Tuesday, February 21, 2006

David Horowitz Professors with a helping of Beakerkin

Criminals do not belong in positions of authority. One theme in the book is the placement of criminals in jobs. Normal companies do checks on the history of employees. Lets see even Taco Bell and Walmart do not hire criminals.

What are ex Weaterpeople Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn doing in a class room. Maybe Chomsky and Finklestein should offer Osama a job at a University. Cast down your bombs and get paid for nothing at a University. You can enjoy bad Cafeteria food and insult Joooooos and Americans all day. I bet Professor DeGenova would give up his job for Osama.

Speaking of Finklestein his rhetoric is fairly similar to the Iranian President. Hey we can hire the President of Iran to teach with Professor Ellis at Baylor. Unlike Tom Hayden he has an advanced degree in traffic Management. He also has more experience in Government then Hayden.

The book is full of people teaching in areas they were not trained in , Professoers who engage in anti white, anti semitic and in one case anti Armenian behaviors.Professor Algar a Moooslim scholar spat at Armenian students and told them they deserved to be massacred. Chomsky is a linguist with zero credentials in the subject he most frequently publishes in.

The system is broken and the elination of all government loans for Social science majors is deserved. If you want to preach Marxism do it with your own money and not as an underworked welfare recipient.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to flee Cheeny and 167 to kneel before his idol Norm Finklestein


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, did someone say something about jews that "offended" you?

What happened? Did someone produce a film about thet Ukrainian Famine and have it censored by jews because it made the point that the famine was the worst ethnic genocide in history? Finklestein understands shoa business. You don't.

Quite the little ayatollah aren't you if jews or the Israeli welfare queens are "insulted".

Always On Watch said...

The book is full of people teaching in areas they were not trained in...

I've never figured out exactly why that phenomenon occurs. Used to be, credentials were absolutely required. What happened? "Academic freedom" or something of the sort? Free-form degrees in "individualized studies"?

As far as I know, the public- school system enforces the examination of credentials for Grades K-12. Is this not true at the university level?

Mike's America said...

It's like an affirmative action program for anti-American criminals!

And subsidized by the US taxpayer.

You would think these crazies would be too principaled to accept any money gleaned from evil capitalist/imperialist warmongers.

beakerkin said...

Welfare lets look at your buddies the Pseudostinians who produce nothing except terror.

Excuse me a Ukranian famine was sponsored by your Pals the Commies. My family is well versed in that history as we lived through it.

Beamish Ahkbar!!!!!!!

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, shut up you stinking little denier. You should be doing jail time with David Irving.

beakerkin said...


When has any serious person seen me deny the crimes you commies perpetrate. My family is well versed in the horors of your utopia.

Mr. Ducky said...

Was the Ukrainian Famine the worst ethnic genocide in hitory or not, denier?

nanc said...

i think we should introduce plucky to johnbrownhoser over at beamish' place! now.

Mr. Ducky said...

What would that do, nanc?

I worked on the film in question, one of my relatives tunneled off the Gulag, several of my grandfathers family died in the famine. What's some douchebag over at beamish's got to say?

Beak is nothing but a stinking little denier who isn't happy unless the world kisses his ass and tells him that his experience is the touchstone for all human misery. He is an idiot.

kevin said...

Tenure needs to be outlawed. Why should anyone be gaurenteed a job for life?

Mr. Ducky said...

Why do we need tenure?

To protect professors from trogs like yourself, Horowitz and Beak.

American Crusader said...

Academia has become the haven of criminals and left wing radicalism. Even the University of Kansas where I went preached the liberal mantras. I sometimes wonder that so many graduates can escape into rational thought after four years of indoctrination.

American Crusader said...

Are we ranking genocides?
What is the deciding factor?
The largest number or the largest percentage?

beakerkin said...


Number one my family is well aware of the Ukraian famine as they lived through it. You are forgetting it was Marx and his minions who caused the famine.

It is time to get the Reds out of Academia. Let the Reds make their Utopia on their own dime.

nanc said...

beak - your wish has come true at the instable one's site.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The "John Brown" character currently spamming my blog is a unique individual, in that he's a leftist AND someone actually dumber than you. You should take the opportunity to greet him. I'm sure it's not everyday you meet someone you could outsmart.

Iran Watch said...

Tenure, the Holy Grail of professors, is a dangerous way to insure academic freedom. It stifles competition and diminishes productivity.
Ducky..I am sure that you've had professors that you wished somebody would put them out of their(and yours) misery.

MissingLink said...

Ukrainian famine(s) were "human made" - caused by the Communist rulers.
This fact is officially acknowledged in Russia, Ukraine and everywhre else.

It's not that it would matter to the left or the leftist academic.

Most of the victims of any genocide are not shot, gassed or hanged but die of starvation and exposure to the elements (exception - German concentration camps)
It applies to Russian Gulags, solving the kulak problem in Russia and Ukraine, Turkish Christian cleansing, Mao's Great leap or Pol Pot's paradise.)
The only problem left is the body disposal.

MissingLink said...

In fact it was part Stalin's propaganda machine to blame all horrors of the communist system on Joooos.
Trocky was a communist and as such he was not a Jew as much as Feliks Dierzynsky was not a Polish nobleman and Stalin was not a Georian national.
After the war in Poland the Russian/Polish party officials in sent their Jewish comrades to "reposses" other people's property.
Later on there came the Jewish ethinc cleansing among the communist ranks.
They knew how to ignite racial hatred, they sure knew how to do it.
It suits the left's political agenda beautifully now as well.
Anti-Zionist is not anti-Semitic is it?
In fact if you visit the Neo-Nazi websites they share the same distinguished authors like Alison Weir with their communist kindred.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Iran Watch,

Ducky..I am sure that you've had professors that you wished somebody would put them out of their(and yours) misery.

Please! Ducky, like every leftist that came before him and every leftist that will come after, are all vehemently opposed to any and all things requiring intellect to formulate.

Chances are the only "perfesser" that troubled Ducky taught geometry.

elijah said...

Dzerzinsky has a statue I believe somewhere in the commie zone, although probably torn down by now,there was a quote by him in a book by richard pipes "in the cheka there are devils and angels, but few angels" or something to that effect...makes me sad that stalins guy Kaganovich, in charge of the ukraine famines lived his life
out in some russian tenement,to a ripe old age.
Apparently Stalin hated being a georgian, as they were considered peasants..

beakerkin said...


Minor point Stalin was an Ossetian.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

...Stalin was an Ossetian.

Damned semi-Iranians.

drummaster2001 said...


did you want me to help you with the avatar still? e-mail or call my cell.

Warren said...

Ducky said:
"I worked on the film in question"

Which begs the question; why did they need a "fluff" boy?

Try to learn something from real life instead of a propganda piece.

Quick everyone, have a look at my blog . Juan Mancha de Mierda, had a lucid moment!

nanc said...

clear poop?

Warren said...

False alarm, sorry!

I had multiple windows open and the JB name was directly over another post.

Mr. Ducky said...


Gee Beak, offend a muslim and who cares, right? Do it some more.

Offend a jew and immediate action is needed. You guys write the book on speech censorship and then you're surprised that muslims copy a couple of your plays.