Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Communist Chavez Forces Communism into the Classroom

Hugo Chavez must think he is an AMerican University Professor. He has mandated that all students be brainwashed with Marxist dogma and has threatened to nationalize schools that do not adopt his madness.

This is part of a Hitler Youth type of strategy Communists attempt to impose via subversion of our educational system. The idea is to brainwash the young with eroneous information and false history. The goons of Marcuse add the everyone is a victim except for white males and Joos.

No doubt the next step is Chavez posting giant pictures of himself everywhere. The mind impaired apologists feign ignorance of the obvious parallels. Welcome to a slow motion version of Zimbabwe or Cuba redux. Future starvation and mass repression coming to Caracas aided by an army of seditious apologists.

In more amusing news a speaker at a John Kerry event was tasered. Kerry was against the tasering before he voted for the tasering. The notion that this person was tasered for criminal conduct has eluded many. This demonstrates the unhinged criminal antics of militant Gomer Kerry far left election conspiracy nuts.

The police should taser disorderly "peace protesters" when they commit arson, vandalism and harass local residents. The first amendment does not protect criminal acts. Of course tasering Cindy Sheehan the next time she breaks the law should be on pay per view.


FLORIAN said...

Nothing new here. We always learned that commies were the first to send people to "re-education camps". They hate individualism, they dispise freedom of choice, they loath real diversity of opinions...all they want to promote is a utopia of sorts where everybody looks and thinks alike. Sound genecidal? You bet it is!

Farmer John said...

I'd pay good money to watch that!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The guy was tasered for asking John Kerry a question in the form of a rant.

Regardless of whether or not it was a stupid question (it was), there was no need to rough up this student.

Conservative speakers can get urine-filled cream pies thrown at them on campus, and nobody gets tasered.

Given the Democratic dualistic need to trample the Constitutional rights of American citizens and direct violence towards them, it was likely a part of Kerry's riders in his speaking engagement contract that the cops had to beat the hell out of somebody at the end of the speech.

The guy's lucky he wasn't black.

Always On Watch said...

Of course Chavez is going to nationalize the schools. He has to be sure they are teaching the Marxist line.

Tasering Sheehan? Well, she always looks like she's in la-la land, so her facial expression wouldn't be any different.

Ducky's here said...

Why is it Kerry's fault that someone got tasered by the cops?

I'm just glad that Kerry finally gave an electrifying speech.

beakerkin said...


It is not Kerry's fault that the idiot got tasered. This is a reflection of the sick individuals who can not accept defeat.

That is a clever line.

Mr B

True. Although the person who threw a pie at Ann Coulter got beat up,

Jungle Mom said...

Curriculum planned for High school. Venezuelan high school is 6th through 11th grade.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why is it Kerry's fault that someone got tasered by the cops?

He proposed a law enforcement solution to terrorism.