Sunday, February 12, 2006

Listening to Wind Part 3 Bruce Jackson

People who read this blog know the horror and rage we feel at people who abuse their children. The stories never seem to end from year to year. However the case of Bruce Jackson is an odd story where the children did not die barely.

Bruce Jackson was part of a large family in NJ. The family had biological kids and adopted kids. For reasons known only to the demented parents the biological kids were fed and the adopted sisters were treated well. The four brothers were fed a diet of dried grits and pancake mix. They were not even allowed to sit at the dinner table.

It is not as if there were not enough food to go around. Bruce Jacksons mother was very heavy and his sisters were plus size . The dynamics of this bizzzare Jackson family is strange as none of the siblings aided the starving brothers.

The story angers me because most people will even aid starving strangers. There have been times where a friend is too proud to take money so I went to Price Chopper and bought buy one get one free items. I really don't need this Kielbassa but it was buy one get one free. This subtle helping hand helped a few friends in town. I arranged easy jobs such as here is $100.00 pick up two tickets at the Flynn and gas up your car on me. My friend was going crazy from the boredom of unemployment and had eaten very little.

Vanessa Jackson was sentenced to a mere seven years for starving her four sons. No doubt with good behaviorshe will be out in two years. No doubt she will be a model prisoner and all of us will forget this story until the next case comes along.

In the modern age starvation of people as social policy is only carried out in Communist regimes. People who are starving are much more docile. Death is just another form of liberation. Starving people for their own good only makes sense to demented Communists and evil people like Vanessa Jackson


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

There's plenty of free bugs crawling on their faces to eat. People who condition themselves to rely on a provider will never do anything for themselves or anyone else. That's why communism will always fail.

The world eats mostly American-grown food. Many get it for free.

America has enemies because we're too nice to starve them to death.

MissingLink said...

I must learn more about this particular case.
Sounds so horrible.

Food is a weapon.
If you can control its distribution you can have an absolute power.
Funny America doesn't want to implement this potential and allows third party agencies to gain far too much power (all funded by the US taxpayer).

You're right Mr Beamish - if you're too kind people not only hate you but also think you are stupid.

beakerkin said...


The story is found by placing the following words in google.

Bruce Jackson Starvation NY Post.

A person down the block found a kid rumaging through his trash and called Police. He told police he was 19 and the police did not believe him as he was 48 inches and 48lbs. His story checked out two years later he is 63 inches tall and 140lbs.

This is one of many cases against DYFUS in NJ . Jackson won a huge settlement but may never be able to live on his own.

Always On Watch said...

Vanessa Jackson was sentenced to a mere seven years for starving her four sons. No doubt with good behaviorshe will be out in two years.

Not enough punishment!

Starving defenseless children is inexcusable.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm with you AOW, this is a really sad situation, Kids i feel bad.

I would feel diferently though if it is a grown and able adult just refusing to work and was starving, like many on the streets here in detroit, i find it hard to feel sorry for them, especally when half of them are better dressed than me!

Food is a weapon many countries use against it's people like we see many times where terror and militia groups will intercept food for the needy, sad indeed.

Warren said...

A family will pick one or two children out of several to heap their abuse on.

Starvation and isolation. Many times other people will not even know of the abuse because they keep the child hidden.





These are just a few that I gleaned from google in a cursory search.

So often I dispare when I see these things and I wonder what I would do if I were locked in a room with their abusers.

elijah said...

I have had many years of making good money, and every year i wonder why i havent given back something...maybe time for a change