Friday, February 17, 2006

Dr Yeagley and me

I want to open this post with the highest praise for a man I consider a friend, teacher , writer and scholar. Bad Eagle is an excellent site that has many excellent posters who are friends and remain so even after my departure. Dr Yeagley's varried intersts are reflective of the giant the man is.

When one puts an immense forum together as Yeagley has done there will be a few wing nuts and loose screws. Long before I posted at the invitation of the Doctor I noticed some odd posts by one of the founding members about "Jewsih Supremacy". This
person would later pretend to be my friend but would revert back to form shortly.

Readers of this blog know I am against racial superiority stupidity. I am first and foremost an American and the person in the seat next to me is my equal until he proves otherwise. It is arrogance in its most extreeme to think that people X built this country. We are a Republic based upon shared values based upon Capitalism and individual liberty. Marxist and Jihadis and all other utopians are outside these shared values.

My first sense of an abnormal group was the rage that built up into a lych mob against an Iranian writer Amil. Amil had posted some odd bits and deleted my corrections . However a Bad Eagle lynch mob had formed led by a Super administrator who fancies himself a fighting Scott and an intellectual. This lynch mob released a picture purported to be of Amil wearing a football Jersey number 69 surrounded by three blonde women. If it wasn't Amil whoever it was certainly seemed to be enjoying
themselves. The self righteous super Administrator then used ethnic slurs and did not even get the right ones "bedou " are not Persians. I tried to make peace with Amil but got some rather hostile inept anti semitism. Since then Amil and I have put the past behind and moved ahead. The lone voice of sanity was She Designs who wanted no part of a lynch mob.

When the smoked cleared Dr Yeagley removed super administrator power from Amil who had abused his authority by settling personal issues with warnings, bans and deletions . The leaders of this revolt Mac would commit the same type of malfeasence himself later.

The whole furor started when a dimwit posted a bit in the HEAT section alleging Republicans are perverts because some minor official was convicted of a sex charge.
This dimwit is far and away the dumbest poster I have ever seen in any forum. Her usual game is... " I am not partisan but..... or the classic ......So what Christians did x well over one hundred years ago......". If there was a gold standard for stupidity this poster was it.

The HEAT section was the sole area where members were allowed to let it fly. I have been skewered there myself but I can take it as well as return the favor. The furor
attracted the attention of this administrator who likes to post Bush is an idiot and promoted insane theories that the USA created Bin Ladden and put Saddam in power. I cleaned the clock with that shallow material in Coulter style. Our best friend in the blogosphere Warren was also there.

Mac fancies himself a fighting Scott but he was little match for the comedic Conservative Jew trained in the hostile arena of NYC. The innitial instigator has still not gotten over the line where her intelligence was rated lower then that of houseplants. In fact she repeated the lines several times for weeks.

Bad Eagle has been plauged with two inept anti semites . KPS was the standard left wing bigot and Tsigane was your David Duke type. Well I lampooned both of them and stuck up for their right to free speech. KPS has allready been banned and Tsigane still posts vile material but not very often.

Mac had never gotten over being creamed and the dimwitted instigator tried provoking
me for weeks. She follows me from thread to thread on mundane topics . She posts Jews aren't responsible for the worlds problems just 50% of them. I asked her if she had a distemper shot and the enraged administrator gives me a warning. The posts go on to a comedy classic where I say it is my cultural right to eat her dog. The thinly disguised satire went over the recipients head, not difficult. Some readers posted about my "Savage Appetites" and still believe I consume household pets.

The administrator banned me and I was not too upset. The forum has new rules that make for rather bland reading. I support Dr Yeagley but posting in that forum which allegedly caters to Native American patriots and their allies and is moderated by a person who can not charitably be described as either is too much for me.

Dr Yeagley runs a fine forum and we have had numerous conversations after my ban. I have never asked for or desired reinstatement. There was much discussion about a new role. However, I enjoy my role as an OP ED contributor to his wonderful site.

I urge the readers to support Dr Yeagley in all his efforts. His forum is a great place but leave your sense of humor at your own blog. There are many excellent posters who write informaive posts. If you disagree remember to check your sense of humor in the Bad Eagle coatroom. There is a small contingent of outright bigots but they seem not to upset the censor as much as Coulteresque satire.

Sorry guys but I just can't dwell in a humor free zone . No laughing or thinking strange thoughts is Communist dogma. I prefer to dwell in Beakers House of Pain for Utopian Dolts where the quips fly free and humor is encouraged.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be up in smoke with Cheech and Chong and 167 to emigrate to outerspace. If he builds his Utopia in outerspace will you visit. He needs someone to send to the Gulag.


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, Yeagley is probably insane. The right wing Ward Churchill. What the hell are you doing hanging out with that Uncle Tomahawk?

I can't believe you (or any of your regulars) consider yourself a humorist.You folks don't even have the wits of Ann "Olive Oyl" Coulter. What is it with the right's fascination with anorexics?

beakerkin said...

Yeagley is a friend and a giant in many ways. He is a patriot in any description and a true Native American.

When given reason there is plenty of Coulteresque humor in me. Mr Beamish is a comedic genius of a higher order.

Coulter is an attractive woman but I preffer Monica Crowleys grace , intellect , style and beauty. Michelle Malkin is also more appealing . Any of the above is preferable to Hillary, Pelosi or the late Friedan

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Were it possible to stretch the bounds of human imagination to include the possibility that leftists could say something rational without their friends accusing them of being a closet conservative, Ducky's criticism of Dr. Yeagley would almost tickle.

beakerkin said...

Dr Yeagley is a Conservative and I am a big fan. However he is more traditional then I am.

The Uncle Tomahawk is a standard Jibe that any minority who strays off Pun intended Reservation gets from the left. When I joined the GOP as a Cold Warrior many Jews called me a traitor but I was ahead of my time and so is Yeagley.

Now if he would just keep his administrators under wraps. Great site with one lousy moderator .

kev said...

Yes, ducky, the left does have all the humorists--michael moore, algore, teddy kennedy, even you. I can't help but to note that, true to leftist form, you constantly resort to name-calling (Or is that the humor to which you allude?). Grace us with some leftist humor so we have something to emulate.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Look at Ducky's epithet - "Uncle Tomahawk" - like American Indians are supposed to be dancing around a camp fire, beating on drums, and making bead and feather trinkets to sell in the casino gift shop rather than speaking with a conservative viewpoint.

Nothing is more virulent than the racist stereotypes invented and maintained by leftist assholes like Ducky.

"You're a Comanche? Well you're not supposed to betray my stereotypes of Comanches! You Uncle Tomahawk!"

Pathetic leftist bullshit. No wonder Hitler was such as messiah to German leftists.

MissingLink said...

I visit Bad Eagle's site from time to time although this days I tend to concentrate on Islamic issues more than anything else.
So little time so much to do.

beakerkin said...

Dr Yeagley

Is looking for posters to do a guest spot on Islam. I sent in a more comedic version of the above post.

Any ratioal person knows Mr Beamish is far funnier then the duck.

elijah said...

Mac fancies himself a fighting Scott but he was little match for the comedic Conservative Jew trained in the hostile arena of NYC...{wink}