Thursday, February 09, 2006

Elmer Fudd AntiSemites

Recently I put together another one of my posts for Dr Yeagley at Bad Eagle. I read over 300 pages on the topic and was ready for all types of questions. I deal with questions in the manner they are asked . Richard Poe stated it is easy to tell the difference between a knave and an honest man.

Off the bat a white derreanged socialist named KPS goes into Elmer Fudd mode. Dem Joooos are de Communist, Dem Joooooos have a Nazi state , Dem Jooooos run de republicoooon party controled by the Neocons. Dem Jooooos are criminals look at Arnold Rothstein.

Then we get a racial lunatic who calls himself proud to be white. Doooh Beakerkin you are illiterate how did you write that post duhhh. Number one any look at Bad Eagle will show I have been posting the material about Progressives killing Indians for months. This blog is also published in real time without spell check. My submissions to Bad Eagle are edited by Dr Yeagley.

Now I am all for free speech and have never hid from my critics. Anyone who wants to go toe to toe in open format is welcome. However I can not be held responsible for humiliation inflicted on Commies, Anti Semites, Anarchists , Jihadist and racial power goons. I am an American patriot and am proud of my country . I do not run around with my head up my backside concerned about the feelings of people who would take your head off and mine while singing Allah Ahkbar.

More amusing was the part where the Communist told real Native American Dr Yeagley that he should feel outraged at Whites. Warren and Mr Beamish are also Native Americans and by this clowns idiocy they should also feel the same idiocy. This is extreeme arrogance that a Commie should tell Native Americans how to feel about their own country. Anyone who reads Warren or Mr Beamish knows they are patriots period.

Like the cartoon jihadist this perpetual rage accomplishes zero. The perpetual rage Muslims feel is straight out of the Marcuse victimology text book. Saddam was pictured in his BVDS the Muslims are outraged. Photos of people playing naked twister
Muslims are outraged. Yet the pc left pats the victims on the head and excuses the inexcusable every time.

Now let me explain the Commie obsession with dem wascaly jooooos. Dem Joooooos are the defact symbol of Capitalism . So the Commies who are nothing more then a group of thieves with great PR taps into the oldest bigotry in the book. Communism is about power and nothing else and has never been coherent.

Felis as a public service can you explain to Rob how evil Communism is. He seems to think that Warren, Justin, Mr Beamish and I are exagerating.


Robert Bayn said...

Actually Rob keeps a open mind on issues he does not know about, so yeah please do explain, i have a open mind.

Thanks for that article Beak, was very informative. I plan to make a post about that soon.

beakerkin said...

The history of Communism is one littered with bodies and subversion. Felis lived in one of these Utopias and will readily tell you there was no good side of Communism.

Most Communists hide behind labels like Progressive, Green , Anarchist.

Now a person that spends 40% of his blog with posts such as Jews stole the Holocaust and we are in Iraq because of Israel is decidedly anti semitic. Robert Lindsay even has a section on his blog called the Jewish Question a euphamism for the Holocaust. I do not bandy terms like Anti Semite and Communist lightly and Lindsay describes himself as a Communist.

Always On Watch said...

Beak: The perpetual rage Muslims feel is straight out of the Marcuse victimology text book.

The victimology mindset warps thinking processes and prevents any possibility of self-improvement. And that principle doesn't apply only to the world stage. See Co-Dependent, No More.

Always On Watch said...

Now, more to the point of this posting...

Communism is about power and nothing else and has never been coherent.

The history of the world is all about the battle for power. Totalitarianism is found under many different labels.

beakerkin said...


Exactly on target and the best safeguard for all of us individual rights based in Civil Law. Group rights are a dangerous concept that lead directly towards totalitarianism.

Robert Bayn said...


Robert Lindsay does say he is a communist, i have no problem with that, i enjoy his blog, i have not read anything there as of yet that seems crazy or whacho, in the end he has his opinion, you have yours, and i have mine.

beakerkin said...

That is 100% true but scroll down a tad and look at the section of blogs label "Jewish Problem" . That term is a euphamism for the Holocaust.

You are entitled to read whatever you like but at least Lindsay is honest unlike some others who misrepresent themselves.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

A small correction. I'm only 1/8 Cherokee, through my mother's paternal grandfather who was full Cherokee. I've got enough Irish-Celt, Saxon, and Danish blood in my veins to make irrationally irredentialist claims on much of the Northern hemisphere of the planet Earth. The Celts came from the Mongolian steppes, through the Middle East and Asia Minor, Greece to Spain, France, and over to Ireland. The Saxons and Danes took a more northeastern migration route from Central Asia across the Caucasus mountains to Northern Europe to Scandinavia and the British Isles. These ancestors' decendants came to America and were making land their own as far west as Mississippi and Ohio over 200 years before the United States declared their independence from England.

My family reunions look like United Nations meetings. Through marriages and adoptions, Native Americans, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Polynesians all show up for the best fried chicken you'll ever put your mouth around.

Racism is just stupid. Racial supremacism is disgusting.

Robert Bayn said...

Well, Robert Lindsay links to many things he does not agree with, as can be noted on the catergories he puts them in.

Robert Bayn said...

Having just found that section you were refering too, i don't really see a issue with it, seems as though he is just providing web sites that deal with that issue.

beakerkin said...

Correction noted but it is interesting a person with zero Native American blood should lecture Native Americans about how they should feel about America.

Rob we agree to disagree on Lindsay but he has been dubbed 147.
Ducky is # 69.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm native American myself, as is Justin, i think you would be amazed how many people out there are or have native american blood. How much native American i'am, i don't have that information, but i know it comes from my dad's side, to go along with, German, Scottish, and English. My last name as i understand from my step bro, who did research on this, actually comes from my native american heritage, which was orginally called 'Bean'until a huge family feud, that resulted in most of the family being mass murdered in one single night, and part of the family remained as Bean's, the other half left as Bayn's.

MissingLink said...

Robert Lindsay does say he is a communist, i have no problem with that, i enjoy his blog, i have not read anything there as of yet that seems crazy or whacho, ...

Communism is a totalitarian ideology (some people call it philosophy), which is responsible for ca 150 million deaths.
Among them a number of my relatives.
Most of murderers appear to be normal people, (the same with child molesters).
In fact they are normal in many ways, but they are capable of performing hideous acts.
I can reassure you guys that Nazis also appeared perfectly normal.
Loyd George thought Hitler was a great man, Shaw thought that Russian communist leaders were great people.
The incredible thing about totalitarian systems is that even good people perform criminal acts to survive and the system tells them they are OK as long as they follow orders.
People, who tried initially to create communist system could have been excused for this social experiment hadn’t been tried before.
The new generation of communist are simple criminals, for they know well how all previous experiments ended up – mass murder, genocide sorrow.
If they the aren’t sinister criminals the are just empty headed fools who had enough grey matter to absorb Marxism and now they think they posses real knowledge and a formula for all world’s problems.

Robert Bayn said...

If they the aren’t sinister criminals the are just empty headed fools who had enough grey matter to absorb Marxism and now they think they posses real knowledge and a formula for all world’s problems.

With all do respect, i see the same for the whaco's advocating for captilism around the world, many deaths can be contributed to captilism too.

beakerkin said...


You are talking to a person who has lived in the workers Utopias.
Far more deaths have occured due to Communism then any other cause since its inception including combat.

What you have just done is an example of moral equivalency. Capitalistic countries are freer in any measure then Communist ones.
Only the sane advocate Capitalism Rob. The degrees of which Capitalism is the best is a debate between Libertarians , Conservatives and Patriotic Liberals .

Warren said...

Robert, you are forcing me to be pedantic and say things which should be obvious.

1. Capitalism isn't a form of government, its an economic system.

2. I do not know of any nation which has practiced unbridled capitalism. I doubt that there has ever been one.

3. Communism is totalitarian in nature. It encompasses "all" facets of private and public life.

4. No one will force you to practice capitalism and you are free to barter or eat grubs any time you please. You may even form your own commune and practice any form of communism you wish.

5. All attempts at communism have failed miserably. They cannot and have not been able to succeed and require a constant influx of goods and materials in order to maintain status quo. From the two Harmonite experiments to the USSR, it has always been the case. Where are the Harmonites, where is the USSR?

6. Please show me where 150,000,000 people have been murdered in the name of capitalism. Acts of greedy individuals are criminal in nature and not ideological. Those same acts continue under communism only the biggest criminals are agents of the State.

Would you concede that, to the people living under Nazism or Communism, there is no practical difference?

If you would, why would you give credence to anything published by an avowed communist? I'm sure you wouldn't do the same for a neo-Nazi.

beakerkin said...


Did you see me have any problem disavowing a Church with a site that says God Hates Fags ? Yet you see zero problem with a blog that has an entire subheading called Jewish Problem. Jewish Problem is a clear reference to Hitlers genocide.

A Communist is wackier then KKK and other racial power kooks who have killed nowhere near 1,000,000
much less 100,000,000.

Warren's explanation of Capitalism is 100% correct. Have no fear after a review of a David Horrowitz book I may serialize In Denial. Much of your eroneous logic stems from there.

Robert Bayn said...


I'm not here to defend someone elses blog, if you want answers about someone elses blog you should go to them, NOT ME!

I read your blog, disagree with 90% of it. Your problem is with Robert Lindsay, not me, you should direct it towards him, not me. I'm very clear about how i feel about Israel, so i don't need to defend someone elses opinions and thoughts or their "links".

And Warren thank you, it's nice to hear someone actually present a side with facts and substance, and not just random ranting. Obvisouly Communist governments have failed, obvisouly they are not good forms of government, my whole argument continues to be, the general idea of Communism is not bad, there are things i don't agree about it, and obvisouly Nazi Geremany, Old Russia, China, and places like North Korea, Vanzeuela and Iran is proof that Communism does not work.

beakerkin said...


There are plenty of facts presented in this blog. You do not have to defend Robert Lindsay as he is capable of defending himself.
His blog speaks for itself and we agree to disagree.

Are you going to claim that the left does not venerate criminals like Mummia, Alger Hiss, Leonard Peltier, The Weathermen ? Conservatives do not venerate criminals we put them behind bars.

Communist unlike Lindsay generaly don't come out and say what they are. They most often call themselves Socialist, Greens, Anarchists , Liberals and Progressives.

Communism is a total failure in every standard freedom, justice and economic. Why recycle bad ideas when there are better philosophies.

Iran is not a classic Communist country. The Mullahocracy has many features like Communism but is another animal of its own.

In general get your firearms ready if anyone starts thinking they can create Utopia on Earth. Your life and mine are greatly endangered when Utopians run wild.

The post is a taste of Flynns chapter with a dash of Beaker added in. Sick around as Flynn sautes the Commies and Jihadis in the next series of chapters.

MissingLink said...

"the general idea of Communism is not bad,"
How is it possible?
Something fails, time after time after time and you say the idea of it is not bad???
Can you elaborate?
Would you care for another experiment?
How many millions of dead this time?

MissingLink said...

With all do respect, i see the same for the whaco's advocating for captilism around the world, many deaths can be contributed to captilism too.

Not to capitalism but because of the natural trend in our aims to gain full monopoly on just about everything.

You confuse two different things.

Economics with political system.

We advocate Western DEMOCRACIES which radical left identifies with CAPITALISM.

Democracies are only very young (no more that 200 years)and still far from being perfect.
Capitalism is just how we go about profit making and distribution of goods and services.
Capitalism existed from the beginning of human history.
It changes forms etc (which confuses the crap out of Marxists) but it still is about making the buck.

The only thing which links democracy with capitalism is legal protection of private property.
In Communism where private property was abolished the “capitalism” moved into the fringes.
It is not your factory which makes you reach and powerful but the fact that you are a doctor in a hospital – if people want better service they have to pay you off.
Meanwhile the whole population works for just one employer – the government and you cannot change this employer at all.
Just some examples.
I could write volumes about it.

Robert Bayn said...

We are rooted in our country’s revolutionary history and our many struggles for full equality and democracy. We call for "Bill of Rights" socialism, guaranteeing full individual freedoms, except the "freedom" to exploit or oppress others

This will be my last comment on this, because i see it as a pointless argument.

This quote, is from the Communist Party USA Web site. This is a general idea i like, full indvidual freedoms, full equality and democrarcy. Now as i have stated on my blog the part that bugged me was the exception, you can't have full freedom with exceptions, they also talk about helping the poor, which is a fine idea, but their way to get it is not, as you stated the government owns it, which is a bad idea for any government to have that much power.

Beak, I don't know who those people are, if they are criminals they should be behind bars. I Don't celebrate criminals, never have, never will.

Warren again, thank you for the information and insight.

My mind has not really changed on communism, but it's more enlightned on the issue, so thanks.