Saturday, February 25, 2006

More of the Deranged Wacky world of 167

Newer readers wonder who this 167 is. 167 is a Communist Anti Semite who was known as the Recidivist. He is now call Fizhog but the z must be for puting people to sleep. His blog is found at . This is a clear example of a cartoon Commie Anti Semite on the web. I will type the words out because Cheesewiz likes to delette his archives. It is important that you realize the vast majority of liberals (not Rob)try to placate Eurotrash Commies. The deranged Chemist and crew have yet to say a word about blatant anti semitism but will they say a word about this.

" Yes this blog is now officially and proudly anti - American. " It was well before in any basic reading as well as Anti Semitic, Christian and anti reality.

" I have long regarded the USA as the most repugnant society on earth, but have foolishly held the belief that the vast majority of Americans were a perfectly decent, but unrepresented people."

Lets see a person who purposely sees no evil in Muslim, Communist and African countries wants to lecture the USA. The joke is that people like the Deranged Chemist
say zero and court this type of opinion. Justin Morris and Rob had no problem dealing
with this type of rhetoric.

This next paragraph is a run on sentence but thinks that he is soooooo articulate.
I hope Richard Poe sees this and gets a good laugh as this is the same clown who called Richard Poe a " Hell Bound Zionista ". Mr Poe seldom writes on the subject of Israel but Plaut and Poe sound so similar to the brain impaired.

"The banal racist crap that I have now seen spouted over the last few days, by so many elements of the American left ( who are too %^$^%^ cowardly to admit that they structure their arguments in a wholly racist manner, that relies on frequently disproved racist propaganda perpetuated by the very government they claim to be trying to oppose, and would never normally believe) - principally about the DPW management of ports in the USA, but also as a more generalized hate ^%($ that is being put out about the wider Muslim world ( Iran in particular)- has finally changed my mind ( what mind ) and I am now convinced that the decent element in American Society is an almost non- existent rapidly shrinking minority and the USA is beyond any sort of hope at all. "

167 is correct Commies are and always were a minority who overestimated their popularity in the USA. No doubt 167 version of the good Jooooooo and American is Norman Finklestein who is a commie and has had his work compared to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

On a deranged post from the comment section 01/29/06

He also switches from Fizzzzzhog to Mark to make it appear that he has more support.
He likes to use aliases such as the Low Loader and was caught on this blog by Warren.
One can not remove notification from the trash. Thus my habbit of rapidly removing mail peserved the evidence.

" But we know for a fact the Iranians are craving their own nuclear program"
" You know do you ? Pray tell how do you know for certain. We " knew" with absolute certainty that Iraq was riddled with WMDs, but they had none, and there is less evidence against Iran than there ever was against Iraq. I would suggest that if you are so sure , then it is bigotry rather then the facts that drive the certainty"

I guess the words of the Iranian government are meaningless.

The Iranian government is evil

" Significantly less so than Bush or Sharon. Has Iran ever attacked another country ?
Has Iran ever engaged in genocide "

This is another leap of logic where 167 accuses Israel of Genocide against fictional indigenous people whose population keeps growing. Obviously 167 must think the Israelis are the Keystone Cops of Genocide. He makes no mention of killing B'hais, falsely imprisoning Jews, persecution of students and killing homosexuals. Nor has he even figured out that Iran is only 51% Persian . Several ethnic groups inside Iran have a greater claim to Nation status then the Pseudostinians .

It is not a Democracy

" Then I suggest you look at the meaning of the word Democracy. In the strictest sense it is more significantly democratic than the USA and it leaves Israel floundering in the wake. "

This makes sense only to brain impaired Communists. Lets see Mullah one picks a list of candidates and we vote . This was the same rationale in Communist elections that allowed one party to pick all the candidates.

It is run by religious nerds

" That is what an Islamophobe would think "

Hmmm the deranged 167 has used similar terms to describe Falwell , the Pope and American Christians. Lets see Muslim theocracy is peachy but don't let Falwell (a jerk at times ) have an opinion. Lets rail about Bush's religious views. This makes sense only is one has had a labotomy.

The President says the Holocaust never happened.

"Actually he didn't. He said the exclusively Joooooooish Holocaust as it is portrayed
by the Zionist Holocaust Industry is a myth... and it is. Less then 30% of the victims were Joooooooish and that is a historical FACT.

Would you like to show us EXACTLY where the President of Iran has ever said the holocaust never happened and is a myth ? I can tell you that you wqn't be able to,
because what he said was:

Today they (the Israelis Joooooooos ) have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust and consider it to be above God , religion and the prophets "

Far from denying the Holocaust he acknowledges it took place, so before you use this blog to spread anymore racist ( what race) propaganda ( we should take shots every time he uses that word or Zionist) kindly give a link to a credible source quoting him as saying the Holocaust is a myth "

167 reads his own Finklestein based idiocy into this.

He also says he wishes to wype ( not my spelling) Israel off the map.

" He says nothing about bombing Israel . He says nothing about genocide. Israel is openly talking about war on his country though. If your Islamophobia drives you to read only one thing into what he says, then I suggest it is you who have the problem "

This is a clear example of brain impaired thinking of 167 but hold on it gets worse.

This man with the bomb

" Better him than Bush or Sharon "

Not playing with a full deck but he adds more.

"....Why on earth would I waste the energy worrying about Israel ? If Israel is the agressor ( as it habitually always has been), then I will be there funding the Pseudostine with every penny I can spare and will be there cheering on the destruction of the facist Zionist state "

I hope he goes in person and shares his enthusiasm with Hamas. Hamas has this odd little habit of enforcing Sharia. Killing Homosexuals is a FACT in the PA. Kindly tell us what city you will be in and we will tell the folks at Hamas that there is a
deranged Danish Homosexual who looks like a shaved rubber chicken in their midst.

This goes on in deranged style but I posted this because you should know the mindset of Communist Anti Semites. Some of you objected to the anti Semite label but the picture has been abundantly clear. A person who uses the term Zionist Media and Usreal and facist Judeo- American is a bigot. The anti American part was evident in a basic reading. Communists use a lot of terms such as Progressive or Socialist to hide their identities but anyone can spot them a mile off.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to a Wok and 167 to share a house with some Jihadis. Jihadis and Commies in a new TV series the Jihadi Bunch. " Farouk lets behead 167 he doesn't
use it any way " Achmed " Great idea Allah Ahkbar" . 167 " The Zionists er Joooooos
made you do it can you tie me up and give me the Abu Gharib treatmemt "


Justin said...

Fizhog, what a appropriate name for a pig snortttt snortttt snarff snarfff.

beakerkin said...

Well Justin we knew he was some sort of swine. I think the z is for the way he puts people to sleep.

I wonder where the Disgruntled Chemist is ? I am sure he will take the vow of Omerta.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Do not confuse the "Disgruntled Chemist" with my friend Chemist that posts at my blog every now and then. They are not the same person.

I don't know why you keep tabs on 167. It's like you're waiting for a leftist to say something intelligent. If you listened to Beamish you'd know that leftists are incapable of saying anything intelligent.

beakerkin said...

The Chemist that post on your blog is lucid. However, there are still those who doubt the bigoted insane nature of the Left. Liberals think there is no problem with bigotry in their midst should take a closer look.

I have resisted saying this but the Disgruntled Chemist recently had an anti semitic post where he compares Israel and Iran and calls Israel a " terrorist nation". He is also fond of the word games 167 plays with Jooooo and Zionism. He is not a pathological bigot like 167 .

drummaster2001 said...


Always On Watch said...

Love the avatar!

MissingLink said...

Where did this moron teke his IQ test?
The radicals have always been divided into those who fabricate their propaganda (sorry - philosophy) and those who mimic and follow.
167 is not in the first group.
He repeats what his spiritual leaders at ANSWER, Counter Punch, and various universities preach.

MissingLink said...

I looked at your ID pic.
This is how I always imagined you.

elijah said...

Radical Militant photo, love the red war paint.
I have heard news that the brits probably israel, the states et al ,and several other countries have been scoping out iran for targets for some time.
I just cant see Israel allowing them to continue, I was amazed at the vast military israel has for such a small country.
I believe they will be bombed, the only scary part is iran apparently is fourth in oil production?
I hear they will soon be tapping into Albertas vast reserves soon.
I beleive cheney made a visit up there recently.
One of the biggest diamond reserves ever has apparently been found in saskatchewan{thats in canada}...we keep this up,we may be able to build up a "real" military, and rival the U.S....whaaahahaha...a new cold war!
i guess the knew photo is the precursor to the new Ultra militant Beak!

beakerkin said...

The reason 167 has that name is he brags about his alleged IQ. He has made an assortment gaffes that clearly show he is an ignoramus.

His description claims he is a Libertarian. He has also described himself as a "Socialist". Smoking pot alone does not make one a Libertarian. In reality he is a Commie who hides his true colors poorly.

Robert Bayn said...

I take much pride in being the first Liberal, Jizzhog called a racist and bigoted, for calling out Iran for being anti-semetic.

If i was you, i would stop worrying about the Jizzster, not worth your time or anyone elses, he's so far out of his little mind it's really scary.

beakerkin said...

I use 167 as an Educational tool as he is the best example of a deraneged Commie anti semite out there .

American Crusader said...

Of course I had to go over to his site and check it out for myself. After rereading his tirade I was going to leave a comment until I saw:
"The blogroll is in the process of being suitably culled to remove any newly discovered racist elements."
Obviously "culled" means censored. I guess if you don't agree with his point of view, your comments won't be published. As of now...0 comments. Big Surprise

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

LOL! You got the Beakerambo avatar up. And you're using my AOL bandwidth! I want a check for 3 cents on my desk by noon October 23rd, 2045.

Warren said...

The axeman has arrived!

167 does bear a remarkable resemblance to a rubber chicken.

beakerkin said...

Warren this is too cool. The comic possibilities are endless.

Warren said...

You shoot'im and I'll.... uh.. er... (can't think of anything witty to say that doesn't delve into the macabre).


beakerkin said...

I am trying to find the painting in the Met of NYC that depicts John Brown on his way to the Gallows. My Beamish can work wonders with that painting.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Warren said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Warren said...

Sorry that delete was me.

Beak, you got mail