Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ashamed of the Knicks

I want to point out the disgraceful behavior of Isiah Thomas and the caveman like antics of owner Dolan are a disgrace to NYC. Dolan's attitude and arrogant testimony earned whatever massive award the plantiff in a sexual harassment suit is awarded.

Under ordinary circumstances I am against large scale payouts on sexual harassment cases. I have witnessed the intimidation and abuse of false accusations in the workplace. It is apparent the plantiff attempted to reason with Thomas and work within the system. The system not only did nothing to remedy the situation it made it worse.

Most of these sexual harassment cases are minor disputes that can be resolved with firm communication between coworkers. I do not like it when you do x please don't do it. However, two men talking about car parts is not an attempt to exclude women from a conversation. Nor is two men joking about a tie in a newspaper grounds for a complaint.

Ordinarily a single instance of profanity should not trigger sexual harassment. If women want to work in high pressure offices they have to be understanding and the notion that women are immune or more sensitive to profanity not aimed at them is somewhat sexist. No worker should be submitted to verbal abuse about personal matters. However a worker saying Darn of venting in his cube should be understood. If this person has an issue with the venting explain it diplomatically if possible.

Dolan's cavalier disregard for sexual harassment claims and immediate termination of the complainer is vile. He should at least have investigated the matter or spoke to the plantiff. Dolan's arrogance and ignoring legal advice makes him look like a blathering idiot. His stone age mentality is a reminder of why these laws were enacted in the first place.

I will be rooting for the Devils yech and the Nets groan until Dolan sells the team.


Rob said...

What more can go wrong for the Knicks? and why isnt the sports press talking about this more, i have not heard much on this situation.

Oh btw, Barber sends his love!



beakerkin said...


I would gladly go 0-16 rather than win the Superbowl with the annoying Tiki Barber. Barber is a lowlife who ruined three seasons with fumblitis. Coughlin fixed this problem and resurected his career and Barber stabbed him in the back.

There are many people who despise Tiki Barber.

The Knick situation is disgusting.
I am now a fan in revolt against Cablevision and will be rooting for other franchises. Dolan's treatment of this woman was barbaric and his arrogance and incompetence is shameful to all New Yorkers.

CB said...

Character, or lack thereof, let's you shine in adversity or exposes you. I've been exposed more times than I care to admit. I was a member of the Indiana University men's basketball team during the '80-'81 national championship season (Knight's second) and Isaiah was my teammate and most renowned member of that team.

Much of a person's character is developed when they are young. I hit my adolescent years trying to have sex with as many girls as were willing along with a number of other unsavory habits. Isaiah had it much tougher than I did (and tougher than anyone who may read this) and often reverts back to survival and street behaviors (that in part propelled him to the success he's had), especially when under pressure. I always thought "Bo" (Lynn, his wife) would have an ameliorating effect on that rough side of him and I think she has, but make no mistake where he came from.

I would be a hypocrite to excuse his behavior and language choices and I won't. The business he's in makes it tough to publicly acknowledge that weakness or flaw in his character, in fact it is antithetical to all he learned growing up on the rough side - you will be punked if you show any weakness. I'm going to talk with him and hope he listens, because this is more important than the Knicks.

nanc said...

precisely why i stay with golf - it is extremely civilized and comes with its own equalizers - i call mine "big wally" the one wood.

beakerkin said...


I understand that many sexual harassment claims are contrived. Ultimately, you are correct that this is larger than basketball.

I do not mean to diminish what Isiah did. However, ultimately it was the ineptness of Charles Dolan who is to blame. Had he shown even an ounce of humanity or genuine leadership this whole mess wouldn't happen. He was provided first rate counsel that he ignored.

Charles Dolan is the most clueless CEO I have ever heard in my life. He needs to step down and let a professional handle his company.