Friday, February 03, 2006

My Review of Richard Poe's Seven Myths of Gun Control

Mr Poe has accomplished the near impossible feat he has moved me markedly to the right on this issue. The arguments are laid out in a coherent and entertaining matter. Long term readers have questioned my dedication to the second amendment. The Constitution is not like a cafeteria where we get to cover parts we don't like with condiments.

Part of the challenge of blogging is personal and intellectual growth. Each and every day I learn from the wisdom of my fellow bloggers and commenters. Books like this are not needed by people like Warren or Mr Beamish who are well versed in the subject. However a person with an open mind readily adapts and follows a well constructed argument.

The book is presented in a very readable manner. One does not have to endure incongrous far flung irrelevant material . Poe is on topic and stays on topic and keeps the reader focused.

One can find plenty of references to all of our favorite writers. David Horowitz makes a brief appearance in the book as does Dr David Yeagley . They provide welcome litterary cameos that brings a smile to the reader. I was surprised to learn that sometimes those writers who appear in cameo snippets are often unaware of them.

I highly recomend this book to the vast majority of people who call themselves moderates on this issue.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to romance a decoy wear protection or you might get splinters and 167 to play Dr Smith in an updated Lost in Space remake.


elijah said...

thenks for the review, tough to find interesting reads, considering the stacks of shit on the shelves these days.

By the way, finally noticed the blurbs at the bottom of your posts concerning your "fans"

MissingLink said...

Actyally I think you made me look for this book.
It has to be on the Internet.
We only have "progressive books" in out book stores.

beakerkin said...

Richard Poe has his own website Richard Poe.Com. I got my copies by accident and was surprised.

I was always somewhat intimidated by Mr Poe at first. I am not your standard Conservative and was afraid he would mistake a rare disagreement as being a troll. My fears were unfounded as Mr Poe is a wise man and knows my rare disagreement comes from a Pro American position.