Monday, February 20, 2006

Great News !!!!!!! Richard Poe has a blog

Long term readers know of my general admiration for the brilliance of Richard Poe. Poe is a true intellectual giant with a unique grasp of history. His writtings and wisdom have often altered some of my more moderate stances.

The most important part of my relevations from Richard Poe is the path that having no standards leads to Moral Relativism. The subject framed within the Schaivo debate
as I was accused of bringing my ethnicity into the mix. I am a member of a minority group whose life was deemed less worthy. Thus any attempt to decide what life has offensive overtones. I had a memorable set of posts with Mr Poe who explained where no standards leads.

Visit Richard Poe's site at

If you haven't read his book The Seven Myths of Gun Control get it read it and remember it. His latest book is worth reading for the inside story of the oft quoted Ann Coulter quote the left bandies about.

Read Poe and learn from the best . I will serialize more Poe books after my backlog is reduced. I also will review the book from fellow blogger Mark Alexander. I also will review Men in Black by Mark Levin.


MissingLink said...

Great news.
Thanks for the link Beak.

Mr. Ducky said...

An intellectual giant?

Beak, look up "hyperbole".

What a maroon.

beakerkin said...

Too bad he doesn't allow questions. Poe is a giant and informative with a direct style .

beakerkin said...


Books Published by the Great Author and Journalist around ten.
Articles published by Richard Poe countless.

Articles published by poultry 0

Articles published by Beakerkin 2

Score Poe several hundred, Beakerkin 2 and Poultry 0 .

Richard Poe Rules!!!!!!!!!

elijah said...

Well you have said plenty about Poe, so instead I will look for his book on my next trip to the bookstore{yes, it's true a roofer can read}...well, better might be has

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Once again, and because you're a leftist, please let me remind you of something you're stupid to realize: you're a moron.

Until you can consistently outsmart my shoe, which to date has never uttered a leftist thought, you ought to shy away from criticizing anyone's intelligence.