Sunday, February 19, 2006

David Horrowitz's Professors Common Denominator

David Horowitz is a brilliant author and his latest book ranks up there with his best. He provides an insight into problems in higher ed. The profiles of the professors is a chilling tale of a system out of control. How does academia justify the hiring of terrorist like Bill Ayers of the Weathermen. His conviction should correctly bar him from any job that has contact with the public or National Security.

Thhe 101 Professors fairly seem to be followers of Marcuse based victims based Marxism. Even the virulently anti Semitic Middle Eastern studies departments fall into a variation of this theme.

Liberals like to talk about corporations out of control it is abundantly clear that higher education itself is out of control. Making matters worse the taxpayer ends up subsidizing this filth by providing Student loans and research. The vast preponderance of social science research is worthless and irrelevant with the exception of psychology and Economics. The value of an undergraduate with a degree in Anthropology, Peace Studies or Sociology qualifies the recipient for nothing. In the case of Peace studies it may qualify one to occupy a jail cell or get run over by Construction equipment. If the taxpayer is going to fund this education there should be some return on our investment in the term of gainful employment.

I didagree with the authors conclusion that Marxism should not bar one from a job in higher education. Standard political philosophies have shared values genuine liberals, libertarians and Conservatives all agree in the basics of a Capitalistic free market , Democracy but differ on the notion of governmental regulation. Marxists are outside those sets of shared values. In fact their entire history provides plenty of clear examples of subversion and deceit of every institution they touch. The best outcome is that the system like that of higher education breaks down.
The worst outcome is when they take contol of governments and create Killing Fields, reinstitute slavery and call the new plantations Gulags.

The entire nature of Communism is deception, treason , subversion and treason. We do not place Bank robbers in jobs at banks. We do not place Pedophiles in jobs at daycare centers. We should expect Marxists to convey information accurately . Nor can advocates of this system be expected to respect logical arguments that disagree with their own. Colleges that receive Federal funding should either clean house or be discredited.

As we say at the local chapter of the Visine Wing of the GOP. Use Visine it gets the Reds out.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to migrate to Zimbabwe and 167 RIP and looking for a Psychotic not Psychic friend to Communicate from the next world.

I am headed to Drummasters.

Oh Sons of Allah I will eat at McDonalds or KFC and defy your venemous creed.

Next Stop New Jersey Bada Bing !!!!!!


Justin said...

Having been subjected to these types of professors (un-educated idiots) during my education I felt then and feel now it is time to shake the halls of accademia from the top down and get rid of these jerks.

kev said...

When you have people such as angela davis, william ayers, bernardine dorne, members of the black panthers, weather underground and similar TERRORIST organizations, teaching vulnerable young people, this goes far deeper than academic freedom. It is indoctrination and it must be stopped. These people were part of organizations committed to violence against this country. Wake up, America.

Warren said...

Beak, I'm going to disagree with you about the exceptions for economics and psychology.

Leftist ideologues should not teach these subjects. They give socialist dogma and idiocy equal legitimacy with fact and history. Its as if flat earthers and Ludites were teaching astrophysics and engineering.

Psychology has become little more than apologetics where the laboratory of the real world is totally ignored. Would you want a loose screw like Krugman teaching your kid economics?

Esther said...

I saw him speak in an interview on FNC, so I was familiar with this book when reading your post. It's a subject that is in dire need of being addressed. I've had it with my taxes going to fiance anti-American teachings to impressionable children. Great post!

MissingLink said...

"I disagree with the authors conclusion that Marxism should not bar one from a job in higher education."
I am with you on that one.
Just as well we should encourage Nazis and Fascists to apply for teaching position.

beakerkin said...


My disagreement was mainly on research. Psychology and Economic research sometimes is valuable but the rest of social science research
is garbage

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Anyone who doesn't consider all forms of leftism to be intellectually prepubescent has no business teaching anyone anything, because it's so obvious they know nothing.