Monday, September 10, 2007

The Stories keep comming in

One constant of this new job is the regular stories of imprisonment by communists of political opponents. Last week alone we had stories of persecution of Christians in China and the former USSR. We also had Muslim persecution stories from Albania.Several coworkers are Russian Jews with the familiar story communists deny.

American communists range from the young and foolish to the bold faced liars. When communists claim they are in favor of multiple parties or brand x is different this is a lie. They are totalitarian punks whose stock and trade is deception.

I wish I could sit these punks down in a room with some of the ordinary people sent to jail for being Catholic or because their father owned land. No doubt the usual suspects will claim their brand x communism is different but that is more deception. Eight years in jail for being Catholic says what to the dolts who preach the idiocy of Liberation theology.

The stories never end, nor does the denial, rationalizations and deception of American Communists.


Always On Watch said...

Ever read Voice of the Martyrs? The persecution of Christians is going on worldwide.

Ducky's here said...

Surprised Netanyahu didn't blame Arabs

Always On Watch said...

The Nazi-Islamist Connection (video)

And another video