Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back up and running and FIGHT BACK

I visited several blogs of people and was amazed at the troll problem on some blogs.
My best friend in the blogosphere Warren and I found ourselves hip deep in anti semitic Commie trolls at the lauch of this blog. Warren and I did not run from the fight we dug in and went on the offensive. By the time Jason Pappas and Mr Beamish arrived the fight was winding down . However Jason scares the Communists to death as Libertarians are the worst nightmare of Commies. No more government Cheese and absurd leaps of logic from the deranged far out insane Left.

Beakers rules of engagement

1 Do not be ashamed to ask for help. If you are being trolled let myself, AOW or Jason know. You aren't alone in the fight against Utopians. Most of us will readily do battle with a Commie, Jihadi or deraged Green.

2 Size up the enemy properly and tailor your counter attack correctly.

3 Treat sincere opposition fairly and always hold the door open . Thus I do not beat up on patriotic liberals. For example Rob told us coherently why he disagreed. Jason Pappas whom I respect highly and I have had different opinions but we always respect each other.

4 Do not loose sleep over labels thrown by the far left. I have been called everything by critics except Bealzabub. Having said that Ducky will include it in his next post.Your enemies and critics do not define you as much as your friends .
I am proud of each one of my friends and stand by them . When friends disagree it not the end of the world.

5 Go on the offensive and do not be afraid to use the same labels. If your enemy is a Communist focus and show no mercy and expect none. If you troll is an anti semite or a racist say it.

6 Comedy is our secret weapon so use it.

7 If a statement is absurd don't let it go example "Iraqis are not Arabs". Only if one is an Assyrian , Kurd or Turkoman. The name 167 stems from a boast about a mythical IQ claim. Warren brilliantly decided that the name should stick. I saw it on another blog and fell out of my chair.

8 Develop your own style of getting under trolls skins. For unknown reasons anti semites get crazy over the Jooooooo spelling. Contrary to popular belief I did not invent that I say it on Free Republic. I added Mooooooslim, Hindoooooo, Booooodist and some others.

9 Have fun while going on the attack and remember Commies are intellectualy inbred and are consequently soft. They congregate in insular groups of like minded individuals and compette to say the most absurd things.

10 Take your enemies posts and blow them up on your site. They can't edit your site and take advantage of it. Had I used the traditional links rather then the more time consuming explosion method 167 could say I never said that. He deleted his archives at least twice.

11 Do not be afraid to venture into hostile territory. However do not do elaborate posts as your troll will delette them.

12 Remember to be patient and persistant.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to KFC and 167 have a Jooooo translate this Am Yisroel Chai


Warren said...

Beak, I ran into an interesting article that you might find useful in your research at TCS Daily. Its called Folk Beliefs Have Consequences.

He speaks of victimization politics and labels them, "Folk Marxism".

per your post:
Commies always take their selves way too seriously!

Most run from the label but embrace the ideology. Unfortunately for them; communist politics and economic theory, have about as much moral authority and relevance as the potty training habits of ancient Carthage.

One definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome. By this definition, they are clearly insane!

Robert Bayn said...

I personally refrain from debates with hostile insane people, it's easier to let a person look like a idiot than engage in their stupidity.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Never in the history of human civilization has there existed a rational leftist.

Leftists deserve nothing less than your full contempt, for these are the people who have charged themselves with wiping smiles off of every face on Earth.

Make sure that you inform a leftist of his stupidity at every opportunity, because, you guessed it, leftist are too stupid to realize for themselves that they are morons.

elijah said...

Beamish in 08, Ducky to KFC and 167 have a Jooooo translate this Am Yisroel Chai...
I love these little addendums at the end of the
I must admit I was surprised to read of so much antisemitism being tossed around on the net.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beakerkin campaigns for my Presidency more than I do.

He must really want the tax cuts that will come when we don't have to pay for maintaining the nuclear arsenal I'll use during my inauguration ball.

beakerkin said...


I was surprised when Dr Yeagley accepted the post. However, it allows him a needed breather and the response was very favorable. He asked for and I wrote a sequel I based it on a similar thought from Flynn.

Apparently Marxism and Native Americans is more important then I guessed. I never thought it would run and it was a Beaker cutting room mistake. I do make them often like the chapters on Rand and Straus I didn't run until caught by Mr Beamish.

I may have to do group rights vs individual rights. This subject may bore everyone except Farmer John , Mr Beamish and you.

Something I have read from Flynn caused me to fall off my chair. I need to take a closer look.


The usual angry maniac is me. Just kidding as I can deal with most but 167 and some of his idiocy is too much.

Mr Beamish

You have me in stitches but will AOW and Jason Pappas adopt the new moniker. 167 spread beyond this blog but it remains to be seen if case 69 will stick with the Duck.


Most anti semitism is from the far left. The terms used by 167 and former KKK leader David Duke are nearly identical. Intelligent anti semites also steer clear of the Holocaust as well. However intelligent people are not bigots of any description.


What is with the old uncle I have taken a sudden intrest in Rush and Blue Oyster Cult. I may see if I can find some new CDS.

Justin said...

I personally engage the trolls in a head on debate. I find it rather amusing that when confronted with facts they simply scream foul and run off.

MissingLink said...

Have you noticed how often they try to appear "civilized" and try to use other people's blogs to peddle their own agendas and egos?

As you pointed out most of trolls are commies.

Commies are intellectualy inbred and are consequently soft. They congregate in insular groups of like minded individuals and compette to say the most absurd things.
They do not think and when they argue they bring memorized blocks of responses. After a while the whole pattern of their responses emerges.

Among other tactics, they are taught to respond with a question as an answer (Yous say something and they fire: And what about the world's poverty?
And what about Bush's lies.
And what about Regan's crimes in Nicaragua?
Yes sir indeed, what about them?

beakerkin said...


I always wanted a good closing line to identify this blog as unique.

Some of the lexicon and Beakerisms like Jooooo, Hindooo are well known to readers. Assigning case numbers to Communist anti semites is our unique feature.

167 was the aleged IQ og the Recidivist who always got battered by the pedestrian masses.

147 was the alleged IQ of a viscious anti semite who is an open anti semite and even lists a group of blogs under the category Jewish Question the Nazi term for the path to the Holocaust. He is an open Communist. God bless our friend Rob as he still reads that nitwit.

Ducky was given case number 69 on the great blog of Mr Beamish.

I always wanted a distinct sign off phrase. Naturaly Beamish in 08,
a swat at the Duck and 167 are in order.

I started to joke about the absence of one of my favorite bloggers Jason Pappas but he showed up. Jason was here near the begining and his blog and AOW grew by leaps and bounds and are many times bigger then mine. I could get more hits by guest posting on AOW site then Bad Eagle.

beakerkin said...

Justin glad to see you but it helps to have lucid foes. What type of idiot claims Iranian elections are fairer then US elections. The sad part is he is 100% serious .

I am still trying to find out why wee Andy fled. I didn't even attempt to dismantle him and he ran off crying.

Justin said...

I think it was because I called him a limey and he took it all personal like.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Group rights never came into vogue until the machine gun was invented.

Mr. Ducky said...

The day warren, beak and Beamish can get under my skin more easily than I get under their's will be an event.

Second amendment pussy boys just don't get me upset.

Justin said...

Ok I went on a little search and I found out just why some lame brains on the left will argue the dribble they are given.

Under their constitution they have to even if they in fact disagree with what they are saying.

This is directly from the Communist Party USA Constitution and I am sure it goes world wide.

SECTION 3. After a thorough discussion in any club, committee or convention, decisions are arrived at by majority vote. All members, including those who disagree, are duty bound to explain, fight for and carry out such decisions, as long as they do not conflict with national policies and decisions.

Do you think Gene Roddenberry created the Borg on this concept. hehehe

Warren said...

Really, 69?

Then why have you studiously been avoiding my overtures of Christian love?

Its been what... two months, since you last deigned to confront me directly?

Seriously, quit stealing, repent and perform an act of contrition.

I still pray for your conversion.

Warren said...

Justin, I have long believed that the little commie bastards couldn't possibly believe half of the crap they say.

Borg; more than a passing similarity!

Always On Watch said...

Good rules of engagement! Sometimes I just don't have time to spend on trolls, but my friends usually come around to help me out with that.

Robert Bayn said...


I will let you pass with the star trek stuff, but if you start quoting star wars, i'm sending commies to your house!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Second amendment pussy boys just don't get me upset.

Says the man who whines that the gubmint is listening to his phone calls.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Star Wars hexilogy is misunderstood by people who haven't seen it 100 times.

The key to unlocking the whole thing is that Darth Vader built C3PO back in his childhood and trained him to be a killer but the Republic said killer robots were a no-no so C3PO went underground with other protocol droids and stirred up shit between the races by mistranslating diplomatic messages intentionally. By the time he was memory-wiped, C3PO had already started a war between machines and clones.

Kyle said...

Anti semetic, Commie trolls, are there any other kind?

BTW Mr.Spock was a jooo.

Warren said...

Cuz, I found a 3 min video clip (5mb) of the Dillon minigun set to music.

Have Fun!

Right click save to disk

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


That is a very tasteful interpose of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Metallica riffs.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Metallica riffs from Fight Fire With Fire on the Ride the Lightning album.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Man that video rocks.

I must repay you, Warren. Email me your email address and I'll send you a video of a AGM-65E Laser Maverick (like the Mr. Beamish bomb featured in my "I've Got Friends In High Places" blog post) taking out a building full of snipers in Iraq. It's not the same AGM-65E as the one that had the Beamish message on it, but the effect is the same.

beakerkin said...


So now you are against the Second Amendment. What other amendments are you against.

Kyle Kirk was a Joooo tooooo. I am sure Commies are convinced Star Trek is Zionist propoganda.

Warren said...

Hey cuz, that video 'was' tastfully done, wudenit!

You got mail.

Mr. Ducky said...

According to Beamish: " The Star Wars hexilogy is misunderstood by people who haven't seen it 100 times. "

Beamish seems to be proof that it's misunderstood by clowns like himself who have seen it over 100 times.

Mr. Ducky said...

Warren, what do you wish to argue. Normally I would not bother with someone who couldn't cut it in the private sector and had to join the military for the nanny benefits.

So let me know or go back to chewing Skoal with your cracker friends.

beakerkin said...

Case 69

Warren like many other Veteran served our country. He has gone on to a sucsessful career in the private sector. He is also a beloved husband and friend to many.

Mr Beamish is an expert on many thing, His wit and wisdom are loved by all who read him.

On the other hand you live in a Commie safehouse and are beloved by none . AFLAC Now run along before I decide to debill you and sell you to KFC.

drummaster2001 said...


Blue Oyster Cult rocks. Rush is all right. i'll send you 'Don't Fear The Reaper' later. check the e-mail either tonight or tommorrow.

Robert Bayn said...


"All" is a pretty big generalization and assumption.

Warren said...

Meow! :^)

69, said:
" Warren, what do you wish to argue. Normally I would not bother with someone who couldn't cut it in the private sector and had to join the military for the nanny benefits.

So let me know or go back to chewing Skoal with your cracker friends."

And Nostradumbass strikes out again!

I'm sorry, you actually thought I wanted to argue with someone as boringly Marxist as you?

I was insulting you!

Its ok, you may ask any time you aren't sure.

Robert Bayn said...

Need some 'friskies' Warren?

Warren said...

No thank you Robert, I'm frisky enough already!


Robert Bayn said...


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky, if you're so smart, then explain how it is that C3PO's head gets plugged into a combat droid's torso and his personality changes to a maniacal killer for a brief moment. Those thoughts don't come from the body. C3PO's got some intense anger issues deep in his psyche. He doesn't kick Artoo Detoo in the side all the time for nothing. That droid is so repressed that once he snaps its over. Give Threepio a blaster rifle and he'll go postal. Or would, until they wiped his memory. The trigger is still there. C3PO is just one dirty look from Chewbacca away from getting up and stompin' mudholes in asses. Chewie knows this. Why do you think he rebuilt him? Shit, Chewie used to bang with Yoda back in the Clone Wars.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a 8 year old who is drooling with fanaticism. I came to this sad site through Google search words "roddenberry communism borg" and leaving as soon as I am done typing this. Get a fucking life. Learn theoretical math; Then you will have some perspective.

beakerkin said...


Looking at the idiotic search you submitted to Google it is apparent the one with too much free time is yourself. Why don't you go to a comic book convention in your coustume and talk in Klingoneses.

Thanks for sharing your irrelevant thoughts.