Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Daniel Flynn Why the Left Hates America Chapter 5 The Multicultural Follies

Flynn rehashes some familiar territory from the previous chapter. There is nothing wrong with learning about other cultures. However Multiculturalism is not an honest
attempt to learn about other cultures. It is an intellectualy dishonest airbrushed view of third world and Communist societies while serving needless scorn on America.

We do learn about the evils carried out in Colonialism. However we also forget about abhorent third world practices like widow burning and human sacrafices. Some societies did practice canibalism. Contrary to the beliefs of some people at Bad Eagle this author has not practiced that or consumed and household pets. However Drummaster will tell you I do like roast Duck. These cultures were not the nostalgic Noble Savage created by Rosseau. They had their good points and some bad points like any other civilizations. It is easy to make a romantic Eden out of primitive people but the Eden only exsists in the minds of those who cling to the myths. Nor does this excuse the brutal imposition of colonialism.

Flaw number 1 The multicultural approach has become Moral Relitivism. Female Infanticide and Terrorism are evil but to multiculturalists these practices are mere cultural variants.

Flaw Number 2 A spear and a gun may perform the same task but a gun is more effective in most cases. Guns are better for Duck hunting especially when loaded with
bird shot. Cheney's mistake was not using our Communo Wahabi Duck Call Free Government Cheese and Copies of the Workers World.


In the previous chapter we discused this topic. Women are more likely to be illiterate then men in much of the world. Honor Killings , Forced Marriage, sexual aparthied, humiliating clothing are the norms in the Muslim world. Forced marriage, female infanicide , lower litteracy and dowery burnings are the norm in Idia. China has forced abortions and female infanticide.

In America women are more likely to go to college, live longer then men , less likely to be homeless or incarcerated. The patriarchy that the NOW gang cries of is of their own immagination.

Racism and Freedom of Religion

Much of what Flynn describes as Racism has a mitigating factor Islam.

Blacks complain of slow service in Dennys, taxis fail to pick them up and the odd Confederate flag knuckleheads. These are annoying factors but not as serious as the problems abroad.

Arab Muslims enslave black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan and the world does zero. Muslims opress Chinese, Christians and animists in Indonesia and the world says zero. White farmers have their land stolen and are killed in Zimbabwe another
Marxist mess. China has occupied and displaced the Tibetians a genuine indigenous people. Meanwhile Commies make fake indigenous people Pseudostinians Cause Celebre.

Muslims persecute religious minorities in lands that they have colonized. Zoroastrians , Copts, Assyrians, Hindus, Bhudists and Jews all predate the Islamic invasions. The worlds most bigoted state is Saudi Arabia where guest workers are arested for practicing their faith and women are arguably treated with the same status as domestic annimals bought sold, need a leash to go in public, must be covered head to toe.

In Ducky's Communist countries religious expression is forbidden. Apparently Social justice does need to stick its nose into mans relationship with God. Contrary to the Liberation theory Apostates Marxism is anathema to Catholicism. This did not prevent the Commieknoll er Maryknoll nuns from making fools of themselves. The religious left readily allies itself with those who deny God or try to replace God with Grouchomarxism.


No Arab nation save Iraq has Democracy. In Communist Countries and in the Mullahs Iran fake elections are the Norm. Most of the third world is ruled by corrupt despots.

Most counties in the third world have state controlled media. Thus the anti semitic and US content is state sponsored. Gnome Cimpsky seldom talks about State controlled media when he talks about imaginary Corporate media. If media coverage seems the same it is because the same mentality at the same Universities present the same Journalism majors. This is why big media is tanking and the internet is booming.

Members of opposition parties are arrested and harrassed. In America we are way too lenient . Code Pink is an example of a group whose leadership should be in Gitmo.
Code Pink (Sheehan) is a Commie Front Group who gave 600,000 dollars to our enemies in Falujah. The entire top leadership of that organization should join their friends in Gitmo. Morover the leaders should be stripped of citizenship.

Criminal Justice

Amputation is carried out in Shariah courts. Shariah courts kill rape victims and Gays. Relatives of criminal suspects may be held in China, Pakistan, Somalia and Congo. North Korea punishes families whose members offended Commie overlords.

Trial by jury is a Western concept and only 167 seems to prefer an Iranian Sharia Court to the California Supreme Court.Communist counties are fond of show trials with preordained verdicts tortured confessions and theatrical screaming prosecutors and judges. A quick trial is also unheard of in many third world countries where people wait years before trial on often minor charges.

Prison conditions are deplorable in most third world countries. Gitmo and Abu Gharib are country clubs compared to prisons in the Third World. Real torture is not panties on the head. You would not know this from the way the left wing media cries about Abu Gharib and Gitmo.

Hundreds of lynchings took place in Indonesia, Benin and Kenya. Police routinely kill criminals in Brazil. Police in Venezuela run for office on the promise of bullets for criminals. Police corruption is the norm in much of the third world. Chinese criminal rights are few and far between. Many cases are treated administatively rather then by trial.

Economic Liberty.

Communists countries forbid private ownership of property. Many third world countries
also have the State as the dominant banker. The former Soviet Republics and Zimbabwe are examples of where the state has siezed private property. Uganda also stole property from Indians and deported them en masse without a peep from the left.

Socialist countries suffer from slow growth and excessive taxation. Labor is not allowed to organize in China and most of the third world. The barriers and excessive regulations of Socialist counties and the rampant corruption in third world Countries hinder companies ability to compette and deter investment.

Multiculturalism is not an honest look at other cultures. Accademic multiculturalist try to create a Noble savage out of third world people or a new socialist man. However the facts are quite simple that the disdain heaped upon America and Capitalism bear little resemblence to reality.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the cast of Looney Tunes, 167 MIA and not missed.


Anonymous said...


The Good news is that after the French riots, the looney Left is finally starting to question their "multicultural" policies...

...and the "cartoon jihad" is pushing them further into having to confront their insanity.



Mr. Ducky said...

Once again Beak, please remember to thank a liberal for the advances in our institutions that this idiot author elaborates.

We are here to help.

beakerkin said...

It should be noted that Communists like the Duck fall way behind in every mentionable category . Liberals of JFK and Scoop Jackson are a far cry from appeasers like John Kerry, Tom Harkin and Ron Dellums.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Screw "liberals." Not real liberals, but the left-wing fascists, democratic socialists, and full-fledged Communists that miscall themselves liberal (they make up the overwhelming majority of the past, present and future incarnations of the most genocidal, racist, totalitarian orgasnization ever created by Americans, the Democratic Party.)

Whenever a leftist offers to "help" you, defend yourself. It's a theif trying to take your wallet and leave you dead in an unmarked grave.

MissingLink said...

"Communist Countries and in the Mullahs Iran fake elections are the Norm."

Oh those were the days my friend!
Since there was only once political list of proposed candidates our elections were easy!
You still had to participe - no jokes there!
All votes were valid and all counted - results: 99.9% frequency.
And so the results of each of our elections were fairly predictable.
Sadam learnt the method from us, in fact one of my father's friends was being sent to Iraq or Libya every year to help our poor Arab friends to organize such events.

Always On Watch said...

Multiculturalism is not an honest look at other cultures. Accademic multiculturalist try to create a Noble savage out of third world people or a new socialist man.

I don't know when the shift came. Back when I was at the university (VA, 1968-1972), multiculturalism did not promote other values systems over Western values. We observed different cultures, but didn't extol them--in the interest of a well-rounded education.

kev said...

While ducky is so busy trying to garner gratitude for liberal "accomplishments," how about the complete failure of our intelligence system due to typical liberal policies of carter, the president who won't go away, and continued by clinton? Then you have john kerry who voted against every defense bill that ever came forward. But then, with liberals, a strong security defense is not nearly as important as their social issues. So, thank you, ducky and the rest of the left wing fanatics.

Robert Bayn said...

Hey Beak,

a small change to the official reality check blog URL, can update if you like:


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Everyone that has ever voted for a Democrat should be on a terrorism watch list for deliberately trying to destroy America.