Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Final Review of the Professors by David Horowitz

When one picks up a David Horowitz book one expects a quality product. The author of many great books is held to a much higher standard and at a certain point Horowitz compettes with himself , a daunting task.

The book profiles 101 professors some of whom the readers have never heard of . There are the sections on rouges extraorninaire Chomsky, Zinn, Ayers and Sammy Al Arian. Some surprising names are missing notably Cornel West , Joel " Deranged" Kovel
and Ellen Schrecker. Given the nature and preponderance of Commie hacks Horowitz does not lack candidates.

The book does fall into a predictable pattern familiar to readers of Front Page Magazine. Commies of both the traditional class types and the Marcuse variety infest the system. These accademic rouges hires people with out credentials and exclude people who do not pass their litmus test. Most of these hacks rail about the old boy networks in the private sector but readily foster a more rigid version funded by the taxpayer.

The Professors abuse their jobs by using taxpayer dollars to vent their narrow Marxist views and in some cases sexual obsessions. Many of the Professors are overpaid cranks. There is one Professor at Syracuse who teaches a course on Lil Kim and another who idolizes Tupac ( One Pac as one was removed) Shakur. I wonder how a similar course based on Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin would be received. At least Coulter and Malkin can express themselves coherently.

I am amazed at the promotion of academic hacks and the abuse of a genuine scholar with a love of English litterature Dr David Yeagley. Yeagley preaches love of the classics and country and was denied tenure. A love of litterature begins with the work itself. I could care less about the sexual orientation of Upton Sinclair or Eugene O Neil. The political message of the authors should be studied within the framework of their work. Deconstructing is a waste of time but there is probably a code cypher in the Hairy Ape involving Kellogs Corn Flakes. Love of the written word
should be the sole focus of an English litterature class. Instead we have Marxist hacks looking for hidden codes like pot smoking Cheech & Chong with white collar jobs.

There is a clear portrait of nepotism conveyed in this book. Militant Marxist somehow get jobs they are not qualified for. The same Marxists often get these jobs with lengthy criminal histories. The same Marxists also get to teach in areas they are often untrained in. The same Marxists are promoted with no genuine scholarship.
The vast over representation of the followers of agenocidal cult of death falls directly in opposition to the professors call for diversity. Diversity means two Communists of different races agree with each other like bobble head dolls.

It is time for a genuine look at the legacy of Marx 100,000,000 dead. Marxists in our Universities are the equivalent of allowing the insane to run mental assylums.
An immediate end to all research and student loans for Social Science majors should begin at once. Let DePaul fund Norman Finklestein on its own dime. What return does the tax payer get for a student majoring in Peace studies.

The bottom line is that Academia should not be a jobs program for the believers of a death cult whose stock and trade is disinformation. Let Joel Kovel work a real job in Walmart and earn an honest living.

The system is broken but do we have the courage to demand change.

Horowitz delivers the goods but a chapter on the victims of the accademic gulag should be incuded in a paper back version. There needs to be enhanced focus on the victims of this academic gulag starting with Genuine Scholars, the taxpayers and Conservative Students.

Excellent book by Horowitz but not at the level of The Second Thoughts Conference or Radical Son. However those classics are a tough act to follow.


American Crusader said...

If I was asked to name which fields nepotism was the most prevalent I would have to say:
1. Academia
2. Acting
Both are havens of left-wing ideology, which should not be a surprise.

MissingLink said...

"The Professors abuse their jobs by using taxpayer dollars ..."

Yes, and of course the poor "freedom of speech" rethoric is used as their defense line.
Of course freedom of speech doesn't mean the freedom to be heard (especially if funded by the unwilling taxpayer).

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