Thursday, February 09, 2006

Listening to the wind part 2

Regular readers know that I am outraged by the spate of child abuse deaths that seem to fill our papers. The names chage and it seems every few days we here another tragic tale but seldom do we get more then a glancing peek into the train wreck families. The newspapers seldom mention what if anything the parents did for a living. Often the location of the biological father remains speculation at best.

A rare article into the larger picture was written in yesterdays NY Post by Prof. W Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia. Child tragedies have one common denominator in the vast majority of cases. The mothers unmarried live in boyfriend is fifty times more likely to die from abuse then those living in intact marriages.
Even Step relationships are less dangerous for the children. A man who has taken vows to his new wife is commited to her and her children. Some of the tragedies are also corelated with poverty and drugs.

However, the notion of disposable marriages and not solving your problems is potentialy harmful to your children. The mental health profession has been influenced somewhat by the deranged lefts anti family and free love pathologies. One's right to live a carefree life ends when you decided to have or father a child.
You have opted for the most rewarding challenge in life but now must bear the responsabilities.

Women and Men should understand that divorce and general lack of respect for each other are harmful to their children. Women should understand that they are potentially harming their children when they divorce. The mental health profession still largely lives by the myth of divorce does not harm women and children and that single parenthood is the equivalent or sometimes better then intact marriages. The worst thing a woman can do to her children is to use them as pawns in a battle with their ex.

Marriages like any other concept do fail . However the notions of mental health cost free divorce and preferable single parenthood are dangerous to children and to women themselves.

I will run part Chapter three of Daniel Flynn's Why the Left Hates America this Evening. Chapter 3 Radical Anti American Chic or in Beakerspeak Why the left thinks they are more intelligent and cooler then the rest of us. They are deluded about many things but they are clearly not as witty or comedicaly gifted. A simple look at the Disturbed er Disgruntled Chemists comedic ineptitude and profanity vs the wit and verve shown in this blog at times and on Mr Beamishes blog often prove the point.
It is near impossible to be comedic when one is walking around in a self loathing morally self righteous fog of delusion.

I finished a post that may run on Bad Eagle based upon environmentalism and Jared Diamond. The tentative title is Paradise Never Was . I am proud to help Dr Yeagley who is a friend in any way I can . Dr Yeagley will be looking for guest Op ed pieces. Several of you with Blogs should consider rerunning classics. Dr Yeagley is a friend to Conservatives and American Patriots. Let us promote our blogs and help a good man at the same time.

Viva El Presedente Senor Bemish 08, Ducky to be seved with Salsa and 167 Adios via con Dios.


Anonymous said...

Yes the perils of a deviation from the traditional social norm of a lifetime monogamous marriage relationship are well known... and perhaps best elucidated by Euripides in his classic tragedy Andromache. And of course, those that bear the brunt of suffering from tolerance of said deviations from the traditional norm are typically those least capable of bearing it.

ANDROMACHE - O city of Thebes, glory of Asia, whence on a day I came to Priam's princely home with many a rich and costly thing in my dower, affianced unto Hector to be the mother of his children, I Andromache, envied name in days of yore, but now of all women that have been or yet shall be the most unfortunate; for I have lived to see my husband Hector slain by Achilles, and the babe Astyanax, whom I bore my lord, hurled from the towering battlements, when the Hellenes sacked our Trojan home; and I myself am come to Hellas as a slave, though I was esteemed a daughter of a race most free, given to Neoptolemus that island-prince, and set apart for him as his special prize from the spoils of Troy. And here I dwell upon the boundaries of Phthia and Pharsalia's town, where Thetis erst, the goddess of the sea, abode with Peleus apart from the world, avoiding the throng of men; wherefore the folk of Thessaly call it the sacred place of Thetis, in honour of the goddess's marriage. Here dwells the son of Achilles and suffers Peleus still to rule Pharsalia, not wishing to assume the sceptre while the old man lives. Within these halls have borne a boy to the son of Achilles, my master. Now aforetime for all my misery I ever had a hope to lead me on, that, if my child were safe, I might find some help and protection from my woes; but since my lord in scorn of his bondmaid's charms hath wedded that Spartan Hermione, I am tormented by her most cruelly; for she saith that I by secret enchantment am making her barren and distasteful to her husband, and that I design to take her place in this house, ousting her the rightful mistress by force; whereas I at first submitted against my will and now have resigned my place; be almighty Zeus my witness that it was not of my own free will I became her rival!

But I cannot convince her, and she longs to kill me, and her father Menelaus is an accomplice in this. E'en now is he within, arrived from Sparta for this very purpose, while I in terror am come to take up position here in the shrine of Thetis adjoining the house, if haply it may save me from death; for Peleus and his descendants hold it in honour as symbol of his marriage with the Nereid. My only son am I secretly conveying to a neighbour's house in fear for his life. For his sire stands not by my side to lend his aid and cannot avail his child at all, being absent in the land of Delphi, where he is offering recompense to Loxias for the madness he committed, when on a day he went to Pytho and demanded of Phoebus satisfaction for his father's death, if haply his prayer might avert those past sins and win for him the god's goodwill hereafter.


Mr. Ducky said...

Someone tell Beak that the group with the highest divorce rate is fundamentalists.

Blue states also tend to have fewer divorces.

Anyone remember Andrea Yates. She was only one of several thumpers hearong voices and killing her kids.

Hey Beak, your boy Rudy Giuliani, walking around with his slut while still married was a real poster boy for marriage, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

Funny mr. ducky... I just saw the results of a comprehensive study that was recently performed that conclusively disproved and contraverts your conclusions about the relationship between religion and divorce. Seems that when you factor in things like actual church "attendence", those marriages are actually much more stable and enduring. If I can remember where I saw the study, I'll post the link.


beakerkin said...


Lets see the Guliani marriage was over. The alleged affair with Lategano is unproven and Judy Nathan is Mrs Guliani. Donna Hanovers self centered behavior caused a rift well before either story. . Rudy did the responsible thing and stayed with the marriage as long as possible.

There are zero reports of Rudy behaving like a sexual predator ala Bill Clinton. Rudy is a happily married man and like Reagan things do not work out. Neither Reagan nor Rudy chose to divorce their spouses and neither ever said a bad word about them either.

Andrea Yates was a recently divorced mom so your theory goes out the window. Child abuse is not red state blue state. It is about mental health professionals being influenced by millitant marxo- feminism and forgetting responsability.

Now kindly return to the broiler.

beakerkin said...


I believe your right moreover people who live together before marriage are more likely to divorce
as well. The Duck hasn't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

Well, I looked and couldn't find the exact study I had read. Here's an article on a similar study 35% less divorce... and here's one on the side-benefits of regular church attendance


Robert Bayn said...

The biggest threat to Marriage is divorce, despite what some say that, "morale" is the biggest threat.

Most studys i have read show the divorce rate at near 70% for evangelical christians, but it's important to note, if you want to, you can almost find any study or poll number to back up anyone's opinions or ideas.

FJ, I notice most of those numbers and satistics are pretty old, one being from 1980, much has changed since 1980.

Ducky, nice cheap shot on Rudy, i readly admit i'm a Rudy fan, i would probably bet he's more man than you are.

I agree to a point that Divorce hurts children, but if it is a abusive home, than divorce is sometimes the only answer, but we do live in a soceity where we often divorce for stupid reasons. I remember reading a story a couple months back, of this woman divorcing her husband of 25 years, because he had been online looking at porn.

elijah said...

Even here, we seem to see more and more cases of child abuse, some very disturbing.The internet is a great thing, you said once foe alternative media;absolutely right.
But these rotten chat lines that seem to get teeenagers hooked all day long are a bane. The porn is worse than any magazine on the racks,everyone takes a peek now and then but to buy a subscription to these sights is just foolish, just throw your credit card around. i have come across images just poking around that simply shouldnt be allowed to exist.I think it was john mcain who said he was trying to get something done

Robert Bayn said...

Buying porn is stupid in general, but i don't like it when government trys to get involved in saying whats 'ok' porn and whats not, grown adults should be able to look at what they want, the key is how to protect kids, although, i have to say, when i was a kid, i was not on the internet, and i found porn, so i think the internet gets a bad rap on things like this, that has always been going on.

Warren said...

When I married, 32 years ago, I made a vow to my wife before God. I have always kept that vow.

Many people marry with the wrong attitude. Since divorce is easy and carries no social stigma, they believe that if they have made a mistake, they may easily change their minds.

When you have a child your life changes dramatically. Your personal life and ambitions take second place to the needs of your children, or they should.

Rearing a child properly is possibly the largest responsibility a person can have. In this day and age, we hear so often about rights but very little about responsibility.

Warren said...

Robert, I have gotten advertisment for web sites dedicated to beastiality. It came unsolisited in my email.

All porn should have a special dot tag, (say .prn), that could easily be filtered out.

At least we wouldn't hear, "Mommy, what's that man doing to that goat?"


Always On Watch said...

Almost every child from a divorced couple believes that he/she was the cause of the parents' divorce and/or that somehow the breakup is his fault. As a teacher, I see many children who feel that way.

I think that we often forget how important a stable home (i.e., both parents) is to the children. Partners in marriage often do not take their vows seriously. Promises are made to be kept--not made to be broken.

My husband and I have been married almost 34 years. I think that what holds us together, besides the fidelity vow, is "cherish." Nothing I do is done within a vacauum, and nothing my husband does is within a vacuum. We are partners. And a partnership requires effort to be successful, give-and-take from both sides. Beak's words, respect for each other, are key in any relationship, particularly in a marriage.

From what I have observed, most divorces occur because the adults can't come to terms with maintaining the relationship, not because of an abusive situation. I do, however, support divorce in cases of physical abuse. "Psychological abuse" is too subjective a term and ripe for exploitation.

Beak: One's right to live a carefree life ends when you decided to have or father a child.

Not just having a child. My husband and I have no children. One cannot live a carefree life in a marriage, children or not.

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch I stand corrected as you are right. Marriage itself takes loads of work and effort. Warren also noted that people seldom talk of responsabilities . We all have duties and many people just shirk them.

Robert Bayn said...

Warren i agree, i also think adult websites that purposly make their URL similar to sites that chilren would go to, would be removed. I heard a story a long while ago about a site similar to "Disney" that kids would end up on, just by typing in the wrong url. If done right, we can protect our children, and other freedoms.

Warren said...

Robert, I think that's a great idea.

Always On Watch said...


Old cliche: "Marriage is not a 50/50 propostition. It's a 100/100 proposition."

Hard work? Yes, indeed!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Speaking of Bill Clinton, did you notice him gushing at Coretta Scott King's funeral casket "There's a woman in there!"

Was there ever any doubt about her sex? Apparently in his mind there was.

I guess she passed the cigar test.

MissingLink said...

If I may to add my 5 pence here, I think the importance of personal hurt because of betrayal is taken out of the equation.
People are bombarded with the self-discovery stuff that the possibilty of hurting someone doesn't occur to most of us these days.
It is double betrayal; to our spouses and to our children.
Onle after it happens we learn about it and we feel it (especially the kids).
The abuse might be just a reflection and/or result of hurt feelings (multiplied many times over).