Monday, September 24, 2007

Is Ahmadinejad Reality Impaired ?

Those who critiqued Lee Bolinger certainly can not fault him for being passive in his questioning of Ahmadinejad. Bolinger may not be confused with Bill O"Reilly but was far more O'Reilly than Larry King.

I am sorry that the focus and attention has been placed on Holocaust denial and claiming amazingly there are no gays in Iran. This must come as a surprise to the people who are executed or to his commie style religious police who harass gays.

Of course one wonders if the far left who continue to rationalize this nut in their anti American and anti semetic mania are also reality impaired or are practicing revolutionary defeatism.

Beamish in 08


Rob said...

The Columbia University President did a great job, the far right talking mouths, prove once again they are out of touch with reality.

If he was Bill Oreilly, he would have to make up stories, lies, and misquote people, so I'm thankful he's not!


Henry Gomez said...


Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Yes I read Carmichael's book. I actually have it for sale in my sidebar on my blog under recommended Books/DVD.

beakerkin said...


It is an amazing book that I can not put down. I work in a profession where people do lie to me every day. Montes should be facing execution for her treason.


I am not an OReilly fan. That being noted, he does not make things up. He was very soft on Dan Rather who should have been nailed.
One would think OReilly would have learned with the alleged sexual harassment he would never get the pass far left types get.

Jungle Mom said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Bolinger's speech. I still think it is ridiculous to lend any platform to jerks like Ahmadinejad.

nanc said...


what the hell's wrong with you.