true and single-minded, and should not allow himself to be deceived by others.

And now the game opens, and we begin to move the pieces. At first sight, our constitution may appear singular and ill-adapted to a legislator who has not despotic power; but on second thoughts will be deemed to be, if not the very best, the second best. For there are three forms of government, a first, a second, and a third best, out of which Cleinias hasnow to choose. The first and highest form is that in which friends have all things in common, including wives and property,--in which they have common fears, hopes, desires, and do not even call their eyes or their hands their own. This is the ideal state; than which there never can be a truer or better--a state, whether inhabited by Gods or sons of Gods, which will make the dwellers therein blessed. Here is the pattern on which we must ever fix our eyes; but we are now concerned with another, which comes next to it, and we will afterwards proceed to a third.

Inasmuch as our citizens are not fitted either by nature or education to receive the saying, Friends have all things in common, let them retain their houses and private property, but use them in the service of their country, who is their God and parent, and of the Gods and demigods of the land. Their first care should be to preserve the number of their lots. This may be secured in the following manner: when the possessor of a lot dies, he shall leave his lot to his best-beloved child, who will become the heir of all duties and interests, and will minister to the Gods and to the family, to the living and to the dead. Of the remaining children, the females must be given in marriage according to the law to be hereafter enacted; the males may be assigned to citizens who have no children of their own. How to equalize families and allotments will be one of the chief cares of the guardians of the laws. When parents have too many children they may give to those who have none, or couples may abstain from having children, or, if there is a want of offspring, special care may be taken to obtain them; or if the number of citizens becomes excessive, we may send away the surplus to found a colony. If, on the other hand, a war or plague diminishes the number of inhabitants, new citizens must be introduced; and these ought not, if possible, to be men of low birth or inferior training; but even God, it is said, cannot always fight against necessity.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a netflix account. I'm afraid I'll have to rely on "Blockbuster" to supply my Passions

btw - My daughter wants to major in film studies... can you recommend a few good programs?


Mr. Ducky said...

Film studies, hmmm. UCLA, NYU, Rhode Island School of Design, Emerson(downtown Boston).

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The inability to tolerate ambiguity defines the authoritarian mind.

Ambiguity doesn't put bread on the shelf at the end of the bread line. So is it really a bread line?

Anonymous said...

Thanks mr. ducky... NYU was already on her list. We'll have to look into the others.


Any opinion or have you ever heard of programs at Columbia... Ithaca... Cornell... Hofstra... Hopkins... or Elon... she may have few others in mind... (I'm not sure).

elijah said...

This explains why leftists think they are smarter and more cool then the rest of us. In reality Marxists are more retro then yesterdays bell bottom Jeans and the Sex Pistols....
my next reply will be an aristotelian reference, i promise

beakerkin said...


Farmer John can do regular posts as well.

Sometimes some of the concepts are fairly philosophical. Yet boiled down on its simple level for you and I . If any man promises Utopia on earth take out the track shoes and head for the hills. Better yet give him as bus ticket to see Ducky in the Commie safe house.

Anonymous said...

Aristophanes also wrote about mr. ducky's favorite utopia... Cloud Cuckoo Land in his classic comedy "The Bird's"... and of course reprised the concept in his "female" dominated republic in "The Ecclesiazusae"...on political "innovations"

PRAXAGORA. That's better! that's fitting applause.--Citizens, 'tis you who are the cause of all this trouble. You vote yourselves salaries out of the public funds and care only for your own personal interests; hence the State limps along like Aesimus. But if you hearken to me, you will be saved. I assert that the direction of affairs must be handed over to the women, for 'tis they who have charge and look after our households.

SECOND WOMAN. Very good, very good, 'tis perfect! Say on, say on.

PRAXAGORA. They are worth more than you are, as I shall prove. First of all they wash all their wool in warm water, according to the ancient practice; you will never see them changing their method. Ah! if Athens only acted thus, if it did not take delight in ceaseless innovations, would not its happiness be assured? Then the women sit down to cook, as they always did; they carry things on their head as was their wont; they keep the Thesmophoria, as they have ever done; they knead their cakes just as they used to; they make their husbands angry as they have always done; they receive their lovers in their houses as was their constant
; they buy dainties as they always did; they love unmixed wine as well as ever; they delight in being loved just as much as they always have. Let us therefore hand Athens over to them without endless discussions, without bothering ourselves about what they will do; let us simply hand them over the power, remembering that they are mothers and will therefore spare the blood of our soldiers; besides, who will know better than a mother how to forward provisions to the front? Woman is adept at getting money for herself and will not easily let herself be deceived; she understands deceit too well herself. I omit a thousand other advantages. Take my advice and you will live in perfect happiness.

...I guess you've got to change in order to remain the same. LOL!

MissingLink said...

It is rather incredible how the whole "ideology" of Marxism, (based on totally false premises and distorted world history) influenced so many by replacing one absolute with another.

Even now the followers of this greatest death cult (especially Western fellow travelers) will repeat/quote parrot like myths and dogmas and try to convince others they actually "know" facts.

We used to laugh our heads off when such people visited our communist paradise and we had to take them around to show how our lives were richer than theirs, and how we evolved beyond greed and private possession.
Initially I, tried to talk to a some of such visitors but than I realized that they would shut their ears and eyes as soon as I tried to shake their "faith".
Their faith was blind and as firm as a rock.
Later our newspapers would reprint statements these visitors published in various papers (academic in my case)- they quoted our cooked statistics and our lies as facts.
After the paradise collapsed – I heard the same people distancing themselves from this faulty system (which they adored before) – apparently it was not the true thing.
Stalin or Mao were now to blame.

Robert Bayn said...


I'm still trying to understand how 'Multiculturalism' is a bad thing. America in itself is full of many different cultures, because we all came here from different worlds, i understand what you are saying that some cultures are not exactly good cultures, that's why we have laws against things that are just wrong like (rape, murder, terror), but being Mulicultural is a good thing, to me thats one of the best things about America, that we have so many people with so many different backgrounds with one thing in common, the need for Freedom.

Warren said...

Robert, you're blending two very different things.

You are confusing cultural pluralism with multiculturalism.

pluralist policies break down walls by encouraging communication and provide hybrid situations where new ways are found to get things done.

People are encouraged to learn the language, assume western moral values and react with people and institutions outside of their own culture. Individual rights are encouraged.

Under multiculturalism, there is no such encouragement or cultural pluralism. Tribal identities are encouraged to persist.

The following are not my words but the words of a Canadian humanist lamenting the reality of multiculturalism with the stated goal:

" [W]e have merely an aggregate of ethnic subcultures inhabiting a single geographic area there are few, if any, shared institutions. This makes it impossible to protect the long-term welfare of "the commons". The cultural groupings are isolated by the archaic boundaries of tribalism. Such boundaries are marked by blood lines, distinctive language preventing effective "out-group" communication, a romanticized heritage of grievances against neighboring groups, and immutable religious beliefs and rituals. In the tribal situation collective rights are recognized as paramount. There are no meaningful limitations at the societal level on the operation of cultural mores introduced to the country by incoming groups, even when these include obsolete gender and work roles. Freedom for the individuals within group boundaries, however, is another matter entirely.

In fact, in the extreme multicultural "ideal type" exemplified by Canada's Hutterite colonies, it is clearly seen that the two freedoms are antithetical. The more that freedom is granted to subcultural enclaves to preserve an unchanging way of life, the more the freedom of the individual member is necessarily restricted. There is therefore a world of difference between a pluralist culture within one integrated society and a collection of independent, ethnically defined communities in uneasy geographic cohabitation. The integrated pluralist society emphasizes and values individuality, along with joint responsibility for the commons. The tribal enclave, on the other hand, is concerned with transmitting its culture intact to succeeding generations. We need to decide which form of society we really want. The first represents a Canadian reality out of which dreams can well be made; the second is the stuff of Balkan nightmares."

Robert Bayn said...

You could be right Warren, i will take that into consideration.

MissingLink said...

When I arrived in Australia as a immigrant I wanted desperately to be accepted.
Feeling of belonging to a wider community is extremely important to us, new migrants.
When a person is born in a coutry this feeling is automatically there.
Multicultarism, as promoted by our social visionaries, doesn' give us, new residents this feeling.
As Warren said most people give up and start living tribal, separate from the "main stream" lives.
They don't feel any emotional attachment to the country they live in.
I found my place after 20 years, but many start resenting the host country.
They don't feel a part of it, in fact they feel rejected second class citizens.

I remember, when I started to work as a teacher, the deputy principal asked me to organize a Polisk folk dance for some kind of ethnic festival.
I asked her politely: Should I bring my fucking spear or my war axe will do?
Pardon my French but I still see red.