Saturday, February 18, 2006

David Horrowitz Professor's Teaches the Dangers of NYC Public Education

Due to a miscommunication my copy of David Horrowitz's latest book did not arrive. I did get a copy of the updated Destructive Generation signed by Mr Horowitz. I found only four copies left in Burlington and grabbed one.

I quickly turned the page and looked for my favorite Accademic clown Joel Kovel and found he did not make the cut. Somewhere at Bard College the Alger Hiss Professor of dementia is either demanding a recount of breathing a sigh of relief.

This episode illustrates the deficiencies in my NYC Public school education. The title of this book is the 101 most dangerous accademics in America. Now if the title were the 101 stupidest , deranged or clown like professors Koevell would be near the top.

Among Kovels idiocies Anti Communism is a form of anti semitism. Anti Zionism is not anti semitism. Far and away was his classic that anti Communists are mentally ill. I guess those of us who enjoy freedom and liberty must be insane only in the deranged mind of Kovel. Kovel has an extensive DTN file and can be found in the writings of Eric Briendell, Ann Coulter and in Dennial.

No doubt Mr Horowitz who has a great sense of humor will have a comedic response that I missed.


Kyle said...

I have to get that book to see if any of these people are in My University. I doubt if there are any in the History department. Although it would be safe to
call my proffessors "left leaning" they seem very fair and open to debate.

MissingLink said...

I've just ordered the book (101 most dangerous....)
It usually takes them up to 4 weeks to delver all books to Oz (I don't know why but they only use land mail).
I just love Horowitz.